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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Make Google Play Nicer With Others

**UPDATE: Link fixed! Thanks guys!**

Google is still my search engine of choice, especially now with so many new Google services. But that doesn't mean I've sworn off Yahoo and the other competitors... in fact, I'd rather they were all integrated into one giant search engine for more thorough results, with no brand loyalty required!

That's why I love a handy little Firefox user script called Butler. In a nutshell, Butler will enable you to search any search engine using the Google interface by adding competing search engine links to Google search results. You'll also rid your search results of Google ads, and get around image copyright restrictions on Google Print book results, among a few other tricks.

User scripts are really easy to install and manage (much like a Firefox extension). I didn't pay much attention to their capabilites until Butler came along, but I'm starting to see the light! Please comment if you've got a favorite script you'd like to share.

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» Butler from Mike's Information Technology Blog
There is some buzz about a new extension for Google and Firefox. It is Butler. Sounds very interesting. I will have to take a close look at this. You need greasemonkey installed to use this. Via Boing Boing and Sarah... [Read More]


El Scorcho

1st Comment!

Sarah and Kevin...you guys are the best!


profusion.com is another great place to use multiple search engines in one search.. check it out..!

Jake Rosow

I hate all the people that waste space and say 1st Post!!1!11! or 1st Comment!1!!1! god...
But what ever i found this one a while back and it lets you skin del.icio.us


Where is the script?
I clicked the link and it took me to a page that was called Web of Letters.


Ya that link doesnt work for me either.


Ess Blood

That is cool, the link worked for me..


I am also getting the Yahoo's "Web of Letters"


thanks. Downloading it right now....


I thought I just posted this already, but ohwell. Heres the butler link: http://diveintomark.org/projects/butler/

Scott Sekinger

Great download. Thanks. Keep up the great work.



Ryan Alcott

Coolness. Thanks!

Blue Beetle

That's great!


I feel like a total noob here, but I can't figure ot the trick to getting this thing installed...I installed the Greasmonkey extension and went back the butler page and followed the steps laid out there, but I get nothing.

Can some kind soul give me an idea what I might be doing wrong??

screaming abdabs

What was the encripted bt client called? The lame shownotes dont say much


These are the extensions that are a ‘must have’ for me.

* Bookmark Synchronizer
Sync your bookmarks for all your computers

* Web Developer
Various web developer tools.

* Spellbound
Spell check forms before submitting them. You can now spellcheck anything in any form field you type into on any page you’re browsing.

* Flat Bookmark Editing
Edit bookmarks in the bookmark manager, without opening the properties window.

* MiniT (drag+indicator)
Adds tab dragging with drop place indicator.

* IE View
Adds “View page in Internet Explorer” links to the content and link context menu.

* Image Toolbar
Image Toolbar is a clone of one of Internet Explorer’s features and provides quick and easy access to a handful of image functions in a highly customisable way.

Links to all these are over on my blog.

Dropped my cable, I miss TSS.

Bob Twiggs

Hey Sarah,
Great script. I also like the generic recolor script
which forces the background to white, text to black, links to blue or purple. It is a great thing especially for unreadable sites. It is here:


I saw Sarah show off MiniT and Foxytunes on The Screen Savers.

I downloaded Foxytunes and it works awesome, still have to get use to not switching windows.

I will give Butler a try since I use a search engine like 24/7.


18th post!!!1!!

So anyway, thanks for the link Sarah - this is kinda nice.


I like forecast fox. It is great you just look in the corner of your browser, and you see you current weather. All weather information is downloaded from The Weather Channel.

Dark Source

Awesome--thanks Sarah!


I know this is your blog Sarah, but where the heck is Kevin Rose? He hasn't posted in days.


nice tits, but you really should use less padding

my IP is


Hi Sarah what happened to that other women on the screen savers.




Happy St. Patrick's Day, Sarah and Kevin!


Almost forgot, "SessionSaver" is pretty awesome and works well!

What it does is when you close your browser, all your tabs are saved and when you open Firefox back up, it loads all the tabs back to their respectful places. Hence, SessionSaver.

Pretty neat.

My only beef with it is that sometimes I don't want my session to be saved if I have something...personal. Haha


I'm not happy with TechTv anymore after merging with G4 :-(.

I like video games, yes... but some of the shows are just - we'll, useless! Haha, like that "Cheat!" show (also annoying.) My most favorite part of TSS is seeing Sara's download of the day. She has introduced me to many cool programs that I would have never found on my own. I'm not an obsessed fan like most of you people on here (I say that to NOT scare you, hehe) because I know how some of you people on here are haha -- but I really enjoy your part of the show Sara! Thanks!

Also, I like watching Kevin too.. I miss Patrick. Kev and Pat were a good team if you ask me.


anonymouse hater

it's kind of ironic how the tv show, the screensavers, changed from something useful and helpful, to something stupid and unnecessary just like the actual screensaver.


