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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Words Are Very Unnecessary...

I haven't had much to say lately. Sorry!

However, I do have a wealth of exceptional photos to share. Here is one that proves that I 1) love cats, and 2) was not a timid child.


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Cute lil Sarah Lane :)


too cute.

Robert Herrera

awwwwww....such a cute pic..hehe


You are funny, beautiful, intelligent and I beleive you always have something to say. I'm not a stalker, just a fan. You make me laugh on a daily basis, so thankyou.

The Inquisitor

Do you have insurance? LOLOL...


AOTS BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111one bring back tss!!!


Your love for the cats knows no bounds...

Matt C

Between you and Wil Wheaton, there's barely room for anyone else to blog about felines (didn't stop me from trying though)

Megan L

Well apparently my first comment didn't go through.. To sum it up: I have a similar picture of me when I was about four and was at a circus and got to pet a big mountain lion, that looked to be heavily sedated.. and I asked if you noticed that it almost looks like the big cat's chained to your ankle.

And if you like cat's so much, how bout adopting some of my 30+ manxes.. they need homes =^__^=



That cheetah seems doped out of its mind. That's a good thing, because you could have been just a tasty snack.

Terry McGhee

SARAH! ok well this is embarassing. ok maybe not, but i just found your site last night. i know i know, a true fan would have found it long ago. but hey, i uh.. hmm dont really have an excuse. anyway, i must say it is aggrivatingly frustrating for me that g4 took over and pretty much deleted all good content from techtv. but we still have you and Rosey Cheeks (Kevin) to give us the goods. I always look forward to the screen savers and the quirkiness of the show. can i stop kissing ass now? ok good. GIVE US MORE DOWNLOADS! i just got a Toshiba Satellite A75-S211 with an 80GB HD and i need to fill it with goodness as quickly as possible.
on a side note, isnt it a little freaky to have a cam set up so pople can watch your every move. i would feel a litle weird when i start getting mariage proposals from some fifty year old guy in fishnets, chain smoking and slobbering on his keyboard.. but maybe im old fashioned... keep up the good work...

carpe noctem,
Terry (thief of dreams)


I would guess you are about 6 years old in that picture.Very brave indeed.


Cute cat and the Cheetah she ain't bad either. I cannot believe you have nothing to say ... if this happens at the same time my wife stops having anything to say, I predict that the earth will slip out of it's orbit.

OBTW I really like tiny spell.


Nice pic, Sarah. Very cute. You're either very brave, or crazy. Still, the best I have is a picture of me with KITT, the car from Knight Rider. Sadly, this was taken just last week - I've had a hard time letting go of that particular obsession.

Oh, and I appreciate your Depeche Mode reference. Great song. The video wasn't bad, either.


Unicorn shirt and daisy dukes, I'd love to see you in that same outfit nowadays. ;)

P.S. That cheetah must've been well fed beforehand. Not only is he not interested in taking a bite of ya, but if you look closely at his eyes, he looks downright drowsy, like after a huge thanksgiving meal. =) (unless of course the unicorn shirt is protecting ya with it's magical powers)

Bryan Swafford


Great pic! When I was 5 my grandparents took my sister and I to a petting zoo. I almost got pecked to death by an ostrich. Luckly for me they had just bought a video camera (one of the old ones you had to carry the vcr with the camera!) so everyone can laugh at my misfortune over and over again. The heck with tigers and snakes being dangerous, those birds are mean!!!! LOL


Awwww your were and still are cute ans Brave! :o)


why is the screensavers "not currently scheduled" ?


That ceetah looks... Nevermind!
Cute photo though!


And this was the first time that Sarah realised that Cheetas really do prosper. hes well fed and gets all the drugs he can inject, nice life ;)

And Dan. The reason TSS is Not currently schedualed is because it is no longer on the air. The 'The screen savers' Name was retired the Cast and crew are all now working on a show called "Attack of the show" which is a silly name but a very entertaining show.


bummer. I watched the show since day one, its sad to see it go. when is the new show coming?


I will adjust my tivo, so is this season pass worthy for the old school screensavers fan? No offense to Kevin, but
Rose is much much better. good luck.


one more bothersome question, what happended to the cool dvduesday chic? she rocks.


Kevin Rose rocks. The other Kevin is always interupting Mr.Rose and Sarah Lane when they speak. This annoys me to no end! Anyone else no what I mean?


wow thats impressive


hellsyes. I hate when people think that every little thing that comes out of there mouth is a gem and is worthy of interrupting. when he opens his mouth I advance the tivo. Heres the show, Kevin Rose and Sarah, talking about computers. (kind of like the old show)


Wow; I'm assuming they fed the cheetah BEFORE the child pictures (or the last kid that got their picture taken was NOT smiling) ;)


That is awesome


Weeelll, *hey*, Terry McGhee - I think I'm insulted! (lol)


I agree the other Kevin needs to shut up when Kevin Rose is speaking.


Nice pic Sarah...lol
you are brave and I am not saying that because of the cheetah/tiger, whatever it is that is next to you. I'm saying you are brave for posting that picture of you... OMG!!! LOL ROFL!!!!!!!

Terry McGhee

offended? err. sorry. im an outlaw in this modern 'PC' world of easily offensive conversations. I would appologize further, but i have to scratch and yawn...

jason aka Dark Magician 25

Cute picture...and yes you were a fearless child. You couldnt pay me enough now to do that and you did it at such a young age for nothing, well except for your love of cats. The only cats i remember liking as a child were the Thundercats. But anyway, we all understand that you've been busy getting AOTS ready and working everyday is hard work and what time you have off you need to relax or spend with Kevin. Have fun and good show.

Jason aka Dark Magician 25


hey magician didn't you get a chat room question answered? I was in the chat that day... I was G4|moose


Not a Real Blonde Sarah.


Man, some people just have all the fun. Why didn't I get to pet a leopard?....or cheetah. What is that?


great pix!!!!!!what an adorable face!!!sarah

but that cheetah looks irie!!!!!!!


Verry Cute Kid and Extreamly cute BIG cat.


awwwww you were (and still are) a cutie cute cute cute cutie pie awwwwwwwwwwwww ;-)

Ryan Alcott

Very cool. :)


Sarah you never have much to say.
May be if you get in Maxim magazine or FHM magazine like Morgan Webb you will have more to say


you were sooo cute. glad that you shared this memory with us.


Oh wow! I didn't know a celebrity like you would have an actual blog! it's weird, because I see you on TV everyday... I wish I had your job! Is it tough, like, does it feel like "aww, I have to go to work again!"? Ah well, anyway, nice to uh, meet your website. I'll bookmark it! :) _jessica


yummmy snack but what did you know........ you just weren't hungry enough. lucky cat.......

Terry McGhee

ok it is 4:14am and there is someone on the cam in the background with a flashlight in their teeth going through drawers and stuff... wth?

just kidding




Very cute pic...


Just how dopped up was the cat?


Wow, where was that, the zoo ??


Am I the only person in the world who likes Kevin Pereira?

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