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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

This is what I call...

...a great use of time. Really, people. It's gonna come in handy on trivia night!

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Memorize it quick haha.



Sweet...I just hope that the regular jerks (you know who you are) don't reply by making some stupid comment.



wow. need to remember that one the next time i try to outsmart someone :)


I memorized the first 100 and some digits for Pi Day.

Neil Camp

Now if I could only remember that number to only ten places!



that's pretty cool


I think there is an error somehere in there could you double-check. It's important for my upcoming voyage.


Ha ha. I fell for it. Here's a poem to remember Pi to the 20th decimal place. Count the letters in each word to get the digits:

Sir, I send a rhyme excelling
In sacred truth and ridgid spelling
Numerical sprites elucidate
For me the lexicon's dull weight.


Can anyone find a string of less than 5 numbers that does not exist somewhere in that number?


Either the creator of this site didnt think it would be checked or else Pi has been 'solved'. I say that in the same way that 1/3 can be 'solved' It has a repeating number system in it.

World Tech Guy

This is absolutely hilarious geek humor! How many of you realize that this guy registered only the numbers to the right of the decimal point as his domain name, then created a subdomain of 3? LOL ROFL!


This is easily one of the more impressive things I've seen in the past week, I know I don't have the patience to go past what the calculator will show...

too blonde for this joke

well, call me stupid, but I dont get a joke, and I dont see a pattern... if anyone wants to enlighten me... I will... uh, well, I wont do anything, but I will appreciate it!!

Chris Carruth

Dear God why?


TooBlonde: There's not a pattern. That's the point of Pi. No one has solved it to where it finally stops. It just goes on and on and on.

Uncle Tim

Hi Sarah,

It just goes to show you what happens when people have too much time--and computing power--on their hands!

Looking forward to seeing you on AOTS!

Uncle Tim

Ryan Alcott




too blonde for this joke

Oh, well, I guess I knew that. I suppose from the posts, I thougt there was more to "get".


Bill Callahan

Wow Sarah I love you. This is awsome. I wil memorize the world for you.


rounded to the nearest...

radical ed

am going to print it and put it in my math class


Did the person who wrote the computer program for that have NO life? Even having Pie is better than Pi


Sarah: (giggles) Your hard drive sure was in my Xbox last night! If you know what I mean!

Kevin: (turns to the camera and gives a slow wink) I know how to crack your app! PEER TO PEER NETWORKING.


Haha nice comment.

Get paid to search google!

Franklin McMahon

Very cool..but I almost got dizzy scrolling!

Franklin McMahon
Media Artist Secrets


Cool Website, great content and good and funny(happy) comments.

I just found you're site , along with kevin's leo's , patrick's and even Brett Larson.

Do you know if Roger chang has a site.

you guys are great !!


Are you and Kevin still together? I noticed you are not listed as his Love on his link page anymore but just as Sarah Lane? If you are not together anymore maybe you could chat ;).



Query: Can I blast this meatbag for his futile attempt to achieve droid-like precision, master?


HK47 is signing off....lol



I've just come from checking out your BF's site - *very* interesting, stuff!



haha good link


I remember doing something like that with Mathematica. It didn't take too long either. Just some free time and nothing better to do. ;)

Larry W. Virden

Sara - I didn't know whether you'd seen this news report or not:


Peter Smtih

I I remember had a Spyware program you had to pay for it to use it, but it was a great program. It had a red interface. It took a long time to scan but it found stuff Ad-Aware and Spybot could not find. If any one know of this program Sara recomend please make a post or email me.

Also Kevin on TSS talk about a program to wipe your hole hard drive. It would format it and kill all the data. If any one know of that porgram please let me know. That you

One thing Sara and Kevin are doing a great job, But I still love the old TSS so the best I just wish G4 could see that.

Andrew Bourque

wow someone had to much time on their hands to figure that one out, and who really needs to know pi beyond 3.1416 not me. any way i thought it was a cool idea but i wander how true it is. i mean there is bound to be error there with a million places. any way cool site sarah


This and Nick Ciske's binary convertor rule the internet for me.


Well the value of pi is either conclusive evidence of the hand of God in the creation of the universe. Or maybe it means nothing at all. Is it common for a simple geometric ratio to be irrational or is it evidence of some heavy tweaking during creation to make it 'just so'? Oh yeah, I think I am lost what is this place and how did I get here?


I mean no disrespect to Sarah but I presonally prefered the techtv version of tss....


I mean no disrespect to Sarah but I personally prefered the Techtv version of TSS because it was more geeky....

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