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Monday, June 06, 2005

I'm Sorry But...

...I just can't help myself.

My Monday has been made.

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» If you loved 80's music you've got to hear this from Iggy Uncensored

Ok I'm not talked about the 80's music as in hair bands - example Bon Jovi or Van Halen. I'm not talking Duran... [Read More]



This is wonderful.









Wish I could view QT movies at work!
Will have to wait until I get home, I guess.


Me too...I just hope i remember when i get home...

World Tech Guy

You should be sorry for that link. If this is what it takes to make your Monday, maybe we could arrange for an ebola outbreak?


thats just wrong!

Bryan Swafford

Ha ha, thanks Sarah that was funny. THEY ROCK!!!!!!! Nothing like total cheese to beat the Monday blues!! The only problem is that song, i cant get it out of my head. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Didn't they have them on Unscrewed? It was pretty freakin hilarious from what I remember. They had everyone including Martin, Swisher, Joey, and the rest of the interns in really ugly sweaters dancing and signing. I miss Unscrewed :(


thats just f***ing halarious

Sara McClure

I find myself unable to look away. I watched it like 3 times already! I guess my mind really has been dominated by the gem sweater.



That was the funniest thing I have ever seen. I am crying at work.


Amazing........If I were david geffin they would be signed to a record deal today.


WOW, is it just me or is that really H...O...T...HOT?

Just me.



An awesome music video making the rounds on the 'net.

Copy/ Paste



But seriously, if William Hung can get a recording contract, why can't these chicks?


I'm gonna have nightmares for a week. Thanks Sarah! =P


So when are you going to book them on AOTS?


WHAT! Oh Im doubled over in laughter-pain...


OMG Sarah. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!

Funniest. Video. Evar.

Thanks to you, all my friends and family are getting a copy. Of course, I'm telling them it's all your fault...



They were on an episode of Unscrewed with Martin Sargent awhile back I think.


Ya'll should do a segment on the Gorillaz.


is that Sarah?


So that's where all the bedazzlers go when they die.



Maybe these people got fucked up on that sony chip you talked about. You know, the one that made people psycho like me. You're very intelligent, but also quite ignorant. i was, however, very sorry to hear about your father's passing.


Ms. Lane, I am speechless. Words cannot describe the emotions I am feeling right now. Scrumtrulecent comes to mind :P


My god, I think I've gone deaf.


Oh. wow. that is slightly scary. I sure hope those people were joking.

... also, it's kinda sad, really.

The Inquisitor

Uhh. yeaaah. that's, uh... great. Excuse me, gotta run. (Flies out room shrieking in horror).


Oh God, someone shoot me now...


Get it away from me!!


I think you finally managed to freak out Kevin P. by showing that on last night's show. And it takes a lot for something to be too weird for Immy.


Oh sweet Jesus! My iPod just froze up on me for the first time since I've had it. Talk about nearly having a heart attack.

Luckily holding down the menu and select buttons for about 10 seconds (thanks apple support web site) forced it to shut down and it seems to be fine.

The irony? It crashed while skipping past a song called "Crash" lol.


That is the worst video ever!

no name

is kevin dating amber now?

Consuelo Effiguando

Ok I want all of these questions answered by the next post. Have Sarah and Kevin gone their seperate ways? If they broke up did Sarah or Kevin initiate it or was it a mutual breakup? Is Sarah and Kevin available now? Does Sarah still wish she was with Kevin because she still has him as an interest on her bio? I Kevin dating Amber MacAurther now? Will Sarah quit G4 to try to get Kevin back up in San Fransisco? Was their relationship fake just like Tom/Katie (publicity stunt)? We want to know, You two made your relationship known on TV and the internet. We deserve to know the status of your relationship. What I really want to know is if I can call you soemtime. Love.


....uhh.....uhh.....that was really freakin' disturbing... i got nothing.......


ahhh the power of cheese...:)

Toe Bee



That was almost as disturbing as seeing Johnny Depp with 'fuzzy arms' in Ed Wood.


I guess they did breakup. On Kevin Rose's site he now keeps in touch with Amber MacAurther from Call for Help 2.0 (Canada). I remember Kevin went up to Canada about a month ago to do a couple of episodes for CFH2, and I guess that is where hw met Amber. It must have been after he broke up with Sarah. Personally I like Sarah a little bit better but I love the way Amber talks and laughs. Amber also has a nice website.


You and Kevin made your relationship so public. We watched you two fawn over each other and put up with it. now we want an answer. All signs point to it. No pictures in their photo blogs, Kevin has removed all links to Sarah off his blog. Kevin is moving to San Francisco and Sarah is staying in L.A. Did you and Kevin break up?

war eagle


U are one sick puppy. that is funny as hell.


ummm I am in utter shock that I am one of less that 50 people cool enough to post a comment on your site. umm thank you so much for being so down to earth that you keep up a site and a blog.... one big rightton to you


News Flash!! - Did Kevin Rose and Sarah Lane really broke up?

They shouldn't made their relationship public in the first place. At least they could tell the fans the truth and end this (Did you and Kevin broke up?) crap.

Who really gives a rats ass anyway?


News Flash!! - Sara Lane dumps Kevin for the DVD Duesday guy.


ow. it's like a horrible car accident. you can't turn away, but it's awful to see.

Bruce Wayne

Wow you are all stupid she is going out with me


I heard that Sarah dumped Kevin because she wanted to start a family but he wanted no part in it. She was mad that he wanted to quit a good paying steady job to go off and do silly low paying pothead internet video shows. She realized that he was, and always will be, a pothead so she dumped his ass.

Common Sense

Alright I have had it with all this talk about Kevin and Sarah breaking up. Who the fuck cares? I mean I might care if I lived in L.A. and thought I had a chance with her. But I don't live in L.A. and I don't have a chace with her and non of you have a chance with her either. So stop posting non-sense about how you want to know what happend. I really could give a rats ass about the personal lives of TV stars. I only vist this blog because she posts some intresting links.

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