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So here's a secret: I refuse to participate in the Mac vs. PC debate. Not that I don't have a few opinions on the subject or anything (I have an opinion about EVERY SUBJECT EVER). I just think it's a...

May 27, 2005: Yummy
If you're already a fan of Del.icio.us, you'll get a lot more bang for your bookmarking by familiarizing yourself with a load of add-ons and tools. Absolutely Del.icio.us is a nice, hefty list to keep you occupied over a long...

May 18, 2005: Fun with What Ifs
What color eyes would your children have? Make sure you pay careful attention next time you meet the parents. read more | digg story

May 12, 2005: Satellite Road Trip!
Feel like a mini-vacation? Peruse a few global points of interest via satellite imagery from Google Maps. Love it! read more | digg story

May 4, 2005: A Park Formerly Known for Amusement
Aww, I never thought an abandoned rollercoaster could look so sad. Something very haunting about the place, don't you think? Props to the photographer. More pics here. [via]

May 2, 2005: I heart harmonies
This is the cutest thing ever. Go choir!

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