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Friday, April 28, 2006

iWeb is for Dummies.

And thank goodness for that, because I am really, really rusty.

Despite my HTML skills of swiss cheese, I still managed to turn a new homepage for sarahlane.com live today! It's not much more than a skeleton at this point, but you get the idea. I have quite a bit of fussing left to do. Which is great, because I love to fuss.

New domains that point to sarahlane.com:
brendanandsarah.com (the overall name for now)

My blog will remain on Typepad for the time being. I have no pressing reason to leave what I consider to be a reliable and intuitive blogging engine, though I wasn't kidding about giving it a new look. That's my next project.

Unemployment? Bah! I've never been so busy!


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Good job none the less though :D


awesome. keep up the good job and have a blast!

Jason A

The other site looks great and also great First Podcast on the new site Sarah.


Love the idea. iWeb seems real cool. I still haven't converted over to the dark side just yet(macs) but it seems like they are coming out with lots of cool web apps. Can't wait to start watching/hearing about your adventures.


Can't wait to see everything when its finished I'm sure its going to look great.


I just tryed to watch the podcast and it wouldn't let me. It may be because I'm on my mom's computer that is realy old, it may let me watch it on my laptop so if I ever get it fixed then I'll get to watch it.


You know, instead of iWeb you might try RapidWeaver (realmacsoftware.com), it has more options and a lot more themes that really make sites look awesome.

Steve aka Captain Smee

BrendanandSarah.com, awesome! I love that picture too because flip flops have to been one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind, don't question it!. Wow, I'm starting to get excited about this trip and I'm not even going on it.


Er..... for me those links all go to the same site. Is that supposed to happen? Aside from that, I like the new site a lot. Can't wait till it's finished.


You'll need Quicktime 7 to watch the podcast. It's an .m4v which is an mpeg-4 that as far as I know other players won't play.


This computer has quicktime it may not have the latest version though. I know my laptop does so if I can ever get it fixed I should be able to watch it.


The site looks slick, and the video podcast is a great idea. I'm still going through Sarah and Brendan withdrawal on AOTS so it will be enjoyable to keep up with you two as you globe trot you two globe trotting trotter types.


I don't like Olivia, she's so not you!

And her name doesn't flow like SARAH LANE!

I am no longer filled by the feed!

However, best of luck to you and Moran. :-D

Antonio C.

Hello Sara: I am from SPS, Honduras in Central America and maybe the only viewer that you had out here and i just wanted to say that I am very much in loved with you and when i hear that you were going to get married, it broke my heart, but i wish you the best of luck with "Brendan".


Yay Sarah! Not only are you marrying the man you love, but you got out of G4: the least viewed basic cable network in America before it was too late! I'm looking forward to hearing about all your adventures around the world.


This is great. First they remove that cool dude from 'Cheat', and replace him with some chick that has probably never played a single game in her life...and now this.


Ah whatever--- I like the blog's template. =D


The site looks great. You should make it Sarah and Brendan, keep yourself first.


I like the new site, the layout is fantastic! how long did you end up spending on it?


Nice looking page...that photo is very um...artsy. I can't wait to hear the amazing tales the two of you will have.

Mike B

New template looks cool. The trip you and Brandon are going to make seems like its gonna be pretty fun. Good luck.


I think It's a job well done Sarah. I just got wind of you to married i was like WOW i have to say congrats.. Congrats to you both I wish n hope u the best of luck :)

George Spink

Hi, Sarah,

I wish Brendan and you all the happiness in the world. You are very blessed to begin your marriage with a great trip around the world.

During the height of the Vietnam World, I wrote a letter to the Chicago Tribune suggesting that the $19 billion a year (1969) the U.S. was spending to fight the war should be used to turn Vietnam into a great tourist mecca. I had seen many photos of Vietnam and knew what a beautiful country it was. Take a look at the film "Indochine" to get an idea.

I'll check your blog from time to time to see how your trip is going.


Awsome sarah!!! dont stop your blogging! because i love the feeling that your not really gone. aots isnt the same w/o you and brendan......no offense to the show....but its kinda goin down hill. olivia isnt as cool as you---she trys--but its still not good enough. keep us posted- good fan ~philly


The new site is awesome. It flows really well. I hope more pics and vids come soon. Give Brendan a high five for me.
We miss you at "the least watched basic cable station."


Whatever happened to you and Kevin Rose?


Hey Sarah, like the new site in progress. I just wanted to say, I know you probably know this but, your video clips will need to be sweetened in the future. Mainly the darkness levels though.. I know it was just a screw around clip. Lighting will help with most of that but sometimes manual tweaking in the NLE software might be necessary.

