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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sometimes I wonder...

...what possesses people to be such jackasses. This myspace account was not created by me (hint hint- I have an H on the end of my name).

For what it's worth, my myspace page is /leetlane. And I'm never on. And now I remember why.

***UPDATE- Page has been modified to a Sarah "tribute" page. Thank you! I'll go back into my crabby cave now.

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I think they fixed that lol.. just be happpy your head is spliced on porn. Its just the price of fame babe.


Oh and one more thing. To have that annoying song in the back ground are they crazy. Now thats what really gets to me that its not you.


Oh wait duh in the www address they get it right the rest of the time. I don't think you should point this out lol.. Now i'm going to study the whole site. Later my sex toy.


ha its funny cause it has over 9000 friends. I cant believe they all think its real, you know its fake when the pictures are from websites, such as her moblog or the g4 website. And arent you 29 not 25 ha. Just get that sucka myspace deleted, i thought you could do that by request. Im sure a fan would do that for you.


ha sex toy, ha that was just nasty lol

Evil Bastard

Anyone that has that much time on their hands should at least get it right. I read the music "Sara" is supposed to like, and I didn't see

Juno Reactor
Massive Attack
Mouse On Mars

So I am thinking, they really don't know Sarah :)


When my buddy showed me that fake mysapce profile i laughed so hard. He honestly thought it was real just like all those other 9,000 people. So I took the liberty to send this person a nice message to address the flaws in their profile, and much to my suprise got no reply.

My message: Hey buddy, last time i checked Sarah Lane was like 29 or something. And why would someone have thumbnail size images as their pictures? I must give you props for fooling so many ignorant people with this completely fake profile. That might flatter or insult Ms. Sarah Lane, I am not sure which one and you probably do not care anyways. I just do not understand what would inspire someone do something so stupid. Do you have no friends? Do you wish to feel popular? Its okay, I will be your friend.

Your new best buddy,


That's a pretty terrible fake page, I have to say!


Oh and I would like to point out, what groups this person is in. pretty funny stuff


You'd think anyone who watched the show would have noticed that they'd been duped a couple weeks ago when there was a link to the real profile on the AOTS website due to the competition of who had to keep their website the way the other host had designed it. Or how about when you actually mentioned that it was /leetlane on the show? Although I must say that I am disappointed that you seemingly do not accept friend requests. Maybe that is what leads people to ignorantly believe the other page. They wish to feel as if the real Sarah Lane has acknowledged their insignificant existence. As it is I will not be pacified by the fake. I will continue to anxiously await the day my friend request is accepted as if my name were Vladimir or Estragon.


What a boring fake profile. Since the people who thought it was real obviously don't watch the show the creator could have said anything. They should have made it funny. Funny makes everything O.K.

Oh, also, people aren't being jackasses. People are jackasses.

Mark from MT

The moral of this story is...everyone wants to be YOU, Sarah!


Don't know, but it made me realize that I sorta miss the old Sarah with the long brown hair. The girl next door sarah was 099984389745x sexier/cuter/hotter. No offense.

Another thing that nails that it's not you is the income says 250K+. I'm betting that's about 200K or more, higher than it really is.

Matt H

Happy 100th birthday... ;)

Ryan Alcott

Hehe.. that's kind of cool though Sarah. I wish I was "leet" enough for someone to make a fake myspace profile of me! lol. Check me out: http://www.myspace.com/megavortex and add me as a friend if you want.



Why all the hostility? Its obvious Both Sarah and Kevin don't have the time to deal with the volumes of fans, which post comments on both of those Myspace sites (fake or not). Kevin himself said on the show he does not care about those fans comments. I say both those sites give the fans a place to voice their opinions about the show. To call them names or treat them like garbage is down right wrong.


Do you even read these comments... duh?


tay you're probably the one who made the new fake sarah lane myspace


that site hurts my face.


I don't see whats the problem. That's a pretty good looking page. I could understand getting upset if the paige was negative or mean spirited, but I see a nice friendly Space.


How do we know? Maybe you are the imposter Sarah trying to pull the bait and switch on us? Maybe you are the fake Sarah trying to pull the old switcharoo on the real Sarah. How can 9000 people be wrong?


You know if you go to technorati.com and search for your name you can also find your flickr account


wow, that's hilarious! Any real fan of yours would know the url of your real myspace!


too funny miss sara... i mean sarah!


well i donno what 2 say sarah has alot of fans


Myspace isn't so bad! Unless you just don't want to network and chat with people while discovering new music.....in which case, why set up a profile anyway?


Holy crap, the fact that there are fake myspace pages doesn't surprise me, the amount of work people are willing to put into them does though.
The internet went to hell in a handbasket once AOL people started infiltrating in 1993. It's gone downhill steadily.
Happy Holidays! Enjoy your time off, and [sarcasm] all of us can't wait to see what G4 will look like next year, without the videogame programming but with Star Trek and TNG.[/sarcasm]

The Inquisitor

G4 is dead, period. I guess that's why people waste time making fake Sarah Lane profiles, is because they are too bored with what they were watching.

The Inquisitor



Chris Brinser

I sent this guy a burn in hell message.
this is why myspace sucks ass


well, quite honeslty your site is connection to you enough...myspace isn't the be all an end all of connecting to another human...oh great job on the show BTW.




Sarah a hound? I must admit our opinions differ on that one. But as different people have different opinions we all must learn to respect the opinions of others, even if we don't agree. But you should also respect Sarah by not calling her hound, don't you agree? If you don't like her then don't visit her blog. Seriously, no one is forcing you to do anything bud.


hey, so ive misse dout on what youve been up to now that tech tv = rip... are you still dating Krose....didnt he say that he was gonna drink less this year? diggnation has turned him into an alchy, tell him to stop hanging out with alex A. miss your links SL.


naa every one thinks shes bangin brendon from the show.


LOL..wut a loser..have no better time...
but now u know that u have "online stalkers" and that ur famous...

just ask kevin to hack ther person..imao


Thats just sad...
People need to get lives.


I don't really see the big deal. The page isn't that bad. Sounds more like our spoiled little super star doesn't want anyone else to play with blogs.




What the hell do you say to somthing like that when you see it?

David "El Mexicano/Salvadoreno"

Es porque es un huero que hase esos cosas, y todos hueros son pendejos.

El Mexicano/Salvadoreno

matthew mager


No matter how you feel about your current situation everything happens for a reason. Changing your habit or beliefs are not going to change things. Some people are just assholes by nature. Take care kid!




That is so brutal. I can't get over how much time this person actually put into that myspace account... don't they have anything better to do?! Like make their own account?!

Oh well... Keep on truckin'...



I disagree with you....sort of. Yes I do agree on how some people are jackasses especially when they try to impersonate someone but does that mean you have to stay off myspace? One thing is that if you dont like myspace thats fine but let me say this....there are jackasses all over the net but is that going to stop you from surfing the web too? Well Sarah I luv ya kiddo! and I met you once at the bar in Santa Monica on Kevins Last day on Attack of the show. Take it easy!



Yeah, people are stupid, thanks for the info though.


You're all Jackasses! There. How does that grab you?


That webpage hurts my eyes...


aw sarahs getting married, sarah dont do it!!! Give me one date and i will change your life forever, well that sucks. There goes my chance :P


damn you guys suck, im sure you guys never been out of the house nor talked to any girls before. Don't be scared they wont bite. Anyways Brendan's some lucky dude, though i will say it seems a little rushed, but thats all im saying. laaaaaaatttteeesss

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