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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Damn Good Website: YubNub

Tired of saving your web favorites locally? YubNub is an Internet command line tool that allows you to assign "commands" (think keyword shortcuts) to any URL you like. For example, type in "/." and YubNub directs you to slashdot.org. "Sarah" catapults you to this very page (I created it myself, naturally). As long as your command isn't already taken, you could dream up whatever cute little interweb nicknames your little heart desires, assign them to your favorite URLs, and they'll be consistent no matter what computer you hop onto. Check out the current command list to see what others are adding, and then add YubNub to your Firefox search bar.

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1st Jerk

First, Jerks.


Man that is very nifty! I've been using myLiNKY.com for ages, but this with commands seems much better!


Gah first jerk beat me to it... figures!


That was one DAMN GOOD WEBSITE! I need a cigarette. Whew.

I'm already using it and I love it. Making some commands too. I wonder how long it will be before the cammand list is overrun - you know sort of like domain name registration.


I just made "twit" link to thisweekintech.com. Cool!!!!

Alan Babilinski

Wow the few first people write weird stuff and i like to think out loud!!!


cornfields are fun, but I'm a bigger fan of the desert. Lots of holes in the desert...

Agent Orange

That idea is going to become very useless very fast (if it's not already) once it gets saturated with obvious commands.

Seriously, gmail? Because you can't type "gmail" into the address bar and hit [control]-[enter]?


I'm starting to lean toward the person who suggested that Sarah just scrap her comments completely. Let the idiots all migrate back to the G4 posting boards.


Why the slashdot mention instead of digg.com?


does it matter ryan?


Because Sarah is mad at Kevin.


Is Sarah dating Kevin P. Now?

The Inquisitor

*sigh* (slaps Michelle on the head). That will be all for now. Next patient please!


it will run out in time, but until then. all hail yubnub!


Wow people must really hate Pereira, he wasn't kidding about his name being used for tubgirl on todays show. They should have an option to notify of bad links where the command doesn't really match the page and if they get enough notification they check it out and if the command is bogus they can free it up again. Other than that yubnub is pretty cool , even though the commands I wanted to put in were already used. Oh well, at least they didn't send me to some freaky porn site.


Jonathan Aquino who runs the site is a JACK ASS!


Did Kevin and Sarah break up?


Jesus, stfu.


*waiting for the lightning strikes*

*still waiting*

hey, I guess that wasn't really jesus, who woulda guessed?

Yay, I got an actress for my upcoming and first movie. Well, actress in the sense that she isn't really an actress and movie in the sense that I guess you could call it that despite the complete lack of budget =P


That's great... now anyone who looks for my dead site with this will be taken to my new site when they search "evo3k", "evo", and "kuno"! ^_^


did kevin quit or was he fired?

The Inquisitor

Neither. G4 released him from his contract. It was a mutually amicable parting.




Sarah never looks happy on-air anymore since she and Kevin broke up. She always looks sad.

Joe Friday

I heard Kevin got fired for having a meth lab in one of the janitor's closets.


I learned that if you rescramble the letters in Britney Spears's name it spells Presbyterians

Micheal Jackson

Did you ever notice Sarah when she is on her webcam? She looks like she is being forced to watch someone kill kittens. Try to smile once in a while.


That's retarded. Why not just set up your own bookmarks with Firefox and assign keywords?

Jeb Bush

I am gay.

a 12 year old pimple faced kid

Sarah, I think you are purdy.


Sarah broke up with Kevin! It's official.

Kevin Rose

Sarah, you broke up with me? When?


Seriously, did Kevin and Sarah break up?


John-Paul, it sound like you are making a porn video.


lol, nope, it's a slasher movie. But I can see how it sounded that way.


Wow, can half the people here really be 'that' retarded? First off, it's wholely rude and incredibly disgusting to ever talk about the relationships of a person, good or bad, on their blog. Secondly, just, what the hell? Seriously. You guys need to take your incredibly intelligent comments back to G4 instead of asking like this is your own personal topic hotline.

And, uh, Sarah? YubNub isn't working for me. "The proxy server recieved an invalid reponse from an upstream server", apparently. You should start editting your comments, though. Seriously. I would wholely find that rude and disgusting.


They shouldn't have made it a public spectacle then. Plus if either of them were really bothered what a bunch of shlubs on the net say on their blogs, they'd give the yay or nay themselves.


A comment from the past that I think is worth repeating. (apologies to Ch...)

“Lemme get this straight - they are on TV; and they have websites and they have moblogs - all of which are voluntary. Their websites carry quasi-personal blog posts frequently. Ditto their moblogs.”

Yes they are on TV. Yes they have websites and moblogs. And yes they are voluntary. But remember, it’s also voluntary for you to go to them. That doesn’t give you a free pass to make any comment you want about them on a personal level. (which apparently, you have, and have had that comment stricken…) Of all of the content on their websites and moblogs, how much of it really IS personal? Blog entries that point us to other websites, and pictures of menus and T-shirts are hardly quasi-personal. A small handful of the hundreds of pictures that are out there of Kevin and Sarah, and a sentence or two about their feelings for each other is not shoving their relationship down your throats. What’s on your camera phone? I’m sure there’s at least a few pics of your significant other, that is, assuming you have one.

“So, is this the celeb-hypocrisy setting in? "See only what we want to show you, don't ask any additional questions about us than what we tell you - BUT be curious and interested about us"?”

