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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Celluloid Lane: Sin City

My, my. Where do I begin?

I've had unreasonably high hopes for "Sin City" ever since I watched that fabulous trailer. But it's not like graphic novels-turned-movies have impeccable track records on the big screen, so imagine my concern going into this.

For lack of a more eloquent explanation, "Sin City" freaking rules.

Remember the first time you saw "Pulp Fiction"? You were unnerved and at times downright repelled, but you admitted that it was the freshest, most original thing to be put into a theater since... ever, and you couldn't wait to talk about how amazing it was with everyone you knew? "Sin City" is kind of like that.


So I'm having a hard time explaining this movie, because it's exactly like reading a Frank Miller graphic novel panel by panel, except that the images move. So let's do Q&A instead.

1. Is "Sin City" a family movie?
- Heavens no. It's incredibly graphic and gruesome. I know YOU'RE into that, but don't bring the kids.

2. What's the plot all about?
- It's complicated. But if you're familiar with Frank Miller, "Sin City" the movie primarily reinacts 3 of his original stories: "The Hard Goodbye", "The Big Fat Kill", and "That Yellow Bastard".

3. Can I expect a love story?
- Yes.

4. Can I expect nudity?
- Yes.

5. Can I expect to laugh?
- Yes, although you might feel inappropriate when you do.

6. Does the all-star cast detract from the story at all?
- Refreshingly, no. No one character is the main star, it's more like a bunch of supporting roles. Great supporting roles. These actors are stoked.

7. I hear Robert Rodriguez directed "Sin City". What's his deal?
- Robert Rodriguez is a well-respected force in Hollywood (El Mariachi, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Spy Kids), but Frank Miller co-directed the project from start to finish. The collaboration kept the story eerily true to the comic. Quentin Tarantino guest directed as well.

8. Are we talking CG animation or live action?
- Almost all the live action was done with green screens and props, then the magic was painted in later. It's amazing.

9. But I'm not into comic books.
- I'm not either. It doesn't matter. This is cinematic history.

10. I was pleased to see lots of hot chicks in the trailer. Can I expect more of that?
- You sure can, my friend! But they'll also chop your head off. Literally.

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I must see it now.


I have been itching to see Sin City since I first saw the trailer. Now the more I see the trailers, the more excited i get about seeing the actual film. And on a side note, Pulp Fiction is by far the best written and filmed movie I have ever seen. It has surpassed the "Rocky" infatuation, in my mind at least.


Err... i just wish jessica alba didn't annoy the sh!t out of me. Still gonna watch it. Comparing it to PulpFiction is a bold move. bold.


Ok, I just watched the info-trailer thing @ yahoo... and this looks dope. I take back my other comment. Jessica Alba still bugs me, but this is definitely the movie of the year.

Chris M

Your right, the trailer kicks major bootay, and if it gives you that same kind of feeling of excitement like Pulp Fiction did, well i think i'm gonna have to see it now.


Your so lucky sarah I want so see Sin City bad. I'm glad you liked it, probably bet I'll like it since you seem to have a good taste in movies..... Pulp Fiction kicks ass.


send me the screener DVD :)


This does look like a very good movie. I LOVE Pulp Fiction, I think it is one of the best movies out there to date, so taking that into consideration with what you said about this movie, I am looking forward to seeing it asap.


Oh and did I mention that Jessica Alba is gorgeous! And that I would see just about any movie that has her in it (even one as terrible as Honey) and especially one where she plays a stripper. :)


Ditto on Alba!


/me cannot wait for Sin City!


ok, this has nothing to do with sin city...
u need to get kevin r. and pat and leo and yoshi etc. and start a new show on a different network. I respect that they are trying to get better ratings by making the shows more "mainstream" by making their shows more appealing to a younger audience, but they ruined what used to be pretty much the only channel I watched. The only shows I watch now are TSS(due to you and kevin r.) and the occasional rerun of X-Play. Who really wants to watch a half hour of techno music and game footage? oh well...thats what I have to say about that.


Blue Beetle

I can't wait to see it! The trailer looks really good.


I can not wait to see this movie. I have been watching and re-watching the trailer for weeks now just waiting, thankfully I work in a movie theatre so I may be able to see it a few days early!!!!!


I can't fuckin wait. Holy shit.


David R

I thought as much. I love the look of this movie when I saw the trailer about 2 months ago. Immediately I thought "directed by Tarentino" because of the cinematography, the tough guy archetypes you would see in his other films and three stories are being told in one sitting. It's directed by his friend Rob Rodriguez. So close enough. So far my fav character is Marv, and his is the main story in the movie. I'm very much looking forward to this flick.




That trailer sold me. It was like a movie-cartoon movie. Besides the actual look of the trailer being ass-kicking awesome, the action clips looked cool too.

I think it will rock, but for some reason I don't think it will do well. Most of the country doesn't seem likely to grasp the actual look of a comic book. They'd rather see a full live action version, like Spiderman 2.

