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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Quit Yer Sniveling

So here's a secret: I refuse to participate in the Mac vs. PC debate. Not that I don't have a few opinions on the subject or anything (I have an opinion about EVERY SUBJECT EVER). I just think it's a boring, played-out conversation. What's to bicker about? Get online, do your business, play with your programs of choice, customize your system, IM, and be happy you're not living under a rock like your parents.

With that said, some guy I don't know named Marcus Vorwaller recently had to switch from a Mac to a PC for a new job. After he realized he would live to tell the tale, he posted his handy collection of tips for OS X users to make the smoothest possible transition over to Windows, should their fates ever be so cruel. Yay for Marcus. I'll be featuring a couple of 'em on today's Attack of the Show!

PS- No, Mom, of course you don't live under a rock. It was just a sweeping generalization.

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1st post


I agree. I was a die-hard Windows person for the longest time - I had to use a Mac occasionally in college and hated it. Now I'm starting to come around. All OSs have their pros and cons; Mac ain't the be-all end-all, and Windows isn't nearly as bad as a lot of tech types would have you believe. Right now I rock a Vaio with WinXP, but if I had the scratch you best believe I'd be getting a Powerbook (as an ancillary, rather than a replacement, computer).


I LOVE Windows...and I work for Microsoft :)


We have to use Macs at the University I attend (I'm a music student...and many superior music programs are available only on Macs) but I personally prefer to use a PC. I think I feel this way mainly because I've used a PC longer. That and the fact that I still can't get over why Mac computers do not have a right click button on their mouse. That drives me nuts.


Note: The AOTS link isnt correct.

Neil Camp

I never really understood the whole my computer is better than yours debate. You just have a preference. That does not mean that yours is better, it just means you like what you have.



there are about 150 reasons I saty away from windows, and two I stay away from Macs:

1) They charge $600 to install a drive you can get for $60 on newegg
2) There isn't a large enough user base, so there arent nearly as many awesome progs for os X

Of course, windows on the other hand, crashes every fifteen seconds, i bsod like you wouldn' belive. It turns on, i open winamp, oops, it tried to use a HARD DRIVE! NOT TODAY! *crash*

But of course if I had OS X I would HAVE to buy a 3rd party mouse that had a scrol wheel and a right click, becuase those are two things I cannot live without.

but thats why I stick to linux.


Sarah, did you break up with kevin rose?


I love how she ignores all the Kevin comments...and all comments, for that matter.

I think the bottom line is that Sarah was hotter when she had long hair. Can I get a witness?...No? Ok, that's cool.


She should ignore all the comments, why listen to all the bull#^&# from the peanut gallery on her PERSONAL life....and she is still hot.


Oh wow... I loathe this subject, because I have to say, I'm torn! I have a Mac and my PCs. I love both machines, because they do different things. They also have different kinds of software, they just run differently. Each has its own pros, cons, and little quirks, good or bad.

I love my Mac, it does what I want it to do, when I want it to do it...

I love my PC to, because I have such a wide option of software, and I can game more with it(Don't worry, im not a 'G4' gamer.)

I'm torn, what do you all use?


[:) ... Thank {fill in your Ultimate Icon of choice} that we live in a Freemarket Economy, huh?

evil bastard

I use a PC with Windows XP and Mandriva 2005 Linux on a dual boot. When I want to play games I boot into windows (For the games I cant get to run under Linux). But for the most part I use Linux to download and burn music, surf the internet, and email/chat etc. I can customize it to look just like a MAC. It's stable and it works for me.


Hey, I'm just glad there IS more than one type of popular computer. At least there is a choice. I've owned Macs and various PCs through the years and I've had problems with both. I think it's great that people love Macs, but no less important than the people who swear by their PCs. Variety sparks creativity and change in all markets and without that we'd all still be punching the keys of the old Macintosh with the black and white screen and the handle built into the top(I think I had a Macintosh Se Superdrive?). So, I'm glad there are people involved in the Mac Vs PC debate, because they are the ones who help to invoke change in both systems, if only in a small way.


Dude, I'm using a microsoft mouse on my dual processor G5 powermac =)
Actually when I switched over on my personal computer in December of last year, I kept the same monitor, speakers, printer and mouse.

But, yeah, it's all about personal preference. I happen to prefer Macs. I used windows machines for years and still do occasionally, I started using Macs as a graphic designer at work about 6 years ago.

That said both are okay, and both have their pros and cons. For me it boils down to this:

1. Final Cut Pro is my personal favorite NLE system and FCP is only on Mac.

2. Not getting any spyware period is really nice.

3. Personally, I like OSX better than any other OS I have used.

And yes I realize Mac isn't a gaming platform but the only computer game I play is World of Warcraft, which works on both platforms, so it's clearly not an issue. I still believe if you have a PC....JUST for video games, you are SERIOUSLY missing the point of a personal computer in the first place.

