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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Redirecting Myself

At first I thought having a separate index page at "sarahlane.com" was a good idea... but then decided it was pointless. If you were looking for my blog, you were just going to have to immediately click the "blog"  link anyway. I don't want to complicate things unnecessarily, so now "sarahlane.com" just automatically points to this blog. If you weren't looking for this blog, well, it's not the end of the world that you ended up here. I'm a delight, really. And if you're looking for my other projects, you can find them in the "All About Me" links. In a nutshell, nothing has changed. I know that this is perhaps my most riveting post yet. You're welcome.

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Thank you for the change. Your blog is the first place of yours I go so this saves me a step in accessing your excellent content.

Jeffrey W

Wow! You were right. I was on the edge of my seat... : P


You may want to include "The Traveling Newlyweds" as a link in your "All About Me" section. Just a thought.


Walter C.

^^second that motion

Text Pirate

For a change, I won't criticize this change.

And I third the motion.


sarah, quit drinking so much, your life will be so much better!


Sarah Rules!....thats all I got.

ron connor

i loved the directory. right away i could get what you had goin on web wise.

it was an easy start.

so much so tha i am in the process of creating one for myself.
my RE site, music site, my blog, a site i;m doing w/ my 4th grader, my new ventures...

you've created a crisis of confidence for me....

i think i will forge ahead and reevaluate when i have it up, but i will seriously consider your perspective oh great web wizard...


Lookman Mojeed

Yea, i was kind of confused when i was directed to the blog
and your right i basically come here to read your blog so that was
smart of you.


not that it matters but i come here first .. then drift to other places..


I didn't even know you had a main page, I had your blog link bookmarked anyway. So...nothing new then...


I LOVE the change.


Everyone moves on and it's all good. Every post is worth reading and following. Else I wouldn't still be at your heels for all these years. ;o)

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