Hey, you guys need a post production guy let me know!! :oP


i still prefer the pink/grey/green look

all of my abstract paintings in middle school were those colors just b/c they were your blog colors

T_T I weep for the loss of my early teenage years.


I love the look of your site sarah, i only wish i could view your vid. :(

I keep getting an Error -108

i just installed the newest quicktime, so i don't know. i'll keep trying.

Hope you and Brendan are Well. ^_^

*Well Wishes And Hugs To You Both*



If you're looking at travel blogs, you might want to check out www.kateingermany.blog.com
She's an excellent writer.

Tom Penn

I just discovered over the last few days that you are gone from AOTS. I wish you much joy and happiness in your future with Brendan, But I already miss seeing you on the show. I look forward to seeing you through this site and hearing about your travels. Have fun and enjoy the views.

Mickey G

G4 E3 Call it what you want.It's junk.Glad you cashed your shares in before the crash.Best of luck! MG..


I miss you guys! I've been under a rock for like a month strait and missed everything! I tune into the feed... and I see someone other than who is supposed to feed me! "The hell?!" I say! Well, now that I've finally found out where the hell you went, glad to know you're happy :) We'll miss you, as you can see from your comments. You better show up as a guest at least when you're done touring the globe! Take a shot of vodka for me! :) Congrats to the both of yaz!


I just recently found out about this whole "leaving the show bit". I would like you to know that I pretty much wont ever watch that show again. It feels as though a part of me has died.

David M.T.

hey sarah, i use to watch aots like a religion, but then life got in the way and I didn't even have time to play my playstation, let alone watch tv. I turned on the tv today to watch the coverage of e3, and I saw that you weren't standing next to kevin...this I must say deeply saddened me and my heart sank, I read on the aots that you and brandon are getting married, well congrats on that, but please tell me that you are going to return, cause this new girl just doesn't seem to cut it, no the way that you did. Any way, i hope that your happy and that you will at least try to guest on aots every now and again. With my all - David M.T., Tulsa Oklahoma

Eric Haislar

I miss your feed! :(


wow.. i guess too many people surfed your website. i can't see anythin...tsk..tsk :(
bandwidth limit...
love you anyway sarah.
brendan, u r one lucky guy.



I'm back. Here's the deal.

You're flying to Santorini...one of the few islands with an airport. You'll probably be staying in Fira and heading out to Oia to check out the Sunsets? AWwww.

Good thing about the islands, I've gone 2 weeks without seeing a cloud...so bring the suntan lotion.

When in Turkey, be sure to check out Ephesus (I regret missing it) It's close to the City of Marmaris (west coast)

Anyway...when in Santorini stay the Anna's Youth Hostel...in Perissa Beach...say Hi to Panos the owner...and go the Beach Bar Yazz for some chillin' vibes.

Okay that's enough.

its me



I just saw your first/second podcast and I must say Kevin sure has changed since the last time I saw him.


sarah, what happened? i stopped watching for a while and now everything is chaotic! oh my god sarah, you broke my heart, seriously. i don't think that i could ever watch g4 ever again. i kept thinking to myself, why doesn't sarah do that index finger on the chin thing like she did in screensavers? oh man, now i find out you got married to brenndon, isn't that the guy who asked what a psp is? the world is unfair. i drop my gaming for music and my life falls apart. i wish i could say that i'm happy for you, but i'm so crushed. i'm gonna write my first serious song about you and everyone will hear it. and i'll even talk about your index finger on the chin from screensavers. forever crushed, losers envy(myspace).


Sarah, it's awesome that you and Brendan are happy, but I really miss you on AOTS! The new girl isn't nearly as good as you. We all know that you will forever be THE AOTS cohost. Have fun :)


I want to say something nasty and then apologize for it. Were you on TV? Not a fan of the G4... Oh, sorry, I do have a hazy memory of you from the early AotS aka ScreenSavers redux done wrong.



I was never a regular in the AOTS IRC room back in those days (it's been a long while since I saw G4 due to college and things...), but I was a great fan of the show. You guys did a very good job. It was always enjoyable.

Although I am just some random poster, I just wanted to wish you the best in your marriage and all of your endeavours. I've got a lot of respect for you guys and I hwish you all the very best.

Please take care.

Mike Skiles

Well, Sarah, at first I was confused when you left AOTS. Then I found your website. I'm glad you're happy, but we really miss you on AOTS... :/ it's going downhill. (MTV3?) I'm glad you're going to keep in touch with your fans. And Kevin. Good luck on your world travels, it's always nice to see people happy. :)


If you have a domain name, well even if you didn't, you could switch to Wordpress. :-)

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