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Monday, April 02, 2007

Guess Who's Back?

UPDATE 4/7: Theme switched! I like this look a lot more. Thanks to Mario Carboni for designing it.


If you're reading this post, congratulations! You're extremely hip and up-to-date. I'm starting back up the old blog here at "sarah. word." Give me a few days to settle on a new theme and layout, and we'll be good to go. I thought I liked this one, but something about it bugs me. Maybe the text is too small?

As for "sarah. on the run.", it's not going anywhere, but activity will halt until the next time I travel.

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Wow, it really does pay to never clean out your Bloglines account. I was surprised to see a new item...


I for one call for much, much more more nudity.


Great to have you back. Really : )

Good luck with the job hunt. Whatever fate has in store, I'm sure you'll land, cat-like (!), on all fours. Here's to many more entertaining musings from the mind of Sarah.



Welcome back Sarah! Blog looks good. Maybe the txt is a little small. I can't place my finger on it...


Welcome back to blogging! I've been waiting!



Good thing I caught the updates yesterday. Will you be using Sarah.Pic anytime soon?



the type looks fine.
i fond your site via tumblr. they use you (among others) as a sample of their product.

your site is cool. i'll be back.


Is "hip and up-to-date" the new "stalker"?


I really enjoyed your South America experiences. I had very similar experiences, except I spent carnival in Recife and Olinda. I'm sorry you missed Olinda, very "Old Portugese Port City"/Pirate hangout.
If you're still in BA, I suggest flying south to see Moreno glacier - experience of a lifetime! Patagonia is a great, inexpensive ecotourist hangout.


Hey Sarah,

The new/old blog looks fine. I hope your transition back to "normal" life goes smoothly!


Welcome back Sarah! I've enjoyed your travel posts and hope to see more here too as well. :)

I think your blog looks nice as is, but it never hurts to try other things out.

Ed Venture

Step 1: Find a niw gig.
Step 2: Bring back the sarahcam!

Welcome back!


Hi Sarah! What a coincidence! I haven't checked sarah. word. for about six months or so, and today...Voila!! Just as the others, I was surprised to see a new post from you. In my defense as a loyal fan, I have been checking in with thetravelingmorans. Speaking of, as soon as you're settled in to "normal life," tells us more about what life is like as Brendan's wife. I'm extremely curious as I often fantasize what it would be like. Yes, it's creepy, but in a haha-kinda-way.

Gene Moore

Sarah, welcome back! Hope your and Brendon will find fame and fortune back in the "New World"



Looking forward to reading your posts. Welcome back! I think the layout is fine.


I've been so busy that my Google Reader is bursting at the seems with new items. Only reason I even checked this is because I saw that on twitter you were "watching your mom cook you dinner". Welcome home Sarah. Can't wait to see what you have planned now.


Yay, I'm hip! :)

Welcome home, Sarah!! I will say that I'm going to miss the podcasts, but maybe you and Brendan can still do occassional ones here and there. I can't wait to see what you two will be up to in the comings months!


The font size is just fine.

Thanks for keeping Sarah Word/Runs/Whatevers alive.

Post it and they will come. :)

Lookman Mojeed

Im gald that you are back home. Your travels have entertained me greatly

i wonder if i will see you on TV soon


Hey Sarah. Glad to see your are back to blogging. I'm not sold on the rust color layout, but it is the content that is the important thing. Take care.


Glad to see you back to the old blog. Been following your trip quite closely. Welcome home!


Hey Sarah!!! I miss you on TV!
Hope all is well.




For your job hunt have you or Brendon thought about trying to go back to G4?

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