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Thursday, November 06, 2008

That. Just. Happened.


Waiting for the results on Tuesday. More from the behind-the-scenes Flickr collection here.

After a couple of days the reality has sunk in. I think I really love these people. We can do this!

Obamas, who do I talk to about that Inauguration invite? I promise not to cry (that's a total, complete lie).

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I agree, I feel like I love them! But i'm trying to stay optimistic and hope that he can do what he's promised. I'm not expecting perfection, just a change:)

And OMG can't believe he has a flickr page too! He has every social networking page out there, I guess that's good, shows he (or his people) keep up with technology.

And yes, it didn't sink in for me until Nov. 5, when I got up and I swear the day felt different.

Go Obama!


great blog i wish you the best some how i found you looking for things on our sons birth defect esophageal atresia

Michel T.

Hi Sarah,
You should do a video documentary a la (My date with Drew).. where you get that invite and go to the Inauguration.

Just an idea ;-)

- Michel


Sarah, i love you and you are hilarious... but gah, Obama? Really? He already has plans to weaken the US Dollar with this new stimulus package... and we really don't need it just when it is regaining its strength!! Honestly Sarah, I give it about a year for all the optimism about "change" to be lost and Obama to lose his "luster"... God I can't wait for the hate mail on this one :D


In short for my other comment Sarah, Obama is screwing up and he isn't even technically in office :- /


Please don't get your hopes up. at least not too high. It's unlikely Obama policies will be significantly different from those of the last 8 years. Educate yourself on sound money, civil liberties and education freedom. http://www.campaignforliberty.com/education.php

Phillip Molly Malone

Congrats Sarah! You are the first site that I have seen those Obama photos on that have actually followed the Flickr Community Policy of linking back the photos page!
Well Done!
PS. Loving you on Twit!


Hey Sarah, just heard you on TWIT and came to check out your site.

I'm very excited for president elect (sounds good) Obama, as others have stated Wednesday morning felt different...change is good.

gerald miller

That guy with the blue tie is my senator,Joe Biden. I have not voted for him since 1972 when he was first elected.The best thing that happened to Delaware is that he is gone.The worst thing will be that he will be succeeded by a person who was defeated in the Democratic primary for Governor.


And with any statement of politics, out come the haters. The Republicans had 8 years and screwed it up. Royally. It is time for a new direction. It is amazing that after electing one of the worst presidents in history they still think they know what they are talking about.


That. Just. Happened. "5 Days ago" You're making me agree with Dvorak... you should really blog more often... you made me agree with Dvorak, that's all on you Sarah! lol Loved seeing you, Martin, Leo (and hearing Dvorak) on TwiT the other day... it felt like a bit of a family reunion for those of us that have been around since the ZDTV days through the demise of TechTV. Best TwiT Live 'EVER'.


Sarah i am going crazy, what song did you recommend it was something cafe. It was an unapproved remix i believe,


I don't buy that either party will change my pay check. I think we as individuals should make the move to throw them all out. Nobody should be allowed to be in Congress for more than a single term. We have a good ole' boy system. If you all are wishing for a change it takes more than just showing up at a ballot box! I look forward to the Iraq crap ending soon, but there will be an excuse to keep it going. Wanna bet a round of drinks? I like Jim Beam Green Lable and coke.


Being cynical has caused me to avoid the whole political process ever since I turned 18 and was able to vote. I'm 28 now and ready not to be as cynical anymore. Thank you Obama. It's amazing to me how both parties spend so much energy spewing negativity, even now people are ready to write off our new President. I have hope however and look forward to President Obama helping to steer us back on track. I guess I went from cynical to naive but dammit it just feels better on the soul.


Yeah, it feels really good to have a president that's actually respectable. He's Bush's polar oppisite and I realized after listening to him talk to someone honestly, concisely, and unrehearsed that my cerebellum has been slightly ablaze ever since my mom put a W sticker on the fucking brick outside our house, at an age when I was considering building a relationship with my parents no less. I couldn't really do it after that happened of course. And my dad reffered to my sister's then boyfriend as an idiot since he liked Kerry and was wanting to start a travel agency- he thought that rich people would be too taxed to want to go on vacation - which is weak logic. The fact is we made ourselves targets for ridicule world wide when we didn't vote Kerry into office.


(Not related to blog) I just got my copy of Interview magazine and there is a story about a ballet dancer named Sarah Lane.

Nancy Mehegan

This is such a wonderful time --I am so hopeful with Obama as the President. Great Blog, by the way.

Nancy Mehegan
Vaboomer social commentary for Baby Boomers and more


By Jones1 - "He's Bush's polar oppisite and I realized after listening to him talk to someone honestly, concisely, and unrehearsed that my cerebellum has been slightly ablaze ever since my mom put a W sticker on the fucking brick outside our house, at an age when I was considering building a relationship with my parents no less. "

Umm, the cerebellum has nothing to do with thought processes. It's so annoying when someone tries to appear intellectual by using "big" words. Colby, I think the word you were looking for is CEREBRUM. By the way, if you're willing to let a sticker affect your familial relationships, then you are better off forgetting about a rebuild. You are not making some ground-breaking political or social statement. You are being petty and immature. Forgiveness and familiy are more about heart and less about political stances.

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