But it's all just opinion, and nothing i Just listed is make or break from a computing point of view. But people argue about anything, especially on the net. Why people feel the need to diss other people's stuff in an attempt to make themselfs feel better about their own stuff? I don't know, but I think I just answered my own question though.


Sarah, your mom reads all this? Wow, don't you people feel bad now? I know I do. Sorry miss Sarah's mom for my past profanities.


...that said I've been in florida for a week and a half and I...


..and world of warcraft lol.

Thank god I go home tommorow, screw universal studios give me a quite room and a nice computer any day of the week. Dad's laptop just can't even begin to compete.

Bunny Emerald

Got a PC and 2 Macs. Use 'em all for various apps or as the mood strikes. It's isn't that difficult to move back and forth between them. Whatever you prefer to get the job done is what's right for you. Embrace diversity and get out from under that rock. ;-)


I used a Mac OSX for a semester at school. It was the most beautiful I had ever touched. All I did was play Diablo 2 on it, no wonder I failed. :P




I just gotta know...Alden what did you to your windows that it would crash so much? :P I like linux to tho. And I better, cause next year I have to get my linux cert. wish me luck! (I did pass network+ so I'm hopefull)


I don't have much emotion for the windows vs mac OS thing.
Is a hammer better than a wrench? Depends on what you are
doing. But the thing that makes me apoplectic, is when
people talk about Mac or PC. One last time people. A MAC is a PC!

But that aside, have a nice day!


I always thought PC and Mac were two diff things...but then I've never used MAC. That mean I can put Mac on my PC same as Windows or Linux? Dumb question, but never thought about it...lol

Jay Collins

I use both. Some things (email, browsing, unix like stuff) the mac seems better. For gaming, of course I use the wintendo.


Diablo 2 was worth failing a class over =P


Sure it was, but it cost me a job (was only a consulting gig, but still..).
Anyway, I'm with you on this one, Ms Lane. As long as you can get done what you need to get done, or enjoy what you're doing, it makes no difference whether you use a PC or a Mac, drive a car or a motorcycle...


Try this skin, OS X TIGER, Make your windows look like OS X and not be OS X


Mac vs. PC, I remember when it was Amiga vs. PC there can never be a winner, personally I am into PC because I know I can get the software I want for this platform, nothing against Mac at all, I would own both if I could affort it, so you go Sarah! and fighting people get a Nintendo.


So, Did Kevin Rose leave AOTS because of your breakup??


Does Sara wear a wig while doing the show?


I agree on the Mac vs PC thing. It's too bad, though, that when Kevin Rose left AOTS he took the balance with him. :/


Me and my friend had a little Mac-PC debate upon our beginning of our little tech show thingy. Kind of weird you make this update after we had such a thing.


PP&M, I don't think it's a wig; I think she wears extensions every now and then.

Oh yeah, about the topic...everyone whines, moans, and bitches about how terrible the PC is while they go please themselves to the thought of a Mac. If you don't like Microsoft, then don't buy it. Don't go on a huge tirade about the evil Bill Gates...or else he'll send gold robots to your house and destroy you.


LOL, I love the sweeping generalization comment. Sounds just like something I would say to my mom.


First Call for Help, then The Screensavers, then the foolish Chi Lan, and now Kevin Rose. Only ridding the show of Chi Lan was a good decision. The other three were/are absurd, ridiculous and sad. No wonder Kevin Rose wanted to get out and do what he is best at, and for us viewers/readers of his websites. I hope he and Sarah Lane haven't parted ways. Many weeks ago I suggested that Sarah quite the idiotic G4 business but she felt that she couldn't break the contract. It was sad that she and K. Rose were convinced to join the G4 group. Maybe Sarah will "ask to be relieved of (her) contract" like Kevin Rose did. She is much too talented to sit on the couch with silly K. Periera hosting the damned show. We all here hope that Sarah and Kevin Rose remain close, or better, even closer. What a pity all this has evolved from that great show, The Screensavers. Ye Gods!! Good luck Sarah....although we never check out the absurdly titled "Attack of the Show," we will always check out your website, and those of Kevin Rose.... Peace to you both.....


I think we should all go back to the commodore 64 lol.

Elladan, I can't claim any horror stories like that, but I will say that Diablo 2 was the reason I got a new computer at the time... to run it. Ya ya, I know, my whole spiel about not getting a PC for games. Right, but you have to keep in mind this was before I worked on computers and did all the productive stuff. So at the time it was the net and games. Windows is just great for all that. But D2 is freaking sweet. I would complain about the lack of a Diablo 3 but with WOW still holding my addiction pretty strong I can't complain about Blizzard's game design decisions.

But, back to the topic at hand, here's something really retarded. We've worked on Macs at the newspaper I work at for... since I've been there right? Okay, so now one of the publishers who knows NOTHING about much of anything is talking the owner into switching us over to Windows Machines.

