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Friday, February 29, 2008

I like to party.

I started tumblelogging a little over a year ago because I liked Tumblr and thought it was the perfect place to post all the small stuff that wasn't lengthy and/or intellectual enough (HA! HA! HA!) to post here.

Problem is, now I find myself constantly having to choose between here and there when posting content, and it's getting confusing. I don't like having two blogs, and my guess is that you 1) don't like it either, 2) didn't even know I had a tumblelog, or 3) are my mom and read both religiously.

Can you advise how best to consolidate the glory that is my brain into one place?

Until then, I remain,
Madame Multiplicity

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you could import the feed of this blog onto your tumblr...

Syl DuBenion

I say you keep this blog and continue doing the content you would for Tumblr over here.


There are services like pipes.yahoo.com that let you aggregate RSS feeds. Or you can do like writer Warren Ellis does: Every so often he makes a post of all the sites he updates regularly or semi-regularly. (http://www.warrenellis.com/?p=4775)

Sean Dwyer

Hi Sarah, I've been struggling with a similar problem on my blog where I wanted to have quick links from del.icio.us mixed in with the occasional longer posts, but I wanted the links posted individually so they would also be seen in my RSS feed. The daily blog tool that del.icio.us provides currently only allows you to publish posts in batches.

My current solution is to use the FeedWordpress plug-in to automatically import my del.icio.us feed into my blog. The problem is that it's duplicating a lot of posts right now so it still requires some manual tweaking. Either way it definitely sounds like you want some sort of feed aggregator plug-in too, it just depends how you want to format it on this site.


I don't mind it - seems like you've been doing quick snippets over there and longer, more in-depth entries here, which makes sense to me from a reader's standpoint. But, as others have said, there's certainly ways to export this blog's feed to twitter/tumblr/whatever, if you'd prefer to just have one place to put things w/o sacrificing multiple delivery routes.


I used to import the feed from this blog into my tumblelog, but I hate posting duplicate content online, so I stopped. I'm more interested in deciding on the perfect single place for everything. Neither Tumblr nor Typepad seem quite right yet. What to do?


One blog to rule all. Post quick stuff and long stuff. I use blogger and it works just fine. I tend to favor quick interesting things that I feel people will enjoy. Does everything Tumblr does.


I had no idea that you were over at Tumblr. I'm not a big fan of Tumblr blogs, but then I haven't used it, so I can't accurately judge. I prefer the layout and look of this blog. But, whatever you decide, your fans will follow, you know that.


I think you should rock just one. So the greatness will be all in one place.


Like others have mentioned, I import the feed from my blog to my tumblr page. I don't see it as duplicate content, simply a second distribution channel. Some of my readers only read my long posts on my blog and that's fine. Others like seeing the articles and videos I link to and therefore follow my tumblelog. Certainly, it's possible to post videos, images, and link to articles using any blog format, but I like having one house for "my writing" and another for "my web travels."

Text Pirate

I read both and sometimes the things you post on tumblr would be more interesting if they had comments. I have no suggestions concerning integration of the two blogs but, when it comes to deciding which to post to, asking yourself if you want to know what other people think might help you to choose.

John Brady

Keep a diary, find a more suitable job or pursue a grad degree, raise a family, and read other people's blogs wondering why any of this would be important (unless they were selling something and making more than a few bucks doing it! (Save electricity! Conservation is an environmentally friendly pursuit!)


I've been following your Tumblr since May, and I vote for more Tumbling! :)

Personally, I'm not one for importing feeds. For a lot of your (hardcore? haha) readers, they would end up seeing the content twice. The great thing about Tumblr is that you can use it however you like; although it leans towards shorter posts, there is no reason why you couldn't post longer, text-only entries on your Tumblr - a lot of people do it, myself included.


I use tumblr too and consider it a place to feed my other blogs. (I have more than one blog for no other reason than I like to write things.) I think of tumblr as a place to let people see the short stuff of my other stuff. (Oh, I'm so coherent at 3 in the morn!)

Anyhoo, if you like both, I say use both. ;)


I know what you mean. I wish all my friends would sign up for one website...im all over the place with all these blog sites. i like tumblr a lot bc its a lot different. I use tumblr for small daily things that interest me. i guess i use blogger to reflect on important issues.


you are doing fine. there's different points for the different blogs. tumblr is for quick links, blog is for long rants.

i do both and treat them the same way.

as a viewer...sometimes i don't want to read about your diets and sometimes i just want to look at links of 80's music videos

Clintus McGintus

I currently run two as well. But for me it was easy. One is for videos I create since that is what I am passionate about, and the other is for posting everything else. Since I'm not a really good writer/blogger Tumblr was perfect since I found myself "re-blogging" most of the time anyways. They make it easy for me to do so.

So my advice would be keep using it the way you have been. Your longer, more thought provoking posts should go here; things that spark conversation and you are looking for feedback on. And for everything else post to your Tumblr. The great thing about RSS is I can follow both :)

Thomas Montague

Why not consider using WordPress instead?

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