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Apr 21, 2005: Kids Remember the Darndest Things
Do you ever suddenly recall certain things from your childhood that you can't believe you haven't forgotten? Perhaps a particular scent that catapults you back to Christmas, 1983? Or maybe a song comes on the radio and you're suddently making...

Apr 15, 2005: Car-free cities
Man, cars are soooo 20th century! This site shows us how it's done around the world. I can only hope more U.S. metropolitan areas consider car-free layouts. Imagine less pollution, less congestion, less dependence on foreign oil... the benefits are...

Apr 7, 2005: Damn Good Website: ourmedia.org
**UPDATE2** "TheGuy" now boasts the all-time most popular media with the Sarah Lane WebCam Timelapse! **UPDATE** Here's a fun Ourmedia submission I came across. Thanks, "TheGuy"! If you're looking for a safe place to digitally store your personal videos, pictures,...

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