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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Stuff On My Cats

  1. Lucy only has one white paw, possibly because the factory accidentally dipped it in marshmallow sauce right before she was picked up by the stork and delivered to me.
  2. Sam is only three-quarters feline. His grandfather was a grizzly bear. I have the birth records to prove it.
  3. Lucy is a genius. If I've locked her out of the bedroom in order to get a little more shut-eye, she'll yell "Heeeelllllooooooowwww" right into the crack of the door until I let her in. Genius.
  4. Sam still thinks that Rick Rolling is funny.
  5. Lucy likes to do ninja kicks off the arm of the couch.
  6. If Sam hears my upstairs neighbors coming or going, he runs to the front door and barks. Have you ever heard a cat bark? It's embarrassing.
  7. Lucy is obsessed with the plastic wrapping that seals the tops of G.T.'s Kombucha bottles. Whenever I start walking into the kitchen, she sprints in front of me, hoping that she'll end up with some plastic wrapping. I'm trying to get her to obsess over something more environmentally friendly, like cardboard egg cartons.
  8. Sam has long black cheek whiskers and short white chin whiskers, both of which end up covered in food on a daily basis. I'm thinking of sending him off to the circus.
  9. Lucy gets angry with the shower when I'm in it and she's not. She effing hates that shower, and she's not afraid to say so. Watching her wrestle with the sliding glass door is a little pathetic, though.
  10. Sam develops furry dreadlocks around his nether regions that I have to delicately cut off with scissors every so often. This is an activity that neither of us enjoy.

I should probably stop here. I wouldn't want you to think we're weird or anything.

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My cat Chloe will fetch twist ties if I throw them - only me. No one else in the house. If I'm in the half bath downstairs, she will flick a twist tie under the door and then want me to flick it back. I need to get the fetching thing on youtube.


When I was living with my parents, my sister had a really cool black cat named Ethan, and she discovered that if you were in the shower and you petted him simultaneously he would try to pull you out with his teeth. I tried it and the story checked out. It was pretty funny, he disappeared though unfortunately. He probably got frustrated with all the showering and lack of communications.


My cat Pig recently thinks he's able to do astounding leaps off of furniture only to fall on his head. He also gets dreadlocks around his privates too, but I just trying brushing them out which is probably less fun than cutting them.


My cat, Gracie, is obsessed with the caps from Fiji water bottles. Only Fiji. That is it. If you toss her a cap from a bottle of Aquafina, she will ignore it. She has very refined taste and she's a total water snob. The Fiji caps, however, are her favorite toy in the whole world. Well, that and whatever yarn I'm trying to knit with, but that's a whole other story.


Who doesn't think that Rick Rolling is funny!? Sam seems pretty bad ass. Maybe one day we can hang out drink a few brews and ROFL at some LOLCats.

Sam: WTF!
Faroff: LOL I love the Invisible bike cat
Sam: Hi Five Bratha
Faroff: Pass me anotha one of those Brews
Sam: STFU and get it your self.
Faroff: Man your mean when you drink!

Bunny Emerald

Cosmo demands to drink from the bathroom faucet. It must be JUST the right amount coming out, and you must stand there and watch while he drinks. He has no interest in the shower, except to bleat like a goat for me to get out and turn on the faucet for him.


My cat, Wicket, hates when i'm in the shower and he's not. So during my shower he stares at me from the ledge and periodically licks the glass thinking he can get at the water from the outside.

Clintus McGintus

This is great. You can tell you really love these guys.


I love my kitties too! My baby is part dog. She plays fetch with her toys. She is also very loving!!! AND CRAZY! I can relate to the no sleep thing.
My big guy is part football player. He is not afraid of much and thus the name Courage. He throws his weight around (and he's got a bit of it). But he loves being outside with people. I think he secretly wishes that we were homeless and could live outside with him.


"I should probably stop here. I wouldn't want you to think we're weird or anything."
OH, Heaven *forfend* ... {LOL}


Are we talking in the 3rd person when we say we're, or are we referring to the colelctives Lanes, Sarah and her kitty's ?

Howard Chang

Greetings & Salutations,

Just wanted to drop by and say hi, I hope you don't mind but I posted a quick link to your blog from mine. I just happened to hear about PopSiren as I was cleaning out some podcasts on iTunes. So I downloaded the episode on e-mixtapes and thought it was brilliant. Just wanted to say thanks and pose a quick question. I noticed your using TypePad for your blog. I'm running Wordpress and I'm curious if you know of any one or any way to get the mixwit player to show up as a widget?

Keep up the great show, and umm.. cats... yeah.


>I should probably stop here. I wouldn't want you to think we're weird or anything.

Too late...

My cats like to leave me gifts of small rodents at my back door. I realize they are just trying to be sharing and friendly, and its certainly not a gift I would buy for myself :-)


Aww, I always love seeing your kitties! :) My cat, Bella, has barked at me a few times before and it always has me on the floor, laughing for hours - I love it!


here's an unrelated question- i've started drinking kombucha and it tastes like vinegar to me. but it's supposed to be oh so good for you. so am i just torturing myself by forcing myself to drink this stuff or am i going to feel anything noticeable any time before i go broke? this stuff costs me around $3.50 a bottle, so now i'm drinking it out of spite.


our cat Socks, demands from my wife only, and she is the only one who does it right...a cup with a little milk and the rest filtered water. We would prefer to drink dirty dishwater, but we discourage that. Then when he is done, one of our other cats, Shirley (like Laverne and Shirley) will dip her paw in his milk water and lick it off her paw. But she won't lap it.

And yet they will all drink out of the toilet.

And none of them will drink from my goldfish pond...only from the waterfall before it leaves the bog.


What a coincidence! I do ninja kicks off of other people's couches ALL THE TIME! I love Lucy. (oh man. That was like two bad jokes for the price of one.)


Hey just found your blog (again), great pictures of your cats thought you might like this video of my Mom's cat trying to get the cat on the other side of the mirror

BilliamJ (on Twitter)


@ Sarah, One of my cats made it on to the website Stuff on My Cat. I was so proud.


I have 2 cats named Ike and Chloe. They are both so sweet. My husband says that I'd be a cat lady if I wasn't married to him. I don't know if I'd go that far, but I do love cats.


Ok Sarah I am going to have to say it is time for a new post :).... Its been a month tisk tisk tisk

Ama J

Sarah, I just found your site. Thank you for the laughs! Cats do have a personality all their own. Baer(bear) was taking a nap on my chest, when Domino wanted the spot. He leaned on the couch staring at her. This did not work. He put all 4 feet on the slim edge of space and continued to stare at her. This worked, she left. Domino climbed onto her spot and had a look that said," I won!"

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