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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of...

**UPDATE: Profile has been removed.**

One of the least fun things about being "in the public eye" is that for some reason, people like to pretend to be you.

Newest case in point: phony Sarah Lane MySpace profile

Now to me, this is an obvious fake. My hometown is not Los Angeles (shudder), and I am certainly not 5'5", even in the tallest heels. But enough folks have been fooled to warrant a clarification here. Sorry guys. I'm bummed if any of you were led astray.

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bummer. i like orange though, so props to the guy for making it orange


Haha, thats funny.

Have you named the dog?

I like the name "WYSIWYG"


ah! Damn that is horrible! I really thought that was you.

Make one for yourself...its way fun.


Hey Sarah is cool becuase she said she had Bob Marley posters on her wall, which means she has an open mind, and that she believes in peace.


Idenity Theft Sucks. Nice puppy.


Damn dirty apes...

Patrick Weber

Are you really 28 though Sarah? How old is sarah? And how tall is she?

So what is true? I think someone should update their profile Sarah :D.

I hate when people try to pose as someone they arent.


:O!! Myspace is nothing compared to hi5.com :P

Hyper Smiley

That color scheme makes me wanna puke SunnyD just for comparison. :p Interesting though... There'll always be posers, and those that blindly follow. Never underestimate your powers of female persuasion. Bring back the matriarchy! :) When all's said and done, just remember you're the "one". ;)

BTW Joe Smiley isn't me. Just an excellent invocation of sorts. :) So in a way I know how you feel. Geez! I'm 33 and like to think I'm more mature, and experienced! Young'n doesn't know how much energy is wasted on youth and how to take advantage of it yet! Doesn't even look like me even after cutting my long hair recently and changing my attire to create the illusion of conformity to fool the masses! And Pennsylvania! Like I would ever live there! Who's this guy trying to fool!? pant... pant... I like him already. :) Maybe he could become my second in command. :D So much to do, so little time. Who needs clones when loyalty is a common virtue? Time for a vacation. LOL Maybe the Bahama islands...

Your loyal servant,
Hyper "My nose isn't brown, it's yella' " Smiley :D
P.S. Smiley's don't have noses. ;)


There's also a fake MySpace profile for Morgan. I think there's one for Adam too. Probably the same guy made all of them.

Ryan Alcott

Haha... some people are lame. I wish I was cool enough for someone to make a fake myspace profile of me! lol


Sarah, do you want these punks taken care of? I used to live in Jersey, I still know some people there who wouldn't mind "paying them a little visit"... :-)


Maybe there's just another blonde girl named Sarah Lane who lives in California. It could happen. I admit it does seem suspicious though.


Join the club ;) I've even been impersonated by some French guy who cloned my old site under a new domain name and said he was me. IRC clones, blog clones, IM clones, you name it. I've always just said the same exact phrase as your title ...

On another note, as I surfed for 2 seconds, the link you posted and what it led to, I came to this:

Check out the jack osbourne doppelganger with the hand-signs. Ok, I'm back. Just had to vomit for a second there. Kids these days, hand signs are so 1991 (*cough* and BLACK *cough*). ;)


"Are you really 28 though Sarah? How old is sarah? And how tall is she?"

She's 28, 29 if my info is a little old *wink*, but she still looks good despite her age. =D *ducks*

And 5'1" bare foot. =)

*sounds stalkerish*


Yes, it's been there I few months.

Josh Man


The link isnt working, looks like it was deleted, whoohoo! Looks like saying here does the job.

Sucks though, o well.


yeah she probaly got afraid we might like hack her or spam or someth in

cranky staples

oh how the internet amuses and makes one hate life. oh yes and you all should check this out...it made me smile http://mindmush.net/geow1.html


*YUP* .. 'tis vanished, now:

Invalid Friend ID.
This user has either cancelled their membership, or their acccount has been deleted.


thats so lame.. U must get this alot


So we DONT have a date for next Friday night Sarah?!

Damn you Imposter!!!

Well at least ive got my shipment of Nigerian gold to cheer me up. It should be getting here any day now...jealous much?


NorCal 4ever!!! ...have a rad summer...don't ever change... K.I.T!!!
Ummm, SEBASTAPOL???? Now THAT makes me shudder....
Grow up Sarah...

**(Sarah responds- What does being glad LA isn't my hometown have to do with being immature? You also spelled Sebastopol wrong. )


Hehe everyone wants to be you!

http://www.thenakedgeek.com --> new tech related site

Patrick Weber

""Are you really 28 though Sarah? How old is sarah? And how tall is she?"

