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I attended a large, liberal college and thought I had seen pretty much everything by the time I graduated. My fellow Gators who took HMSX 400 know just what I mean. Apparently I should have taken more psych classes. (via...

Jul 15, 2005: Trudy the Titan
Does anyone else want to smell the corpse flower? Just a teeny tiny bit... just to see? Botany is full of trickery!

Jul 11, 2005: Doodle, Interrupted
Give The Scribbler a test drive. It's rad. ZeFrank always has a rabbit in his pocket (or hat, whichever).

Jul 8, 2005: Flight of the Feline
**BROKEN LINK UPDATED 8/3** I hereby declare this group of pictures to be the Best Thing Ever.

Jul 5, 2005: Ragdoll Physics
Poor girl. She sure looks tired. Flexible, though. :) s

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