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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Add Google Maps Directions to Your Site

Want to integrate Google Maps into your website/blog quickly and painlessly? Thanks to a tutorial at Malevolent Design, we all can!

Here's the code:

<form action="http://maps.google.com/maps" method="get">
<p><label for="saddr">Your ZIP code</label>
<input type="text" name="saddr" id="saddr" value="" />
<input type="submit" value="Go" />
<input type="hidden" name="daddr" value="[destination]" />
<input type="hidden" name="hl" value="en" /></p>

And here's how you and I could compare our cross country paths to Savannah, Georgia:
(replace "[destination]" with "Savannah, GA")

See you in the Garden of Good and Evil!

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Couldn't get it to work, but sounds cool. I'll see ya in Georgia, maybe, I got family there too.


Ditto on melial's comment. Nothing happens when I input my zip and click the button.


Y'know, digg has a post of google maps "supposedly" showing a picture of a stealth bomber. Interesting feed news :)


Fixed the code, thanks guys.


You can even enter your street address, then zip code, and get a more detailed map and directions.


meet you in georgia in 2 days and 2 hour drive non-stop from fairfield ca.


Cool. I've used mapquest on our company's site but have been looking for an alternative. Thanks to google (and sarah of course) for providing it. :D


Only 9 hours away for me....start chilln' the wine.


I just visited Savannah two months ago. Stayed at the Marshall House. It's really beautiful. You've got to go to Juarez Mexican Restaurant. It's really great. And dirt cheap compared to most places in Savannah.

Matt C

Heh - the wife and I are leaving for GA this Sunday...spending a few days with my sister outside the ATL, then off to Savannah for a few days and then over to Jekyll Island for a few days.

I concur with everyone who hearts Savannah - we visited for a few days last summer and are leaning heavily towards moving there in a year once various commitments we have in our current location are done. I'd love to take my little doggy over to the big park with the Confederate memorials and let him run and run

Anyways, we'll be in Sav. next Wednesday and Thursday, and I can't wait!


Thanks, I just put it on my site. Your only a few hours away from NMB, stop in and have a drink at my Tiki Bar. The view is BEA-U-TI-FUL!

matt (SOME DUDE)


Whats my name?





3 hours and 39 minutes drive for me :P

Christopher Brinser

I saw this on the show so I thought I check it out Im going to post it on my site.


I happen to live in downtown Savannah. You are all welcome to come and have some fun, just don't drive like tourists. And if Sarah is coming to SAV, I would be willing to give her a guided tour. Take care all.

John Forsyth

I got this to work with addresses, not just zip codes. The trick is to type in the street address, city, zip. Type this in place of the destination in the above code. For example: If you business address is: 123 someplace dr. Houston, Texas, 77070. The box for destination should look like this:
[123 someplace dr. Houston, Texas, 77070]

If you type the address you are starting from into the box in the same way, you will get driving directions between the addresses


I wanted so bad to go to the Savannah College of Art and Design till I found out how much the tuition was =( Ouch. Beautiful place though...


Too bad it's not international or you could plan your trip to the Czech Republic using this.
It's a 16 hour drive down 'beautiful' 95 to Savannah for me.


worked great on my site... thanks


Only 21 hours driving :) Works with Canadian Postal Codes Too!


1,451 miles from the gems of the internet segments.


Why oh Why Sarah with all the knowledge you have choose to use a "blog" AKA fake website when u could just build one yourself?


300 miles for me sarah


cbass - listen, carefully, and you'll hear a non-sound that you probabaly hear quite often, during convos after you've made a comment (but I'll be a mensch and tell you what it IS):

[sound of ringing silence].


I was gonna say "what the hell is wrong with some of you people??" but I think you said it better ZenBro.


im 2446 miles away wow thats far i tried to join the lan party im waiting for the email. did u make this website using html or did u use a host site? where can i get a good free fourm for my site?


oh its a blog

Neil Camp

must add code to website!!!



Google Maps doesn't work for me, I have a Mac...


Hey can anyone help me? My box is pure white and my background is white. so you cant see the box. does anyone know how to fix that.


that's where it is it's below a lot of junk hope someone can help me.


Still making the transition from instincts taking me to mapquest... Google is coming out with anything for everything as of now!

John Doe

Wow this is cool, even though I don't make webpages. So I just finished listening to the TWIT podcast episode 7, and Kevin Rose says that he is moving back up to the Bay area. So I guess that answers all the prying questions that are on the previous posts. Good luck.


Kevin R. going back to San Francisco? I just looked on his website and he wants to buy back the old TechTV studios, that is cool. Now I wonder if Sarah will quit G$ and go up there also. That would be cool.


Hey Sarah. Just wanted to say that my family are big fans of yours and the old TSS. I know you get asked this a lot, but everyone is dying to know about you and Kevin. We, like a ton of other people, have been following your relationship since the beginning. The romantic inside is driving me nuts so if you could help a girl out I sure would appreciate it. Oh and by the way, this friday I'll have a margarita while watching AOTS just for you. Thanks.

DNA Cowboy

Cool Hack, Sarah! I'm gonna link it! Gratzi!


On an unrelated note, is Sarah still with Kevin Rose? Do any of us average schmoe's have a chance?


Read Sarah's resume. She is a television personality. Television is her interest. She won't leave G4 to go to back to TechTV or to help out with some internet tech content. She has a job in TV and that's where she wants to be.

Sure, G4 may go under, but she'll go find another job in TV. That's what people work and want to work in television do. A show gets cancelled or something ends and they find another job in television.

me too

Yes, it appears that the 2 have broken up. Kevin no longer to links to Sarah as My Love or anything else for that matter. Sarah has said she loves L.A. I guess loves it more than Kevin.



This is never gonna stop is it?



Sarah's Mom

Say what? My Sarah and Kevin broke up? Sarah call me.

The Inquisitor

Don't believe it, "Mrs. Lane". Just a vicious rumor.


That was crazy... i just kinda skimmed that posting and didnt see the Savannah, GA part, but i saw the "See you in the Garden of Good and Evil" and i was like hmm? so i put in my zip code, and crazy! i live in Savannah... weird.. didnt expect that..

and John-Paul... i just graduated from SCAD... hehe :-) and youre right, expensive.. i have lots of loans to pay off now...


I'm sure its worth it though, looked like an awesome school. Hope you get your interest locked in before July 1st when the rate goes up quite a bit.


Sarah I live right up the road in Hilton Head Is, SC....45 mins from Savannah....used to party over there ALL the time. :)

If you are really coming this way PLEASSSSSSSSE come say hello to us Low-Country people!!!! LOL


What did you graduate in? I am finishing my thesis at SCAD right now. Gotta have it done by Sept. And yeah the payments are going to kill me. Do you have a job prospect? And it's nice to see some AOTS/ TSS fans in SAV.

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