She's 28, 29 if my info is a little old *wink*, but she still looks good despite her age. =D *ducks*

And 5'1" bare foot. =)

*sounds stalkerish*"

Naww. Not at all, just something ive been curious about. Considering her birthday is what one day after mine.


some ppl are just losers. I dont understand why they would pose as someone if in the end they will get caught.

Some Poster

Short chicks are hawt


any girl shorter than you is hot because they gotta tip-toe to kiss. aww... haha.


How do people know her exact height?


hi sarah....
i was just wondering..where did u learn so much about computers...wut books??...from sites???..

have fun at work..reply if u can.... thanks..



Hey Sarah,
Normally I really like your sytle. Tonight on screensavers however you really let me down. That joke you made about Tupac was really offensive to me and my friends who were watching. A man's murder is not something that should be treated so lightly. He, unlike many of his "gangsta" contemporaries, was a poet. He was rough around the edges but he had a profound importance to the community he represented. If you wrote it then you shouldn't have, and if you were just reading it then I am shocked by the lack of character you showed to read something so inappropriate. Your much better then that Sarah. I am sure it was just a gaffe so I wish you no ill will but I hope you remember that you have fans from many different backgrounds.
alex cueva


Yeah, funny how that works. I'm a member of this online art community (deviantart.com, pretty sure you've featured it on TSS at least once), occasionally some goober goes on there and lifts some art from another artist, or more than one. After not long there are dozens of the original artist's fans ranting on the thief's user page, the jig is up, and they remove all the stolen stuff.

vakthoth.deviantart.com ... *cough*
Got quite a few cat pictures if you're interested, Sarah.


The Tupac joke was hilarious. If you weren't such a beautiful girl, I'd say you're packing a sizable pair :)


Sucks hey, one of my friends had her identity stolen for a while she went to update her licence and when they compared the photo she had to the one they had they were different, freaky huh... anyway things are good now, and she didn't have to change her name


Sarah you should get them to update your profile picture on the screen savers site. You don't even look like that anymore!


How do people know Sarah's exact height and age?!?!?

White Rabbit


You know that story you just ran about the kid writing a "zombie story" and getting arrested as a terrorist? It's NOT TRUE! There was NO short story. There was NO school assignment. And there was NO zombies! The kid had notes and a plan about an armed takeover of the school, and papers about recruiting students to help him do it. His grandparents were the ones that found the papers and turned him in. Here's the links. Read all three and you'll see for yourself.



do any of these people kno U, like really kno U??cuz they sure type to U like they do..whats up with that?? I'm just wonderin..is that how it is for celebrities err what?!?! Anyways I think that is cool that ure from CA..I am too..I just recently moved to Reno, NV..Hit me up with a e-mail if ure not busy..that would be great..BYE!


During the ebay auctions segment when you were discussing the rhino animal cracker penis you said "That was something you can get behind."
You really put yourself out there on that one.

Jason aka Dark Magician 25


First off I would like to address those of you who seem to be throwing off on poor Sarah. First you must realize that though Sarah is one of the on-air personalities and does some of the behind the scenes stuff she does not keep personaly involved with every last aspect of the show. There is so much more to consider when she makes a statement that alot of you seem to not to .

It could be that the researchers of the segment didnt find all the facts but found what they needed to make what they believe to be a good solid story. Sometimes facts get ommitted or not found until after the story is reported. So its not fair to blame her for something that she might not have even had a hand in.

Also Sarha's jokes are based off her opinions not stated facts. You can change an opinion if you put the work to calmy point out facts. There is no point in shaming someone into something for they will only say what you want to hear to make you go away. Ok thats my rant for this. Everyone have a nice day.


I just wanted to say that this is my first visit to your blog. I'm quite the fan (although I do miss Leo and Patrick) so now I have yet another favorite place to bookmark.

I'm glad that you're allowing comments and I hope to visit often.


sarah just saw this site i have to say you make a pretty good blog im new to this a little and would like you to check out mine. hope you have a great day and good bless http://www.xanga.com/item.aspx?user=bluebull333&tab=weblogs&uid=201959665


It's amazing the stuff you find on the X-Play boards:



good picture of sarah today on what sarah wore...


INDEED ... G4's pre-occupation with post-pubescent males *does* have an 'upside', eh?



Mr Pump

Love your Shoes


Hey! This isn't the mushroom patch! Damn gnomes and their damned fake internet addresses!

The price of fame is too much for me. Stay ever vigilante and uh don't forget to "get up stand up".

Now, does anyone know where the mushroom patch is?


a part on the screen savers...now there's a job id love to have :(


Here is another one. Is this one the real deal? If not you should make one that is real.


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