Don't be talking about the Knicks. And get along with Kevin. And Kevin P has you on his links but you don't have him on yours. He seems as though he's actually trying to be nice and you're acting like a 5 year old. My 5 year old cousin slaps people too.



off topic, but I remember Morgan's cam had text on the bottom with transparency-i wonder how she did it. maybe Sarah can pull it off too.

The Inquisitor

Sarah, I'm afraid I'm going to have to join in with the peanut gallery, and say that G4 isn't quite the same as it used to be. I know you don't like hearing us talk like this, but right now, The Screen Savers is not watchable anymore. Its like watching a train car hurdle downhill, merciless out of control. I tried to watch for a while, but my hatred of Kevin Periera did me in the end. I know you don't like being stuck with that knob, but in the end, he's not who made the decision. I hope that, at some point, this will end peacefully, and G4 will allow you and Kevin to part amicably, hopefully by buying out your contracts.

Until then, I'm not holding my breath.


it's "THE ATTACK OF THE SHOW"???? what?? that doesn't even sound like it was planned. i think they just sat down today and said that will be the name. no one could think of any thing else?? omg......... they will wait until the contracts are up orrrrr they will make it so bad that.................u know.


Check this out! http://www.customizegoogle.com


Ah it's so sad the Screen Savers is no more.

Actually, I haven't seen in the last couple weeks and I watched tonight almost as if fate MADE me watch the last TSS.

The thank you to the old hosts was very classy. I'm glad I didn't miss that episode. I plan on watching again when Attack of the Show starts though, I haven't had any complaints the last times I did watch.

:o) Sarah have a great break, guess you and kev get spring break too even not being in school. I'll be intersted to see what they pop out for the new show as long as its not male celebrity nudity like the commercial jokes about.

I'm going to THE APPLE STORE in Orlando in a week and a half! I could explode from happiness because I've never been. I think I'm getting another gig for my G5 and POSSIBLY a Nvidia 6800 Ultra as well. But I'm undecided because the only game to push it on Mac is Doom 3 but that comes out on Xbox as well. So, I don't really need it to push World of Warcraft but I suppose it would help with video render times and motion graphics.

Anyway, I'm excited. I can imagine how nice it must be to just take a short trip and go anytime you wanted. Also on the to do list is Epcot.


BTW are we STILL bitching about the network change?

Look, here is a life lessson, things end. If you don't know that by now I have to question what kind of life you have led.

The Screen Savers is over, the Screen Savers will never be again but a select few of us have the happiness of knowing we actually watched it all those years. That's the pay off, that's the memory.


*DAMNFINO* ... [:(((


Don't know if you actually read these, Sarah, but best wishes on the last day of The Screen Savers, sad as it is. Enjoy the off-week and make the best of the 'Attack' to come.


B sure to try out www.mysearch.com. u can get results from Google, ask jeeves, and Look smart (no idea what dat is either :P) I soooo wish that TSS wasn't being killed ;( Its one of the only shows I've ever been able 2 watch on techtv ( bsides Xplay, which was killed ages ago!)


hey i think that kevin p is having a field day w/ the aots name lmao does he come up w/ this or is he reading of a teleprompter??? btw is this dead or what post scripts plz


I cannot beleive my eyes they upskirted you on attack of the show, although your face was not shown we knew it was you.
I know that many guys out there were happy about this I was not one of them I had more respect for you than that.


you looked fat in that upskirt!!!


Wow, you people truly need to get a life cause your dearly beloved screensavers is not coming back. SO just swalow your disappointment and get on with your damn life. If you don't like it anymore don't watch stop getting all but hurt about it.


Hi from "Down Under". I was well pleased when I found TSS and CFH on Tech TV. I was well peed off when we lost Tech TV. I was well pleased when we got TTS and CFH back on the "How to" Channel. Now I'd be heaps happier if TSS stayed as it was with Leo, Kevin, Patrick and Sarah as main presenters. Who's this Kevin Periera creep? He's so full of himself and he thinks he's so clever but he's really an insignificant creep - get rid of him !! I don't like the way the show has gone now - too childish in it's new format. I can't see it lasting quite honestly as it certainly doesn't have the same "not to be missed" feel about it that it used to have :(


Me personally I think G4 SUCKS A55!!! I miss all the original shows like call for help and TSS and others. G4 destroyed TechTV, now I almost never ever go to that channel. G4 you just had to fu** it up for everybody didn't you!!! FU**ING BASTARDS


so AOTS isn't all that great, well i'll say it isn't even that good. i used to watch TSS all the time, once it changed over to AOTS i cut my viewing back by about 70%. I effing hate when they have crappy musicians on there, if i wanted to hear bad music i would sing to myself...

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