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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Unemployed? Time to go CAT VIDEO CRAZY.

Don't judge me. Ok fine, judge me. I'm sitting around in my pajamas posting cat videos. AT LEAST I GOT OUT OF BED, DAMMIT.

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Cat videos?!!! You're more messed up than I thought!


Joseph Pierandozzi

You know, my stepdad made a similar video of him asking my cat some questions. He didn't get as much of a response. Also, he hadn't just had his show canceled due to budget cuts, so...you know.

Um. If you are really hard up for projects (and I mean really really) you could always finance/produce a web-comedy show about two guys who work as bank tellers. It's called First National. I can get you a script for the pilot.

I really hope that you don't need it though. Maybe...ask the cats.


Eric Johnson

Cute cats :-) Cheer up Sarah, everything will be okay! Go out and have lunch with your friends... Go to the park with Heather and Moujan and enjoy a day with no worries, or at least allow yourself the pleasure of having one day with no worries.

Then you can just brainstorm and think up of great things to do with your skills. Make a podcast on your blog, get a job for a company like CNET... you have so much experience I am sure you won't have problem finding a job... the only thing is to find a job that will make you happy :-)

Andrew Robinson

wow.... that made me laugh and I think I should somewhat ashamed of myself for that.

BTW, ur cats are cool, and Sam looks scary...

LOL that about sums it up!


Ohh sarah lane!


Wow. Caught on TWIT, Absolutely Loved PopSiren (especially during the Crazy Corbin days), look forward to your next crazy gig. So surprised that Rev3 cut you and popsiren girls loose. And hippy glen too. That's just crazy. Love the cat video(s), but you were right... "and she lived happily ever after." xo, jbb

Ed Dyer

If Lucy is anything like the six cats my cousine lives with, they know it's their house not hers, she is wondering why you have a stupid camera in your hand and not some kitty treats.

Paul Webb

Aww, I miss my kitty. I want to hug Sam. So cute.

And I am a huge Sarah Lane fan, I can't wait for your next project. You could start a podcast about cats and the economy! Ok, no, this video was funny, but not 15 minutes of it... and not every week of it... Ok, never mind, bad idea.


aww, you have super cute cats! But it doesn't sound like you're totally alone... who's the guy in the background? (i heard a voice right at the end)

Slick W

Hey Sarah,

We will get Leo to hire you over at TWIT. Kevin Rose just went down a notch for letting you go. Keep up the awesome work. Hope everything turns out great.


Yeah poor you. I'm sure you made way more $ than the rest of us out of work people. Go travel the world again since you have the time. I'll sit here eating ramon noodles.


So sad to hear about the layoff. Been there done that, turned out for the best. I am sure someone with your talent will find a great job. Make Leo have you on Twit everyweek so he can pay you for your appearances.

But, posting cat videos makes me worry about you a little bit. What does surprise me is the male voice coming in at the end of the video... who might that be? :-)

Nathan Robinson

Good stuff, if a little pathetic, in a good way. OMG, did you see the Obama infomercial? Best infomercial ever!!! Kinda makes a person's struggles seem a little irrelevant by comparison (I actually cried even though I know it's cheesy). Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I believe in you. I'll always be there to support your talents and efforts, cause I know how precious you are. Sometimes life throws obstacles at us, and likes to test our ability to overcome them. I'm confident that you're not only up to those challenges, but perhaps much more...


You know you want to. From my perspective, that's your calling, but what do I know? Yeah, I think I've said quite enough at this juncture, so I'll just fade away for now. Tell Heather I said hi (she's a little less accessible). Hope things go well with your friend (last 3 seconds of video), and I'll definitely follow your future endeavors with much interest.

Bestest, bestest wishes...


Nathan had a great idea.

Grab your camera and shoot 4 hours a day. Go to funcky out of the way places, take awesome pictures. Sell them to art galleries, become rich and famous. (Hire Kevin to be your lawn boy.)

You have the eye for photography. Use this time to hone that skill! Call Scott Bourne, see what he can get you started with... (He likes working with pretty women. :-)


Kitties are the best therapy! I have 3 cats myself (along with w/ 2 rottweilers - hence my 'handle'). You make as many kittie videos are you want!!!

Jeff Putz

Hahahaha... I posted cat video when I wasn't working as well. Behold the glorious HD cat fight! http://www.campusfish.com/Jeff/9804


Well...I got out of bed and put on clothes then ran back to bed with my notebook to snuggle under the covers.

Damn Michigan weather!


you're the best Sarah! Looks like you'll bring a pretty large following with you to your next project.

Warm Regards, Jim

Stephen C.

Best of luck at the job hunt Sarah!! If it made sense I'd set up a link with you in Linked In. I too am counting the days to unemployeement due to cut backs at my IT work place (off-shoring). So I know what I need to do now when that day comess... CAT VIDEOS!! (Carmin and Stewie the next stars of youtube - we didn't name them we adopted them).

I miss your version of the feed... Not sure how much you wrote it, but the comibination of the writing and your delivery made it GREAT.

All the best and please Ignore the Tim comments (I have many friends in the entertainment industry - people have crazy ideas.)


It's a moo moo-

What 50's television series is that from ???? HMMMMMMMMM ?

Scary things - really scary, when you play ball you're playing and you think everything is going fine. Then one thing goes wrong. And then another. And another. You try to fight back, but the harder you fight, the deeper you sink. Until you can't move... you can't breathe... because you're in over your head. Like quicksand. Key is to relax, and go with the flow and soon, it's all good.