Okay, so I won't debate what is better a Windows machine or Mac, like I said it's all about preference. However there are several reasons this is a RETARDED move. For one thing they will have to buy all new computers for all of us, AND software, which... Quark and Photoshop don't come cheap folks. But there is more, they JUST bought an eMac for me to work on because I do all the processor intesive stuff and before that we were on a bunch of g3's with like 128mb's of RAM (rotfl) But now they are thinking of switching? I won't even go into the issue of the inevability of my porn surfing boss getting all kinds of spyware on his machine on a daily basis, or the security reasons, or how it will kill my productivity if I have to run adaware on his machine every other day to clean the damn thing up.

So yes, MOST newspapers use Mac and yes, everyone in the office has spent many many years working on them, and No, I'm not saying we couldn't put our paper out on Window's machines. But from a business point of view scrapping two entire offices worth of Macs to buy all new computers to do THE SAME THING is borderline retarded... screw it, past the border retarded. Specially when everyone there makes about HALF of what most newspapers pay but they claim they can't afford to give us raises. But that's my boss, what you gonna do? You gotta understand, this is the same guy who ran an ad in this weeks paper (in my absence, doing my work) ran the ad, but instead of a caption that went on the ad he actually RAN the ad with the line "I can't find the caption for this ad" in the newspaper and the client is PISSED! Then again it's just as bad no one caught that, or the constant mispellings on the FRONT PAGE!!

Anyway, I rant, sorry for that, I'm just gonna pull my boss (other boss) aside and explain to her why the whole idea of switching now is retarded. I think she understands that I'm about the only one left there that knows anything about computers anyway.


PC...and hey Sarah(or Sarah's mom if you're reading this can you relay this question) can AotS or G4 in general show some diversity? Can you find a qualified minority that can provide a positive image? There has to be someone of color in LA that can talk about operating systems or BitTorrent or gaming intelligently. I just wanted to see something like that to balance out the whip set.

Mr Racist

You could get a black guy to do a segment about hotwiring cars.


or a white guy humping his cousin...or a mexican swimming. I could go all day....but come on no reason to be racist. We should keep that kind of mess out of here :)


Benboxer, there is never again going to be intelligent programming on G4. The CEO has said his goal is to provide the ultimate place for gaming TV. It's over, intelligent tech programming is now dead, for now. One day, hopefully it will return. Sarah, if you can't get out of your contract (if you even want to), I wish you the best of luck in "waiting it out" and then leaving that @#$%hole they call G4. It's unbearable to watch. Good luck. I like PC because I can build one to my liking. I HATE Internet Explorer and especially Service Pack 2. For some reason, it open my images in Internet Explorer instead of ImageFaxViewer, so i cant flip through pictures with a click. so, I uninstalled SP 2. I don't need it's security because i use Zone Alarn and have AVG and all that. And i use Fire Fox. But i do like a lot of Windows programs, even with their problems. For the record, I haven't ever used another op sys. Peace.

Chris Brinser

My PC's {2} all crashed and I swithced to Mac and I have had no problems since.
It is sad that Kevin left/


I love you. Anyways, now thats out of the way, I wish you would go back with the screensavers. Anyways. I own both. PC for games and my mac is for everything else.


dear mrs. sarah's mom

hows it been? uh huh well just checkin out sarah's site and i'd half to say i enjoy it much. anyways........ did sarah break up with kevin? when and why? just wondering
corey rader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As long as I can get on the web and do a few other tasks I don't care what OS is on the box I am using. I use windows because it is waht I started with. I am starting to learn a little unix because of work, so I might put together a linux box at home.

Keyser Soze

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.


I personally have always prefered PC's, simply because that's what I have learned on and it's really what the everything is designed for. When a company designs a useful program, they aren't thinking of the niche Mac market, they are aiming for the real PC market. Case in point, Mac users are still stuck rocking Warcraft. Its not that I hate Macs, I admire their simplicity and user friendlyness, but I just never think I could get used to the Mac lifestyle.

Plus, I like colors other than white. :)

Not a Loser

What a pile of crap in these posts..get a life!


Hold what you like and let others come up. That's simple


You have a good sense of humor by saying "Mom, of course you don't live under a rock. It was just a sweeping generalization." I like this so much! :)


I like how everyone hates Windows because of Spyware, Adware and Virii (which is probably what is causing everything to crash).

The truth of it is that there are no virii for Mac or Linux because no one is going to waste their time writing a virus for 2% of the market share.

Personally, I hold the retards who write virii and spybots and adbots responsible.

Kill the bastards I say.

EQ2 Gold

You are right, this is rhetorical question. One can waffle about it day by day, but everything will stay as it is now. Each widely-distributed OS has its own advantages and disadvantages. each one is the same hell ass.

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