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Friends, frenemies, and countrymen, If you're looking for me and accessing this page, please update your bookmarks to point to: http://sarahlane.com/blog All the content you know and love has been imported into my new site, so you won't lose a...

Nov 6, 2008: That. Just. Happened.
Waiting for the results on Tuesday. More from the behind-the-scenes Flickr collection here. After a couple of days the reality has sunk in. I think I really love these people. We can do this! Obamas, who do I talk to...

Nov 5, 2008: Tonal in the lead!
Know what the ten most commonly spoken languages in the world are? I would have guessed English, followed by Arabic. And I would have been wrong. Here's the actual breakdown: 1. Mandarin 2. English 3. Hindustani 4. Spanish 5. Russian...

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