And by the way - Pain heals, Chicks dig scars and glory.... well that kind of lasts forever.


Sarah, I think Rev3 missed a great oppotunity,

I really loved you on the The Revision3 Gazette shows, these shows allowed your personality to really shine and show that you can definitely think on your feet when you are not tied down to a rigid structure, I'm surprised that the Rev3 management didn't notice?

I can imagine you doing a sort of out and about Mahalo Daily style show, if they have any sense at all Rev3 should at least let you have a crack at this type of format, I think it would be a fantastic and successful show,


Cats are such wacky creatures. IMO if you are going to own cats, get two or more. I have three. And make sure you get one like Sam, who looks like he doesn't give a damn about you or the world. Until he is hungry.


Cat Lady! You always have company...

Hey Sarah keep your head up do not let the big bad ole world get you down. the the grey clouds above you will fade away soon. hang in there and stay strong.


OMG!!!!!!! Heart breaking interview!!!!!!!! :-(

Ricky G

Times are tough for everyone, even bankers. I would not worry about it too much since you are very talented and great to look at. There are many much worse off than you. This may be a blessing in disguise. I think you were too good for that place anyway. Keep your head up and turn these lemons into lemonade.


Ricky G.


Hi Sara, so sad revision3 did that, but I think you have the potential to make something better on your on, you should do your on show. When economy goes down the best way to do is step back and visualize what can you do better. I know you have the knowledge and the expertise, go for it. I am planing to make my own podcast video show in spanish what are your thoughts on that...


You need to get yourself, Martin, Jay, and Moujan for a show. Dream team!


Hi Sarah,
I know what you are going thru. I got laid off back in Oct 2007, got employed again Jan 08 and got laid off again in Aug. Times are really hard for people right now but I know you will bounce back. Just keep playing with the kittys and be sure and have stuff you need to do everyday. It keeps you sane. Good luck!!



Awww cute cats. That was a very funny video clip. I know I am reaching with this but I think it would be cool to see you as the co host on dltv. That show has not had a permanent host since roger chang left. I can always wish lol. Take care sarah and I am sure you will find a awesome job soon.


When something negative happens to us, we each decide how it effects us, either its a positive change, forcing us to get off our butts to make a positive change in our life.Or we think its a negative change and we become bitter, thinking the world is against us.

I really have a good feeling that you are on the positive side.


I hear ya. And I have lots of cat videos, too!


why not put google adsense on your blog make alittle pocket money


That is just too cute :-)

Have a good day Sarah!

Jane Mc

Hey Sarah (cat lady),

I was so bummed to hear your "lay off" news. I too had that happen to me in July. Shocking is the only word I could come up with at the time. Hopefully you got a nice package to allow yourself sometime to regroup.

I loved Pop Siren and it was the only show watched on Rev3. You and the crew always made me laugh (sometime looking like a crazy person on BART) and the recent segment line up was awesome. You are such a talented and funny personality, plus you are a tech smarty pants. I know you are not going to have a hard time landing a new gig.

I will watch your Blog and tweets for updates. Hang in there and thanks for the cat video, it was a good laugh on a rain, crappy day.

Remember, it is not personal just business.




Sorry to hear about the layoff. I myself spend most my days and sleepless nights worrying about loosing my job (of 8 years). I am hanging on with all I have and really putting up with all kinds of BS. Needless to say, Corporate America is putting me through the wringer and squeezing everything out of me. The term "Employee Abuse", these days is an understatement. Good luck and stay positive. Enjoyed the shows you have been on over the years. Popsiren on my appleTV was mostly all that I was interested in for a while.

Orange County, CA

P.S., hoping the economy turns around after these elections. However, I doubt just one man could fix all these problems.


Sarah, It is normal to feel depressed and scared when things like this happen, especially when it's not your fault. These feelings are normal. Keep showering and getting fully dressed in the morning. This helps promote a more positive attitude. File for unemployment to keep money flowing, and check out job postings while you're there. Call ALL of the people that you consider to be your "contacts" and ALL other people that you have previously worked with. Call old teachers/professors and check out job postings with colleges/universities. In case you have burned any bridges (we all do), see if you can rebuild them even if it means swallowing some pride. If they are warranted, apologies go a long way (I don't mean beg - that's a dog thing, not a cat thing!) You never know who will have heard about the 1 job that is right for you. All it takes is 1. Contact people that you know that are no longer in the area too. They may have heard about a job back in your area, or maybe you'd consider relocating for the right job. Ever talk to Erica Hill (CNN) or Michaela Pereira (KTLA)? They may not have heard that you are looking for work and they, or their contacts, may be able to help. CNN is always looking for beautiful young women, like you, to be on live TV.


Get this woman a job! She is going crazy!


She's not going to have to work because she voted for Obama.


Have to admit that I never really dug popSiren ... seemed a little too forced for my taste. But I really like the videos that you've put online that were not part of popSiren (I actually think this is pretty funny and there was another one you did from the Rev3 conference room, I think?). I'm sure there are better things in your future :)

Mike Whitney

I really loved watching popSiren. You all helped keep me up with what was going on, I still can't believe they did that. I know you will do great, I've followed you since techTV and we all be waiting for your next great step.
Your cats really say it like it is XD. Have a good day.

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