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Friday, May 27, 2005


If you're already a fan of Del.icio.us, you'll get a lot more bang for your bookmarking by familiarizing yourself with a load of add-ons and tools. Absolutely Del.icio.us is a nice, hefty list to keep you occupied over a long holiday weekend...

That is, in between tofurky kielbasas on the BBQ!

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#1 first one


#2 Are you and Kevin Broke up?

John Doe

Ok that topic was beaten to death in the last post. Just listen to the TWIT podcsts and you will find out.
I signed up for Del.icio.us and I only have 3 links on it. I used it to promote digg.com, twit.tv, and kevinrose.com and no I am not a stalker. :)


a simple yes or no would have been good. so are they broken up or not?


Cool, I didn't know they finally made tofu products that can cook on the barbeque. Boiling them in warm water always made them unappetizing!

Neil Camp

You can never go wrong with turkey! Yummy!



You know whats also absolutely delicious? Every recipe here: http://visualrecipes.com/recipe-search/category/Dessert/


Watched about 30 seconds of the show today, been a long time, COPS reruns looked better so I switched. You look too damn skinny! Come on down to Texas and I'll introduce you to some meat!


The tofurkey sausages are teh best thing ever, now if I just had a grill


OMG that was the end of Kevin Rose on AOTS, and guess what, it was him who broke up with Sarah. She was crying at the end of the show and she couldn't read the last part of the show from the teleprompter. Well i wish the best of luck to both of them.


Sarah is the Best!
She Rules the World!


Bill,How do you know that Kevin was the one who broke up with Sarah?


I'm sorry about what happened Sarah, and I hope things get better for you. You're a great woman, there's another man waiting for someone like you out there. *Hugs*



Sarah is the BEST!
Sarah RULES the World!


I apologize for delving into your private life, Sarah. Yeah. That's wrong and inconsiderate of me. *Smacks self on the hand.* But yeah. Bad me.

That Tofurky looks rather appealing, seeing as how I'm on a diet. I might have to give that a shot, it seems to be alot better than these darned chicken salad sandwiches I have once a day.


Hey Sarah,
Hope you have a good memorial day weekend. And hang in there...Things will be okay!! :)


Hi Sarah! I hope you have a great weekend! I absolutely adore you on the show! You just seem so nice and funny all the time. Good luck to you <3

Consuela Effiguando

A very merry hello to everyone!! I am Consuela and I like to congradulate the future Mrs. Sarah Rose! You are very bad and tricky...hehehehe have every body fool and to think you and Kevin do the split. I have watch sarah ever since she do the news and i have to say she is very fine lady and will make great wife. Kevin give good dark tips and will learn from sarah very much. It is important to have sensible and balance life and i believe these two can do even on camera. To live in LA can be distraction to important family life. I suggest sarah and kevin contact their spiritual leader and have nice talk about distraction and how to avoid the LA scene of drudge and not so clean lifestyle. Again many congradulation to both sarah and kevin. Sarah you make many single man very upset but happiness is important and to find quality of life is very key to a long lasting relationship which you shall have. I hope to see more of the both of you on tv and on attack of the show. Please stop by Leo's skype show and say hello to everyone i know they like to hear from you. Hear kevin is nice too but you were big part of TSS and i know for fact a few people who keep asking where is sarah why not sarah on leo show. I know Patrick and leo are very big fans and friends of yours so you should go on at least to say hello. Please accept my best wishes and have fun on your honeymoon.



Matt Hartley

Getting back on topic again...

That is a great link. I will definitely have to bookmark that one. ;o)


Getting back off topic again...

So that laptop you always have while on the couch for AotS...do you auctually use it or is it just a prop? Until Friday's show when you told Kevin P to read the question from the teleprompter I really thought you were using the laptop. One last thing, I dont want to dig into your personal life but please promise your fans you wont become an old cat lady. Thanks


hi sarah,
just wanted to say it was great meeting you at arsonal last night...you were very cool and "real". you could have blown me off when i said hi, but you hung around and and talked for a minute. thanks.

good luck with everything!



Ha, ha! You got dumped by Kevin "l33t" Rose? That's pretty sad, but you are pretty annoying and fugly, so I'm not too surprised. Good luck trying to find another wanna-be-hacker!


With posts like these, it's a wonder she allows comments. Some of you guys need to get lives, seriously.


Oh, for pity's sake, 'hahaha' - that was SO far beyond contemptible....


Is it true Sarah will become Mrs. Sarah Rose soon? Or did they break up? My wires are crossed...


Sarah is the BEST!
With a bag of Doritos under my arm, I joined the Navy twice last week.
Sarah Lane RULES!


"On the headphones: Queens of the Stone Age"

Rock out sarah that kicks ass. Easily one of my favorite bands =)


