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It's 5 p.m. at Rainbow Grocery, San Francisco's premier co-op supermarket, and the place is packed. I had entered the store with the intention of grabbing a few Kombuchas for the week (they're a FULL DOLLAR CHEAPER here than at...

Aug 24, 2007: The Shadow People
Found a neat new way to share my Flickr sets! Below you'll find my expose on the mysterious Shadow People counterculture. I lead a dangerous journalistic life.

Aug 23, 2007: I Am a Bad Blogger
Daily blogging is one of those activities that makes a lot more sense when you're unemployed. Or at least that's my pathetic excuse for the month of August. In the interest of full disclosure, here are some other activities at...

Aug 2, 2007: Car Woes: Part Four Hundred and Eighty Six
About a month ago my car was stolen from a parking lot in Santa Rosa, California. It sucked. I've since bought a new car, and by new I mean a slightly newer version of my old car, which was a...

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