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I started tumblelogging a little over a year ago because I liked Tumblr and thought it was the perfect place to post all the small stuff that wasn't lengthy and/or intellectual enough (HA! HA! HA!) to post here. Problem is,...

Feb 18, 2008: No Country For Old Me
I'm not gonna lie... I thought it was good, but I didn't think it was that good. It's always disappointing when you really want to love a movie, and you expect to really love the movie because all your friends...

Feb 15, 2008: I'd kill to be their next musical guest
I also spit out a mouthful of Kombucha watching this just now. Thumbs up. Bizarrely, I just noticed they're featured in a Google ad on this page. Am I behind or something? I was hoping I'd discovered them.

Feb 14, 2008: Getting Political
I admire her, certainly, but I'm not dying to go out to lunch with her and chat - or have a beer with her, for that matter. My friend Kathy, on the rather puzzlingly polarizing Hillary Clinton. Kathy raises some...

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