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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Priorities, Dilemmas

Penelope Trunk wrote a thought-provoking article a few months back called "The Difficult Convergence: Work and Family by Age 30" that really hit home for me. 30 was always a pivotal age anyway, but especially so now that I'm not exactly sure what my next career step is, or if and when my child-rearing adventures will begin. It wasn't too long ago that I still felt like I had forever to figure it all out. Biologically, that number is more like five years.

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Your young, you have plenty of time to get preggers - I just watched "Idiocracy" and it scares me how the future generations might turn out - I always thought the future would be like "Mad Max" - Your next step should be to return to television with a show about cats. We need a title...



Everything will work out okay.

Happy 1 year anniversary to you & Brendan!

Text Pirate

You're apparently worried about time and the modern first year anniversary gift is clocks. I hope Brendan goes traditional and gets you paper.

Have a happy first anniversary.


You know, I could tell you to relax and not worry about starting a family. Or, this old chestnut: when the time is right, you will know it.
But no matter how much political correctness we try to plop onto the issue, women who wait until their mid to late 30's (or later) to have their children run a greater risk of infertility, behavior and learning disorders, etc. Sadly, that is the undeniable truth. I work as a family therapist, so I deal with these issues on a daily basis.
Many women will share with you their heartwarming stories of waiting until their mid 30's, and having two or three wonderful, healthy children. I am very happy for them. But they are not the norm.
Happy One Year Anniversary.
I've followed your career since the old Screen Saver days. I hope you return to television. Or how about a podcast? Talk to Leo . . . :)


Sarah and a show about cats?! I vote yes!

From a married crazy cat lady...

PS. I understand your thoughts about kids and career, too. I'm almost 30 and still feel I have my whole life in front of me before we saddle ourselves with children. But I know time is a tickin'. It's a cause for much anxiety in my head.


I turned 31 a few months back. Thirty is bad, but thirty one is when reality hits. All those things you were gonna do before it was to late now have a time limit. Too late is now. Of course you are light years ahead of me. You are married. That is a big plus. I still don't want to grow up. I think I'll just turn old and bitter.


37 and expecting a baby any. day. now. Granted, I'm male, but it doesnt matter. Have girlfriends who are 40ish and just dropping #2.

Sure "the clock" dictates a lot of things, but when you factor in our generation's more youthful attitude and longer life span. Expanding the family later in life is almost the new normal. Besides, who says you have to have your own, right? Going Brangelina is always an option.

Love your work, Sarah. Word.

Penelope Trunk

Hi, Sarah. Thank you for linking to Brazen Careerist. And happy anniversary :)

In the piece you link to -- about getting married by age 30 - there is also a promising piece of resarch for you that the commenters are not mentioning: People who generate conversation about these difficult issues in their life are usually in a better position to make things converge nicely in their life.

So, in that respect, you're helping all of us - including yourself. Thanks :)


I'll never have babies, no matter how young or old I am

When one puts off having children time and again, one should wonder: does one even want children? American society dictates that we are female, therefore we MUST want children! But sometimes even we of the female persuasion do not want children. The pressure is strong, though. So first off, be sure you even want them - at any age. Because you simply cannot give them back!

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