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Friday, May 04, 2007

Seek and Destroy

What can I say - I was once a hardcore Metallica fan. In third grade. My song/blog title is kind of misleading, actually, but "seek" is the closest I could come to "search", and I'm going to talk about searching in this post. Whatevs. It's early and I need about 4 more quarts of caffeine before I achieve coherence. Yes, I realize that 11 a.m. is not really very early to the rest of the world. Thanks for pointing that out, Einstein, but you're way off-topic. Moving on...

I've gotten a handful of innocent emails recently from folks looking for old Windows tips or Downloads of the Day (articles I used to write in conjunction with TechTV segments), or just cool stuff I used to file away in the "Web/Tech" category of this site. They're all legitimate inquiries, since recently I removed category displays from my main page, effectively rendering all future searches through the archives as useless as a day spent finding a needle in a haystack. I didn't do it on purpose - I just really thought that nobody cared about learning how to add custom images to their Windows XP Start button anymore. Obviously, I was wrong. So I've added a new search function below my Archives list in the left-hand column on this page. It seems to work pretty well so far. You're welcome.

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I used to be a hardcore Metallica fan in high school, and I loved your tips! However, I tried putting custom text on my XP Start button and I had to do a System Restore because apparently Service Pack 2 doesn't like it. I heard that you can use an external HD with Vista and use it as extra RAM and that games like WoW run much faster, etc. We have a whole new OS to tinker with!


Windows tips, Mac tips, website suggestions, I'll take 'em all. I'm sure anything you post will be damn good, pun intended.


What? No love for the Mac?


I have lots of love for the Mac NOW, but back at TechTV, I was Windows-only! Sad but true. :)


11am, isn't early to everyone, but for me it's almost bed time. It's not always easy being one of the people running the world when everyone else is sleeping. But I do like being able to bring my MBP to work, and no one can complain about it.

Dennis D

11am is early to me lol, as im up till 4am pretty much every day


metallca still has its place in my hart and 11 am is to early also I forgot about your damn good tips section I guess I'm ocd lol


metallca still has its place in my hart and 11 am is to early also I forgot about your damn good tips section I guess I'm ocd lol


Thanks for adding the tips. I really would like it if you put up a webcam so we can see your daily moves. I can't do without your cat like reflexes.

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