How do you like (and respond) to gossip in your workplace? I used to work in a factory-I know it’s there. Whether you are “famous” or not, gossip is all around us, at school, the office, and in the workplace. With the exception of a few, none of us like to be included in the gossip, no matter where it is. And you know what? Usually nobody asks to be included in the gossip, no matter where it is.

“(And its not even them saying this. Its some self-appointed "online bodyguards" that seem to be waxing eloquent about protecting their private space)”

I think each and every one of us, especially in this day and age, can, and SHOULD appreciate privacy. The belief that someone who becomes famous should give up their right to privacy is a myth. If you ask me, Sarah and Kevin are handling themselves with a tremendous amount of class and dignity. By saying nothing.

“There's a very fine line between "nosey" and "actively interested". And I'm sure there's a fine line between those and "stalker", too. However, none of us asked 'em to have moblogs, or even blogs, with any personal content.”

And they didn’t ask you to leave ridiculous messages on those blogs, moblogs, and inboxes. One of the lamest and sorriest things on the planet right now has GOT to be Sarah Lane’s inbox. I can’t even fathom the amount of disgusting, rude, and insensitive comments that she has gotten. Can you imagine the amounts of shi*ty poetry, pathetic movie and song quotes, and unoriginal professions of love from afar? Leave her alone. Besides, who’s even said anything has happened in the first place?!?! I hope for some people’s sakes that neither Kevin nor Sarah ever publish the junk they’ve gotten sent to them in the past few weeks, or years, or whenever. They’re human beings. Not objects of fantasy or lust. Here’s a good rule of thumb: How about treating Sarah like she were your sister?

“In addition, these are people who have jobs on-screen, on technology-related television, i.e. a network broadcast medium that essentially caters to people who are inherently curious about the stuff that powers their lives, at least from a technology perspective. Assuming that this audience won't extend their curiosity to the faces they associate with their daily news fill would be naive. Furthermore, it would equally naive to assume that this audience would NOT apply the tools and techniques that they are familiar with to keep themselves updated with the latest and greatest on the online / on-screen personalities that they've grown to love.”

You have a point, Ed. You really do. But again, it doesn’t give you the right to be a jerk. If something did happen between Kevin and Sarah, they have the right keep it amongst themselves. When it comes to their private and personal lives, they owe you and us NOTHING. NOTHING. They don’t HAVE to shed some light on any subject they don’t choose to. Again, if you really look at the websites, and moblogs, I don’t see that much that is all that private and personal. And on TV, I think they’ve always conducted themselves (as it pertains to their relationship,) with some professionalism. Sure, there might have been a few longing looks at each other, or a touch of flirting, but come on, it’s not like they were ever groping, heavy petting, or making out on TV in front of us.

“If it weren't for speculation and curiosity, the world of entertainment would have a lot, lot, lot less "fanboys". There's only so much interest that "pure awe" and "respect" can generate, and maintain.”

While I would die defending your right to free speech, I respectfully disagree with the points you’ve made. I like to think that we are the keepers of the internet. It’s only going to have the amount of respect, decency, and privacy that we put into it. Nobody’s blog exists for anybody to be a jerk on. No comments section on anyone’s blog is a requirement. You don’t have to post anything there. Websites, blogs, and moblogs aren’t really two-way-dialogue kinds of things. But Ed, I don’t want you to shut up, and I’m not saying you specifically are leaving unrespectful comments. You’re a fan, that’s cool with me. But it’s really hard to make the comments you’ve posted and then say:

“I hope this post doesn't mysteriously vanish like my last one...”

If you’re going to base your argument on your feelings that nobody asked Kevin or Sarah to put blogs, websites and moblogs online, then I’m not sure that it gives you much wiggle room to complain when your comments get removed. It’s a little hypocritical. Because under your theory, if true, that nobody asked them to post things online, then the same applies in reverse. They didn’t ask you…..

Posted by: Ch... | May 19, 2005 12:50 PM


that was a long comment



nyg, stfu


nyg, stfu

Bill Gates

For crying out loud, all people want to know is whether or not the two broke up or not. It's not like we are asking how many times a week they slept together or what her favorite position is. I think that if Sarah made a short and simple post with regards to this matter that people would move on and talk about other things. You all who whining about privacy need to shut up. Sarah can speak for herself if she doesn't want these comments on her blog. Grow up or don't visit the site anymore.

Paris Hilton

Sarh and Kevin broke up? Thats hot!!!!!


nyg, that was probably the most boring comment I have ever read. I got halfway though it and fell asleep reading your nosencical dribble. If you have a point to make, make it short sweet and to the point. Otherwise people will just skip over what you write.


"...like this is your own personal topic hotline."

yeah, I've been meaning to quit doing that. No more I promise.

Well I hate to say it but Bill Gates was making some sense there maybe all this would stop if Sarah would just acknowledge and respond to the simple question of yes or no.

I still think you people are retarded for making such a big deal out of it though and running it into the ground like this.

Larry Flynt

belly down bottom up

The Inquisitor

First of all, Jay Leno, or "Micheal Jackson", or Bill Gates or whoever the heck he is, it is clear that he is just Kevin Pereira posing as famous people. Think about it- why would Bill Gates want to visit a board like this? He's too busy trying to rule the world to ever engage in such speculation.

On the other hand, John-Paul, while I agree that the speculation about Sarah's personal life has gotten out of hand, it is partly her fault too. Its one thing to be public about your personal relationships with co-workers; its quite another to suddenly pull out of sight. You can't just wave a red flag at a bull and expect him not to charge you




I didn't think that was REALLY bill gates. Obviously. But I doubt it's Kevin P. either. I'm giving him at least that much credit.

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