Johnny Do

I'm glad to hear!! I am turned off by the "too many stars" factor but I used to be a comic book (graphic novel to those who shun the term) fan and Frank Miller was and still is one of the best writers out there. (the new batman film i think is based on his batman year 1 series) Anyway I'm torn. But I can't wait to watch anyway and am glad so far that you like it!


Hey Sarah, I don't know if you read these comments or not but, I got an off topic question for you, do you play World of Warcraft at all, I know Kevin has said he does, I was just wondering, oh and if you do could you tells us the server at least.


Your show (my former favorite show, before the network switch) gets cancelled and you don't say jack about it? Come on! Give up the goods.


Sarah reads the comments for sure: look at the cam. Woot!


Sarah reads the comments for sure: look at the cam. Woot!


tss wasnt cancelled the changed the name to "attack of the show"?...


I can't wait to see this movie!


Wanna know whats better then the Sin City movie? The comics. You should all pick 'em up.


oh man i cant wait to check it out , its all about the bruce willis.



Hey Sarah...glad to have finally got back online. Miss you all on Tech Tv! Talk about being outa da loop!!! Always liked your tips and tweaks. Was wondering if you had anything more on Windows XP tweaks. Also, is there a decent way to reboot my hard-drive? Have an E-machine running 2.8, 160 gig hard drive and only 512Ram..for the moment..lol..anyway, just think i gots a bug i can't seem to find. Just now getting into Visual Basic and look forward to head-banging in de-bug...NOT!!
Anyway, looking for any advice, hints and so on to help me get through re-familiarizing myself with programming and finding out what Windows did to hide all their shit..
Bet you look good as ever!! :)


Rock. I'm not much of a comic nerd but if it's the same Frank Miller that wrote the 4-issue Elektra comics I read as young Stardogg, I'm already there. ;)

ryan gillen

200 dollar ipod photo 60 gigs on ebay right now a wholesaler is selling over 20000 of them jusdt thought i would let some of you know.

the fuse

Were talking about Jessica Alba and hes selling iPods...ha


So this movie has the green screen feel of Sky Captain & the World of Tommorow? I saw the trailer last weekend when I went to see Willis' other flick The Hostage. That was an intense movie, I expect Sin City to be even more intense. I can't wait.

BTW, Attack of the Show sucks, Sarah. If I knew a year ago what I knew now, I would've recorded every SF-TSS show on DVD. At least Leo's Canuck-ified CFH is truer to its roots than LA-TSS was. Find a loophole in your contract and bail with Kevin R.! Save some dignity. I cancelled my Dish 180 package last December after Alex was canned - I didn't think that there was any purpose to the show anymore. Attack of the Show proves my point.

Who would've thought that more TV viewers would recognize Alex Albrecht more than you and Kevin? His Dell ads are getting national rotation now. In his 30 second Dell spots, he gets to reveal more tech than G4 allows you in an hour!

Save your dignity Sarah...and Kevin Rose's if you have a chance...


Damn! Brutal.


Can't wait to see this. Have not read Sin City graphic novel, but really loved Frank Miller's Batman stories.

In general the graphic novel to movie isn't too successful. I enjoyed From Hell and Road to Perdition, which were both based on graphic novels.


I wonder if sarah has read the Graphic novels.


this looks impressive. if you wanna check out Kabuki by David Mack-the comic book about a japanese assasin woman.


i still cant believe how amazing this movie looks.


Since when did a movie review turn into an FAQ??? I don't think reviews should be conducted by technophiles...when the lines get blurred nobody wins.


I might see it.


Good news for AUSTRALIAN FANS of Sarah and/or TSS! I found out today that TSS is back on Foxtel on the How To Channel from 4th April!!! This is just in case you didnt know. I hope the 'new show' isn't as bad now as everyone is making it out to be. I'll watch it as long as Sarah is the host ;-)


*DITTO* ... 'tho The Suits, at 'G4', are hereby - warned - not to get *too* much of a 'warm-n-fuzzy' feeling ... [:<

Scott Sekinger

Sin City is going to rock.



Parts of the 'Sin City' books were moving and beautiful -- Marv's story especially -- but I don't expect directors like Rodriguez and Tarantino to be capable of pathos. That will disappoint me a little. Trailers are gorgeous -- I'll be watching this movie more than once I can tell. Thanks for the review!


Wow I can't wait for the movie!


The Director's Guild pitched a bitch when Robert Rodriguez said that Miller was going to co-direct... so Rodriguez just quit the union. That meant alot to Miller and demonstrated Rodriguez's dedication to the project.


My boyfriend loved this movie. It was a bit graphic for me though


Hope it lives up to the comic


Sarah Lane looked soooo hot today on AOTS! That little yellow shirt/tanktop deal was smoking. I'm excited to see Sin City, but if Sarah keeps wearing stuff like that I might just download in my pants. Woman O' Woman won't you marry me now!


Update your blog already, and with something somebody cares about to read


Hey?????? Is it me or is Sarah's chest bigger????
Just wondering???

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