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Mar 27, 2008: SIP SMART!
Alright tea aficionados, tea novices, and tea-curious folk, You're in luck, because I'm the proud new owner of my VERY OWN signature green tea blend at Adagio Teas called "Sip Smart"! This is absolutely one of the coolest things that's...

Mar 23, 2008: 21 Easter Confessions by Sarah Lane
I used to lie and say that I was 5'2" on my driver's license. Then I thought, "What if my identity is called into question someday because of this falsehood?" So I downgraded to 5'1" at my last renewal. I...

Mar 13, 2008: popSiren Launches!
You know your brain is made of Jarlsberg when your mom calls you up to tell you how much she likes your new show, popSiren, and you realize that you were so busy that you neglected to mention anything about...

Mar 6, 2008: Lone Star Tea
Tea makes me feel safe. It helps me write, it keeps me awake past 8:30 when we have company, it soothes my aches when I feel defeated. I carry tea in my purse when we travel to alleviate homesickness, and...

Mar 4, 2008: Polaroid is Almost Dead.
Long live Polaroid.

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