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I would kill to see clouds like these! Nebraska, here I come.

Jun 17, 2005: Fun with Textamerica
A friend of mine put together a very amusing Feed/Feed sponsors medley moblog video post, and now I'm sharing it with you. Do I really look this dorky on television every day? Don't answer that.

Jun 9, 2005: Damn Good Website: YubNub
Tired of saving your web favorites locally? YubNub is an Internet command line tool that allows you to assign "commands" (think keyword shortcuts) to any URL you like. For example, type in "/." and YubNub directs you to slashdot.org. "Sarah"...

Jun 6, 2005: I'm Sorry But...
...I just can't help myself. My Monday has been made.

Jun 2, 2005: Add Google Maps Directions to Your Site
Want to integrate Google Maps into your website/blog quickly and painlessly? Thanks to a tutorial at Malevolent Design, we all can! Here's the code:

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