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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Damn Good Website: ourmedia.org

**UPDATE2** "TheGuy" now boasts the all-time most popular media with the Sarah Lane WebCam Timelapse!

**UPDATE** Here's a fun Ourmedia submission I came across. Thanks, "TheGuy"!

If you're looking for a safe place to digitally store your personal videos, pictures, text, and audio clips, consider Ourmedia, a non-profit online library that'll take virtually any file and host it for free, forever. Think of it as an Internet Archive for your and my average joe material... in fact, it's through a partnership with the Internet Archive that Ourmedia has the server space to host all our crap!

Besides free media hosting, Ourmedia's bigger mission is to encourage swapping, sharing, and collaboration of media between its users. Copyrighted material is still a gray area, but as long as you like a community feel, this site has great potential.

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Nice idea - I wonder how long it will take the MPAA/RIAA to try and shut it down, though...


For The Feed:

Did the brothers steal the idea and story of The Matrix from Sophia Stewart? She claims she wrote a short story and responded to an ad placed by the brothers in the mid 80's. It's not in court. No one but cinematical.com is really doing real reporting on this case. Check out the two posts below:




"I wonder how long it will take the MPAA/RIAA to try and shut it down, though..."
I'll give it two weeks...

Dean (Blackened)

Wow, Sarah you are the best. I alwase needed something like that to upload music and other programs. Thank you so much. Have a great day.


'"I wonder how long it will take the MPAA/RIAA to try and shut it down, though..."
I'll give it two weeks...'

You can give it longer than that. The policy is actually that obviously infringing material is removed. Ourmedia is actually stricter than internet archive in this respect. You can see evidence at the newish Neighborhood Watch page:


Oops. My url is http://www.ourmedia.org/user/1925.


Hrm ill have to try this share thing out. Oh for anyone who missed my comment on the last blog entry check out http://www.digital-madness.com i made a neat little program for sarah's webcam thingy =).

Lee Bennett

Hmm, looks like MPAA/RIAA already shut it down.

Or it got slashdotted.

Lee Bennett

Okay, guess that was temporary.

But I hate it. It's not OS X/Safari friendly.


Sarah, I would like to reccommend a damn good website:


It is a new free site like ourmedia or fliker but just for people to share recipes visually. I posted some recipes I made, I hope everyone else will try it out too.


Lee Bennett - have you tried firefox ?

Scott Sekinger

Those sites are awsome.


Jimmy Blanchard

Sounds Useful!





Interesting cause.

Not something I'd care to throw $100 at for a nifty T-shirt.


Nice *Link*....

Thanks Sarah!!!


I can't whistle either!


Thanks Sarah, this is what exactly I needed. I needed a place to post my vid I made the other day, http://ourmedia.org/node/5185 I owe you big time.


I am glad that you changed the name of your show. It is "oh-so-Hollywood" and goes perfectly with your theme...crap!!


*OK* ... I just saw, "Sin City", and - well - let's just say that it took a few minutes for my legs to work correctly as I was walking out!


*OK* ... I just saw, "Sin City", and - well - let's just say that it took a few minutes for my legs to work correctly as I was walking out!


I have never noticed how often she bites her fingers. Quite intruiging....


I'm glad you all enjoyed the webcam video I did. I'm going to continue to make them.




Hope you back feels better soon xo.


Hope your back feels better soon xo.


Sweet geezus Miss Lane - everytime I see a cuddly kitty cat, I think of you now! ><


Hope that makes you smile a bit :)


I just got my blog up and im excited. Used Serendipity. Http://blog.theinkslinger.com
keep up the good work miss lane, oh and those gems of the internet rocked Kevin P's lame ass.


TheGuy took the idea from http://www.iheartsarahlane.com webcam timelapsed media clips.


Never heard of that site. I saw a nice free place to host videos on the show and I did it.


Save Toby

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Is there really a guy holding a rabbit ransom at savetoby.com? It says he rescued the rabbit and is threatening to eat it unless he receives $50 grand in donations through paypal.

Origins: At the beginning of February 2005, we began receiving e-mails from puzzled readers about www.savetoby.com, a site alleging to be run by a fellow intent upon killing and eating his pet rabbit unless his demands for $50,000 were met.

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Barbara "bunny money" Mikkelson



Phew. And he was going to turn that rabbit into lunch.

Alan Babilinski

hey sarah i just wanted to ask if the thing on answers.com is accurate it states "Currently is dating Co-Worker Kevin Rose"
[2 me this was sor of shocking (in a good way)]

Lee Bennett

ablake - okay, maybe it works in Firefox. But don't like Firefox. I like Safari. Yes, I know, that's a personal problem.

But it doesn't matter, so long as people make WMV files (including the one of Sarah's time lapse) that won't play on the Mac version of Windows Media Player when it's absolutely possible to make them so that we can view them.

C'mon people, quit using xvid and try DivX instead.


The timelapse looked awesome. That guy who site on a diagonal behind Sarah looks like he spends a ton of time in front of his computer.


yOU aRE sUCH a BITCH!! i watched you on Tv... And you just seem like you would get on my nerves.. Your boyfriend seems cool tho.. But How the heck can he date you knowing that he has to work with you and go home to you.. and just listen yo you complain about Whatever.. Damn Thats when you smakaho...(j/k) I love yah.. you're so HOOOT!!
p.s. I am not kevin P


its a cool video, i actually watched it frame by frame near the end, we can see kevin, and i think there was also morgan webb, but we can only see half of her face haha


You have a BIG ego. I bet you can be a real bitch at times. Maybe that's why Kevin has not married you yet.


Hey I bet she is a sweetheart. I mean you learn from your Mom and did you see her mom's photo in her Moblog, she looks like a very nice lady.


I don't think she is annoying or bitchy, I think she's soo cute.


Have you ever gone to extremetech.com? I know this is unrelated but it's membership sign up is worse than G4 getting you to login everytime you wish to look at something :P. http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1558,1787751,00.asp
Article by Jason Cross. I am pretty sure they have used this crappy non-usable resolution for "GAMING" tests?

Anyways Someday Please contact them on their articles about Gaming at 640x480. Who in their right mind on a Gaming PC would ever, ever, EVER, EVER, EVER!!!! play at that resolution? How is that useful and can you somehow get them to change? I know you are godlike at information and helping.

Thank you~




Hey just watch AOTS and a guest stated that Rose was fired and it related to a comment he made in FHM about Howard Stern's girlfriend. (Stern put a call in.) Is this grounded in reality. If so I will never listen to Stern ever again. I avoid hypocracy as much as possible and this would reak of it for "Mr. I am always being censored".


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