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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Keywords Are Like a Box of Chocolate...

Sometimes when I've run out of other things to do, I comb through my Google Analytics stats. Which are consistently both eye-opening and confounding. 

For example, anyone who types in "sarah lane", "sara lane", "shara lane", and various forms of "xp hacks" will eventually reach this blog. But in the past 30 days, a modest number of surfers also found me using the following specific search terms:

  • "sarah lane fired" - 61
  • "ooooooh" - 38
  • "scotch" - 37
  • "catfight haven" - 33
  • "jennifer schwalbach smith playboy" - 33
  • "tunok tunok" - 22
  • "the word hi" - 21
  • "phun girls" - 20
  • "download geico caveman commercial" - 18

I'd attempt to make sense of it all, but where's the fun in that? Oh, and in case you were wondering, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith is director Kevin Smith's wife. Which explains so much.

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Text Pirate

That made for some interesting googling. I could explain searching for "ooooooh" but then I would have to kill me.


and "tunok tunok" explains, uh, what?


"tunok tunok" - 22

i think, and i say this because i think people rely on goggle to correct their spellings but, that's probably what was searched when looking for "tunak tunak" or rather "tunak tunak tun". if you dont know what it is, i suggest you google it yourself. I'll give you a hint. It's a lovely dance video of epic proportions. And don't worry; it's not 2 girls 1 cup or anything like that.

other crazy keywords

flu shot gave me ebola

You were on the second page of google results with those words. Enjoy.

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