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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Blogger OD's on Popcorn, Checks Into Promises Rehab


Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - I caught myself composing a mental grocery list during this incredibly long and convoluted movie. But you really can't blame me - Johnny Depp is barely even in it and that's the only reason I was there. Instead, countless plot twists that no sane person can follow are hurled at the audience every five seconds for pretty much no reason other than to detract us slightly from Keira Knightly's inflated upper lip. And that doesn't even work.

Blackbook Black Book - Surprisingly entertaining. WWII thriller about a Jewish woman who loses her family, goes undercover for the Dutch Resistance, seduces a high-ranking Nazi officer, and lots of other things I won't go into in case you actually want to see the movie without me ruining it. Carice van Houten, who I'd never heard of before, is adorable and gives an amazing performance. Director Paul Verhoeven (of "Basic Instinct" and "Showgirls" fame) clearly knows how to titillate an audience. Don't bring the kids.

Spiderman3_2 Spider-Man 3 - The Emo Peter Parker twist is so painful it's funny. It was like watching a joke movie half the time. I'm pretty sure people were high when they shot this film. You could cut twelve hours out and not lose any important plot lines. That said, it wasn't so terrible. I thought Spider-Man fans were a little generous with the first two movies anyway.

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once again sarah picks three awsome movies btw how's rehab?? lol

Ed Venture

You mean Starship Troopers, Total Recall, and Robocop Paul Verhoeven? It doesn't sound like my type of movie, but I might have to check it out anyway.


Thanks to "Popcorn Sarah". Without whoo I would not have become aware of such a good film as "Black Book"! What are other things? I depend on you Lady!


Totally agree with your reviews, it seems the more hype a movie has, the less substance it contains!
Although I did enjoy Spiderman 3, it was very easy on the eyes :)

Triple J

I honestly don't understand why so many damn people are complaining about the story to PotC: AWE. If you're a fan of the first two, and have half a brain, you'll comprehend the third. Sure, there may be a couple finer details that can only be picked up by the hardcore fanbase, but the movie doesn't suffer from it! And if you can't sit through the three hours, it may be time to get yourself checked for A.D.D.


Sorry Sarah, I totally agree with Triple J.


I knew Spidey 3 would suck and he's a wuss. Who cries? Seriously, aside from Ben Affleck. I thought the first two were overrated too.


Sarah I agree with your review of Spidey, (too long, no three act, and Topher Grace as a villian LOL) By the way if your unemployed how do you spend $11 for a ticket lol. and thanks for turnning me on to some nice sites.


Even though I have heard that same opinion of Pirates 3 from others, I still can't bring myself to NOT watch it - anything with Mr. Depp in it will make me happy. ;)

Spidey, I liked, but the whole bit with him dancing around and winking at every girl on the street was a waste of time. Wish they had fleshed out the villians a little more though.


yeah, i agree whole-heartedly about spidey. it was alright i guess...but it went cheesy to cheesy musical to just asdjhkasdo within seconds. dragged at times too. people around me fell asleep for like 10 minutes at a time.

have yet to see pirates though. it made like what? 152 million? everyone i've talked to hasnt seen it yet. does that mean i, along with all my friends, suck? haha whose coming up with these numbers!?


About Spiderman - I guess I thought Emo Peter was supposed to be a joke. I thought it was funny. I haven't seen the others, so I don't know. Any comments on Shrek 3 or Meet the Robinsons? lol I have been going to the movies with my little brother, so Spiderman is the only semi-adult movie I have been privileged to this summer.

Also - Can you twist Brendon's arm for a couple blog entries? I enjoyed his too.


I actually liked POTC. Then again I'm probabaly only one of the VERy few people that actually got all the plot twists.....eh I only saw it for Kiera anaway. xD

Oh I heard about that movie, I always wanted to see ...god think of it Nazis, a Jewish women...and the threat of being found out and killed.....god I love that.


Interesting reviews... However, I'm starting to get sick of people referring to that segment in Spider-Man 3 as "emo" Peter. I seriously doubt this is what Raimi or anyone else involved in the film intended. Painful joke? Well, yeah.. go read some Spider-Man comics and you'll see the same thing. He has always been one of the corniest characters and constantly throws out puns here and there. When I sat through this movie I was thinking to myself "Well it's about goddamn time". The first two films were just way too serious and I think they finally nailed it with this one.

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