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Monday, May 14, 2007

Let's Never Buy Toilet Paper Again!

Got a cool tip from Leo's Jaiku feed today: Amazon Subscribe and Save. It works well for grocery items you find yourself regularly stocking up on, like vitamins, or baby diapers, or razors, or toilet paper - things you know you'll need, and don't want to run out of.

According to Amazon, the benefits include:

  • A delivery schedule that fits your needs--every one, two, three, or six months
  • Discounts on our everyday price, whether you subscribe for a single month or for years
  • Free shipping
  • E-mail reminders of upcoming shipments
  • The flexibility to change your schedule or cancel at any time

What's nice is that there's a big selection of items, often at better-than-grocery-store prices. For example, I love Seventh Generation products, and I get a better deal through Amazon than I would at Whole Foods.

I'm wondering though... how is the merchandise delivered? If my box of Clif bars shows up inside an additional Amazon shipping box, the extra packaging seems a little wasteful, doesn't it? At least I can recycle my grocery bags over and over at the store.

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Now I can comment. ("Dancing With the Stars" is over). The problem with ordering on a schedule is that you always end up in the store anyway. Either you had an unexpected run on your stores of toilet paper or on something else . Whatever. You start missing the shopping experience, the search for sales, new products that promise better performance than your old standbys, etc. One thing that has been noted about buying in bulk is that though there may be some money saved it always leads to waste, having all that stuff at hand may lead to use more than you would otherwise. In the case of food you could end up being a fat lady. ( The upside being you will get your bust inches back)


Cliff Bars!!! I love them too! Good stuff, I buy them at Target and they're cheap as hell. You rock Sarah. Get back to podcasting or somethign.


Sounds to me like a good way to save money. You don't get hooked into looking for sales on things you don't really need or swayed by labels that claim to be better than your old stand-bys but rarely are any better. And with their flexible delivery schedule you don't have to worry about having too much on hand.

Lookman Mojeed

Wow, these deals are way better than Costco and BJs. So many choices of tea, lately i been drinking so much tea.


Cliff MOJO Trail mix bars......uuuuUMMMMM!


Leo got that idea from me and I get no credit. Lame! Well, he is letting me do a podcast on his network and his daughter does babysit my kids, and his wife does let me hang out with her, so I guess I can forgive him.

I don't know how the Cliff Bars are packaged, but the diapers come in the same box they come in at the grocery store. Some may say using disposable diapers is wasteful, but I am not some.

Remember when every comment I made to you didn't have to do with diapers?


If you want to save on toilet paper you could buy a "Biffy". Google it and watch the infomercial (its worth watching for a laugh).

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