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Friday, June 17, 2005

Fun with Textamerica

A friend of mine put together a very amusing Feed/Feed sponsors medley moblog video post, and now I'm sharing it with you. Do I really look this dorky on television every day? Don't answer that.

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» Dance Sarah Dance! from The MegaVortex
Watch one of my favorite G4TV hosts dance to her wonderful segments of "The Feed" aired on Attack of the Show! I ain`t no holla back girl! haha. :p... [Read More]

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Watch one of my favorite G4TV hosts dance to her wonderful segments of "The Feed" aired on Attack of the Show! I ain`t no holla back girl! haha. :p View the video HERE.... [Read More]



Dorky? Don't sell yourself short


Why did you dump Kevin? Pleeeeaaasse tell us....




that was pretty fun to watch.Dorky?no entertainging?yes
but still i hate that song!!!


oh yea and be more like pereira, start a podcast.


Sarah podcast would be great!!!!!!!!!!!


A Sarah podcast is a great idea.


A once a week podcast would be cool.


haha i started something!


haha... nice

come on now the podcasts are k's , oh well go for it



Hee hee hee... That was great. Not dorky, Sarah - cute and funny. I'm always amused by your "background activities" after The Feed.


Hey - the feed is the main reason I watch the show and this is a very endearing part of it. Don't change a thing hot stuff!


I'm sorry Sarah. I'm sorry that this is what your career has become. I gave up on G4 a long time ago, and I used to love what you did on the show. Now you just dance and look slutty? I will say that if you werent there, the show would have tanked a long time ago.


Dorky...NO way!
Sarah you are the only reason I watch G4.


I'll never doubt your ability to dance again!
... and, ummm, YUP! {DUCKING}




Seriously, blog about why you and Kevin broke up. OK, don't . Just admit you broke up. It will feel good to just let it out.


that was dancing? i thought some ants had invaded the studio. joking.


Sarah you rock girl. There is no Attack without the feed.
Will the tumor ball be the next cohost? Tumor ball is way more interesting then that pete guy and even Bredan Falone.


Sarah you rock girl. There is no Attack without you on the feed.


YAY SARAH! No way you look dorky! You're so fun to watch! Her dancing is COOL and SHE DOESN'T LOOK SLUTTY, you jerk.


No way you are perfect I wish I knew you.


wow sarah, thats so awesome stuff rite there. man i wish i could dance that good...ly.


Gold! Pure GOLD!
You had to get in the Kevin P. photo at the end too :)


Heh. That is an awesome vid.


Sarah, do whatever you can at G4 to take "The Feed" and make it a hour show, its the only decent thing on AOTS!

btw...on behalf of Canada, we love you!


Damn, that was funny and hot! More Sarah on AOTS!

larah sane

i love pausing my tivo to stare at your body. email me for some loving.

Roger Benningfield

Sarah: My wife said to tell you that the yellow, layered top completely rocks.

John Sheffield

Girl knows how to have fun. Just about anyone dancing around to entertain themselves suddenly feel dorky when they realize someone is watching.

John Sheffield

If the content G4 allows on the program was more challenging you wouldn't have to entertain yourself.


That was to funny!!


Wow - Sarah - Your looking more slim, like a cat - very hot little figure babe.


Looking slim...must be all that L.A. cocaine.


All I can say is...FEED ME Sarah!
Dark brown corduroys are my favorite.

Ryan Alcott

Haha. You are 1337 Sarah. :)



Hugh Jass

Ass = big. Looks like you're smuggling mexicans across the border.


{ringing silence}

Chris Carruth

No, you look short. Cutre,but short.


I always love watching The Feed, and I always wait for the wacky things you do after it, before the commercials! They make me smile when I'm having a bad day!

I just wish you'd keep your hair long, instead of going back and forth between long and short. You look very young with it short, but it looks really good when it's long. It looks even better slightly curly.

Just thought I'd throw that out there. :) Thanks for listening.

sarah so fine

damn sarah u to fine


hey sara u look hot


Hey guys leave her alone about Kevin...it's none of our business whether they are together or not, it is Sarah's personal life. Just because she is on TV and a celebrity doesn't give us special access into her personal life. Keep up the good work Sarah; you look great - nothing Dorky about it. If you guys want good insight into reasons why (and an overall good blog to read) check out the recent post on Wil Wheaton's blog (http://www.wilwheaton.net/mt/archives/003292.php#003292) regarding him letting out too much personal information...


Okay then no more about Kevin R...what I want to know is why does it seem as though Brendan is the only one that's able to make close pyhsical contact with you on the show lately? Is this only on camera? Is Brendan 'Maintenance Man' Moran on call 24/7? If anyone sees Brendan please show him the proper respect and give him a hi-five.


where on that website does it say how he let out to much personal information...or are you jus trying to plug in a site. anyways, sarah does look dorky, but that doesnt mean its bad, thats wat makes it funny, and makes sarah look kewl. Now wat was bad was the guy that said she looked slutty or watever, no shes not, not even close. but sarah is hott


very entertaining vid.....look forward to seeing more,& u not dorky...u cute....need more BEER!!!!!!!!1


Everyone needs to quit brown nosing so hard. It's normal to see literally 15 or more girls equal or hotter than Sarah at a bar on any given weekend. 100 or more at a mall. You're only pounding your puds over her because she's got a camera pointed at her. Let's keep it real. She's only about a 6 on the scale.

And by the way, who gives a GD about Will wheaton, he's a dweeb. Another person popular only because a cam is pointed at him.




Thats hot.

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