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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sarah. Archived.

I begged... I pleaded... I won! From now on, my Damn Good Downloads, Damn Good Websites, and Gems of the Internet links will be archived on a single, easy-to-find page at thescreensavers.com. So if you saw me talking about it on the show, find it in The Sarah Lane Files!

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w00t w00t!!!


thanks Sarah! your tips are one of the main reason I watch the show. Tips, I said tips! haha


nice one sarah. probably the first bit of sense in 12 months :)


We've been wanting this too, Sarah. Or, at least, I know I have.

Convenience. Whowouldathunkit?

Thanks for making it happen.


That's damn good news.


very cool that you'll be archived now. i spent quite awhile one night looking through show notes for a particular website that i recall you talking about, but i still can't find it. :/ maybe it wasn't in one of those three segments, i guess. it was something about the consciousness of the earth..like a schumann resonance kinda thing? maybe i imagined it.


Hey go to this site for gmail invite http://www.ascopetechnology.com/gmail.htm
Great Job Sara!


About. Freaking. Time. :-) This will come very handy!


go sarah thats great.. WH00T


COOOL !!! i am glad to see this. seems to be the best thing on the screensavers site I bet kevin won't get "it came from ebay" put on there ha ha. Did you name the puppy yet?


It's about Frickin' Time!!! Thanks Sarah! You're the best!!!!




.... Sarah, you act like your links/appz are new and exciting. Find some new GOOD stuff and stop reusing old stuff Megan/Morgan showed us 2 years ago please.

(sarah responds- ok, which ones are reused from 2 years ago? i'd love to hear your "theories")

BTW, I think you are a cool person with a great personality and this is not meant as a personal bash. I don't even know if you are the one "finding" this stuff on the internet. It is obvious Kevin Rose doesn't research anything he talks about. And Kevin P..... just please leave the show. You have no place on a tech show.

::Off to go listen to his ipod shuffle with lame earbud speaker and drink some flat rootbeer::


Awesome! Way to go Sarah!


great news, and i don't see an "It Came From E-Bay" Archive anywhere :P


I think the archiving is an idea long past due.

In all fairness, though, it'd be rather difficult to create an ICfE archive, because I believe that after the auctions expire the listings are removed after a set amount of time.


Thank you Sarah! :)

sarah's stalker

i sooooooo wanna smile at sarah


Well done!

Now we just need some "Sarah Rules" and "Velvet Lane" signs.


Thanks for the information about your stuff being archived.


I really think Jimmy needs to take his medication instead of postig randomness on the boards.


That's GREAT! I always had a hard time finding them, but now I shall have no problems. Yay!


middle_man is very buggy and a lot of the stuff it does resets when you have changed the setting. i'd like to point out try using aiMutation. it's pretty good, and free as well. unlike *cough* deadaim.




If you want a chat client other than America Online Instatnt Messanger. Use Trillian I think thier new website is www.ceruleanstudios.com/ Or pick it up at http://www.download.com/Trillian/3000-2150-10047473.html Its a chat unifier, also free AIM, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, and IRC all in one nifty little window saves a lot of wasted RAM, and you can keep up with ALL your freinds not just the ones on the yellow guy.

Joe Wohleb

Hey Sarah!
I've been waiting for something like this for a long time because you know the show notes don't get posted till like an hour after the show so I just usaully check a few days later and it sucks guessing which one had your tips. It would be awesome if you also put your old 'tip of the day' in an archive on there or on this site...I hate going through all the old show notes...it's really confusing.


You shouldn't have to beg.


so glad to hear that


Good job Sarah. Just found your site, and glad to hear ya get the damn good download archived. Its a mess digging through the ScreenSavers page on G4's site. Glad that I can find that with ease.

Kudos to you!


thats awesome! i only ever went to TSS website because of the damn good download/website segment links, and it takes forever to find them through episodes


Sarah You Rock!!!!


Hmmm, I like the Kevin^2 and Sarah lineup, I think you guys do a great job on TSS, and it has become one of my favorite shows.

I enjoyed the make your own rootbeer episode, and I find that alot of your damn good downloads are really that, damn good.

Keep up with your damn good job, Sarah and don't let the man get you down.


Hey just saw TSS for the first time since before g4 came in. Glad to see you moving up into the hosting world. Your delivery has gotten much better, and you look far more comfortable.

Good on yah!


YEAH! i dont have to troll through millions of episode logs...wooties!


I also think it's a great idea. Unfortunately it doesn't have any of the pre-G4 stuff on there. I am desperately trying to find the link to the website providing an itunes visualizer named G-Whiz. I saw it last year on TSS, and loved it. Unfortunately my HD went toasty, and now I can't find it anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Yay. Finally! :) Keep up the good work Sarah. Eventually the site may be as organized the older version!


Now we just need a link at the bottom of your profile page in the



Thanks Sharah, I mean Sarah for sharing all of your great finds and tips on your website. I am going to check out the free ringtone website later today.

If I can make one request can you find a cool website that has free desktop themes, screensavers, and backgrounds? I would really appreciate it because most of the sites that I have found are full of ad-ware.

P.S. Sarah could be called Sharah for all of the sharing that she does.

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