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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Girl on Film

When you're unemployed, you tend to go to the movies a lot. Why? Because it's 3 p.m. on Tuesday and you're in the mother effing MOOD, that's why! I wonder if I could subsist solely on theater popcorn? For what it's worth, I never add butter.

In a nutshell:

The Lives of Others - Excellent! Sort of a German Communist political dissonance love story/tragedy. I know my description sucks. Starts slow, but you'll be glad you stuck with it.

The Namesake - Pretty good! Illustrates the emotional complexities within an NRI (non-resident Indian) family living in the States.

Hot Fuzz - Not that funny! It's too bad, because I had really high hopes. Maybe too high. The movie has its moments, but ultimately it's a disappointment.

Blades of Glory - Funny enough! But still really dumb. But still funny enough to not make you want your money back. I mean, it's ice skating. And ice skating is funny.

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Cara Brewer

I adored Hot Fuzz! It was no Shaun of the Dead, but still...
Oh, and just so it's said... I've been a long time fan of yours and I'm super excited to see what you take on next!

Walter C.

lol at sarah paying for one movie and sneaking into the other three j/k


I took my girl friend see all of films the first to goood hot fuzz sucked blades of glory ain't no old school but still funny


Sarah, you might want to check out the Last King of Scottland. Forrest Whitaker earned that oscar.


Heehee, I liked Blades of Glory too. Pretty much anything with Will Ferrell's head in it makes me crack up though. If you haven't seen it already, you should see a little skit of his on FunnyOrDie.com -- very random, but hilarious! :)


You shouldnt have to get a job. Thats why you got married. Your husband should be supporting you (is he back at work yet?), and letting you go to the movies whenever you want. ;))


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Don't waste an afternoon on "Next". Wait until it hits cable.


I thought 'Hot Fuzz' was pretty good. You should just go and rent the good movies that came out while you were on your trip.


Do you like action or horror/thriller? The last two movies I saw were Grindhouse and Shooter. Both I thought were great. Grindhouse was special to me because Rodriguez and Tarantino are my two favorite film makers period. So to see two new films from each of them back to back was awesome. Just some suggestions.


I haven't seen Grindhouse yet. Kind of waiting for a day when I have more time to kill than usual, and am particularly hungry for popcorn. :)


Hey Sarah, just wondering if the title of this entry is at all a reference to the podcast "Girls on Film." Either way, I (and I assume a lot of people) am interested in what podcasts/vidcasts you're a fan of.

Good luck with anything and everything that's going on!


"Girls on Film"...Duran Duran
I think Sarah is groovin to the 80's...lol.


You're awesome.


LOLing at the others encouraging you to go see more movies..

So, yeah I liked the departed.

Paul Stamatiou

I found Hot Fuzz to be hilarious, but then again I'm a 20 year old college guy.


I saw the lives of others with some friends of mine about a week ago. I also loved it. Great characters, especially the guy that moderated the house. It was really intricate. I also thought the beginning was the weak point of the film, as it kind of gave the impression that the film was going to focus on this bizarre communist/socialist love triangle, but then later they put a lot more focus on the moderator guy and the movie really kickstarted into something great.


Well, welcome back! Just found out in the last hour that you are back in the states. I wish I could've seen Hot Fuzz, but my local Theater decided not to carry it. My suggestion for the people who were disappointed with Hot Fuzz would be to watch Spaced, better than Shaun.

Anyway, if you ever get tired of the movies, tune into Sundance Channel sometime to watch City of Men, which is sort of a spin-off from another movie you did a review for, City of God.

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