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Monday, September 12, 2005

Thugs 4 Life

Cosmo: Age 11. Orange tabby. Likes cantelope.
Luther: Age 11. Norwegian Forest cat. Likes coffee.


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Heh. Pretty funny. Are they yours? It didn't sound like your voice on the video.


The first rule about Cat Fight Club is, you do not talk about Cat Fight Club.

The second rule about Cat Fight Club is, you-- oooh! string!


S be careful dont play around with with animals...if those PETA goons find out they will start throwing red paint at you and set fire to your house. I'm just giving you a warning.j/k


Sorry I forgot to add this but why are you still at work? No new show and its almost 6 Pacific Time. What's the story?


love it! nice grab!


Los angeles had a huge power outage (terrorist?) so they probably couldnt get things to work.



The Inquisitor

No terrorists, just a broken power line.


I havent posted here or to any celeb before and I just wanted to thank you sarah for all you do for the show, its alot better with you on it. I am 25 and have been ill for a year and you and the people on your show and G4tv are the closest things I get to remembering what it is like to hang out with my old friends. I know that is sad, but I love the show and how you most of all and the other people are sarcastic. It makes me feel like i am right back with my people. Well love cats and I hope you have a good night. Thanks, Ben

Ryan Alcott

That`s cute. :)


How do I listen to the audio? It just plays the video in Divix.


Winner magazine! Power of the press!


Man that was brutal.


I’d like to give a shout out to Bunny E.
There would be no clowder without girl power!


Sarah, any ideas on something that I can digg?

Matthew Cox

Add 6 more gatos and you've got the nightly show at my house!


Man, I haven't watched G4 in a couple months or so. Flip it on AOTS for like two seconds and immediately I remember why I even kept watching after the merger in the first place. Ah Sarah, you rock babe.


btw, at least, I'm betting they didn't go a week without electricity like we did ;oP Screw Xbox and Directv, but I found out Air Condition is extrememly important in Alabama in the summertime!


Yes, Sarah was off the couch !!!!!


poor couch :oP


the performance part of the ying yang twins was recorded last week, sarah wore the same outfit today to make it look like it was live. Look at the repeat and watch her face, she has different ammount of make up, and her hair seems different. That and the fact that they had footage of them playing on the aots "stage" a week before they aired their "live" show when they said to tune in next week for the ying yang twins.

ok i have a lot of time sorry.


^^^ LOL


I dont care if it wasn't live, good job sarah.


Eeee, I love the thwappy, puffed-out tails!

Pummus Boy

ooo cats cool


Sarah please get the proofreaders to check the sites before they go on air. the Citizens United Negating Technology For Life And People's Safety is dirty if you take the first letter from each word. Irony for grrls week? Someone's joke?


*sigh* Tina and Laura brought their Final Fantasy bashing to AOTS. I love ff games and im not gonna be a screaming wrathing lunatic fanboy about it. I just find it kinda depressing how they bash these amazing stories. But anyhoo other than that you gotta love Tina and Laura.


damn sarah you looking good right now. And i dont mean it in a perverted way. Smile for me.

Jake Allen

Awesome cats, just figured id drop in on the coolest host of AOTS and see what youve been up to. Seems like you've been getting along pretty well, which is good to hear. I've been thinking, and between AOTS and X-Play, theres not an awefull(SP?) lot of interesting shows, besides screensavers which has its odd entity of coolness. Keep up the good work.

Alan H

Hey Sarah, I love AOTS! you guys have your funny moments.. ;)

Which new console would be your first choice to get?
A) Xbox 360
B) PS3
C) Nintendo Revolution


aww my cats do the exact same thing all the time. I've been loving the show this week. Its better with just beautiful women hosting it.


BB - that would be Rockstar's joke, since it was on their site. I think they handled it well and very slyly on the show - they didn't even point out that it was an acronym, letting the viewers figure it out for themselves.


Eric I understand that but C.U.N.T.F.L.A.P.S.? I don't know...I'm all for free speech but it still seemed a little vulgar to me. I'm not going to lose sleep over it though, to each his own.






Hey sarah. Whats up, just to let you know, you looked great in the segments you were in. Keep up the good work. You know your drunk acting could have been a little better. I don't want to sound mean, but I think you can 'act' drunk better. Laters, have a nice day


Spunky for 70 years old! The best part of having two cats is when they play


S I gotta say these shows so far have been pretty good this week. Since you showed that you were able to hold it down you can ask for a raise right? Anyways have a good weekend. You look like you need a break.

Sarah's Unofficial PR

if anyone still hasn't seen Sarah on Style its on again at 8pm Eastern.


sarah is it true you got a nose job??

Bill Thompsoniakziskianolesky

You should have set the little fuckers on fire.

David "The Mexican"

hey cabrones, whats up?

hey man Sarah is chingon.

pocos pero locos


Hey why do you always say the same thing. And don't repeat what you just said. "cause shes chingon" Seriously we get it. She is but you don't always have to repeat that. Just a thought. Anywyas, sarah keep updating.


Awwwww! Kitties!!!!!! Yay!

I only have a fish. It just swims. But, if I put another fish in the tank with it, I'd probably get a fight like that.

Scott Sekinger

Ha Ha.


Hi Sarah!

This seemed like a website you'd like.


I don't know if you've been or not.

Aw kitties!

The Inquisitor

Ding dong, the witch is dead! Charles Hirschorn has been terminated!


This is a great move for G4. That idiot is finally getting his comeuppance. That's what's you get for screwing over your employees. It must have had something to do with that hazing Sarah gave him...


You know the new guy from DirecTV could be an even bigger idiot and move it away from tech even more. KR mentioned that friends at G4 were saying that they might move G4 into a SPIKE TV type network. Just speculation but I also hope this doesn't mean any firings of our favorite host(s). And you thought the past year was wild...just wait!


Awwww I love the kitties!


Why Spike TV? Is that a network for Men

Suggestion: Why not create another channel for the Dicovery Channel, called Discovery Tech. They could also add American Chopper and all the other Car related shows to it.

Hmmmmm, Jessee James and Sarah as hosts?

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