Tofurky... horrible name. :P


@#$% G4!!! You got to get out Sarah. Join the rest of the old crew on systm. I hate everything the suits at G4 have done with the programming. It is so immature, unintelligent, and non-entertaining. I am lost without Tech TV. The Screen Savers inspired me, who was clueless about computers at the time (about a year and a half ago) but had a passing desire to gain knowledge about computers, to build my own computer. You guys inspired that. Watching Tech TV felt like tuning into a family or group of friends informing me about the latest tech news and whatnot. I even miss Chris O'leary and "Big Red." There was so much chemistry between EVERYONE at Tech TV. With G4, there isn't any. Not Kevin Rose, but the other Kevin--He is such an annoying tool. I'm so sorry you have to work with him. I was watching AOTS, and he was insulting the guests he was interviewing!! Yeeesh. I hadn't watched G4 since the first couple of weeks it moved to L.A. because i went off to college and didn't get satellite. What did I get when I came back home after 8 months? The total destruction of The Screen Savers, and it's now Attack of the Show. That's bull$%^# The G4 Kevin never let Kevin Rose speak, he was always talking over him or over-talking him with his unintelligent ramblings and insultive behavior. I'm glad Rose left, and with his departure, I am officially not watching G4 ever again. Your FEED segment is the only part on G4 that i look forward to. But, sorry, I won't be looking forward to it anymore, because I am no longer going to watch G4. I will not support the most soulless drivel i have ever seen. I can't do it anymore. It is so unbearable and excruciating to watch. It panders to petty adolescents and the lowest common denominator, all to produce an MTVish piece of *&^% product placement "channel," if you can even call it a channel. There is such a hole in my technology-seeking heart now. It’s all really so sad. I feel sometimes like I lost a child (well, not really, but it's close). Thanks for the great programming that you guys did with Tech TV. I miss it so much. Good luck in the future.


Hey Sarah!

Here is the link of pictures I took of you and some of the crew minus Kevin! I disapeared before I could snap a shot with him....Im very disapointed! Nice meeting all of you in Los Angeles!




I meant to say "He dissapeared before I could snap a picture with him" Sorry for the stupid typo!



Hey everyone... Just here to bring you the facts... her bio was updated with Attack of The show, and her blog is still getting posted, and she still has his site linked under her favs on her site, and he is on her interests list in her bio. Dont you think if they broke up, she would have removed them by now?

Also, we need to respect thier privacy. Come on.. I know you want to see the best for both of them, as do it, but we need to let them figure things out. It must be really hard for sarah right now, either way, together or not, they have always worked together, everyday at TTV, and G4... and now, thats just gonna end, their not gonna spend all day, every day together...

It is sad I know, and until Sarah and Kevin figure out what their gonna do with their lives, we should lay back, relax, and enjoy the old TTV stuff that they are gonna bring us. Hopefullly when they are ready to talk about it, they will let us know, on TWIT or something.

God bless you sarah


I agree that they put their relationship in the public eye. But a good example is Nick and Jessica on Newlyweds. They show a lot of themselves, but they have private moments, that they dont want, and dont get shown to the public. I am not trying to be as you say "a knight in shining armor". I am just tryig to say, hey, heres the facts about their blogs hinting about thier personal life, and we just cant sit on the comments all day spreading rumors that might and are probably not true.


oh sarah, you're too cute



It was sad to see your face go red and eyes tear up when you hugged Kevin good bye on his last show.


"we need to respect thier privacy."This is true you all need to get laid bad.and to NotConsuelo:"It always cracks me up when people who live their life in the public eye want their privacy"This is her JOB i dont know if its just me but she dont live her life in the"public eye".sarah lock your doors i dont trust these ppl


NotConseluo has a point and I hate to say it. And I hate this damn subject by now anyway so I'll say it and be done with it.

But maybe, he/she/it is right. I don't see Sarah here asking for anyone to not talk about this stuff, I don't see Sarah here period as usual. For all we know this might amuse the hell out of her. It's about damn retarded enough, the whole thing, to at least find some sort of entertainment in it.

But I still remain with the opinion that you mean people hiding behind your computer screens while you spew out hatred are nothing but a buncha fucking... Ah screw it. You can't make a dog stop chasing cars and you sure can't make the people online grow the fuck up.


*Agreed* ... (but 's' - does - make a comment every Blue Moon, or so, eh?) ... [;>~


You guys aren't gonna get anywhere fighting in here.


what is with vegans and vegetarians going to great lengths to find meat substitues that resemble that which they say they do not want or like. i don't understand.


Is this a [semi] tech site or a soap opera?

Quite being weird internet people. Who cares if two people [who didnt break up] broke up. It's a part of life.

On with the tech...



Larry when you say vegans and vegetarians do you mean lesbians? And yes I am borderline retarded.


Give it a rest people. Let's focus on what really needs to be done, and that is getting good tech programming back on the air. I don't see a link here, but you can go to www.kevinrose.com and donate to Systm using Paypal. Scroll down to the "Paypal: Donate" icon to contribute what you can, even if it's only as little as a $1.00. Please help support a really really good cause. Encourage them to seek sources that would get their online station back onto satellite, which is the only way I can see it (I have dailup, pray for me, and I live in the Midwest). It's going to take a while, but anything is possible. I'm sure you can donate through other sites as well.


What an adventure we have going on here.




Aww... I live literally down the street from Arsenal! Oh well.


Hmmm ... OK ... please correct me if I'm wrong - but - didn't Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft) - (hiss) - *sell* TechTV so that he could have 'disposable millions' on account for investing in becoming a major player in the 'corporate Space Race'?
Spent about $20M to 'win' $10M?
How's THAT going, obtw?
And how IS that, "Vulcan", computer project of his going, these days?
OH, yeah - I have six comps, four of which are currently online & I used to buy/not buy ALL of my s/ware & MOST of my h/ware based on TTV's advice and/or reviews (added to the mix of job-related info as I work for a major telecom firm); told folks about their shows, at work & to family; it was *the* show that convinced me to buy a TiVo; (etc.) ... kinda' sounds like, "ka-ching!", to ME.


WTF people?


Looks like Sarah move her cam so we don't see her crying for her sweet Kevin leaving G4.

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