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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Ah yes, where was I...

You were all so sweet to email me with your concerns, after I didn't live-blog the Acadamy Awards on Sunday night. Well, a few of you anyway. I love that you expected me to! Here's my Oscar reality: I was on the couch, fully horizontal, eating cheese and crackers for 3 hours. Do you ever just have one of those weekends where you don't have much to contribute? Me too.

On the software front, if you missed today's show, I shared my recently discovered free Windows tool, ExplorerXP. It adds Firefox-like tabs functionality and folder grouping to what you previously thought was the only way to "explore" your computer. Good times!

Oh, and you all remember my buddy Foo Foo (Dan Huard), right? Well, he's doing great, and just launched his new site, scopetech.net. Go say hi and if anybody gives you any trouble, tell them Lane sent you.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think my couch is calling again. If only I had some nuts and chews to take the edge off...

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the Inquisitor

Sarah, I'm surprised to see that you mentioned Dan's site. I thought it was Kevin who usually made the tech announcements!:). Anyway, glad to see that you're back- we can all use a little time off now and again.


Whew, I wondered about fate of the Screensavers after G4 dropped TechTV from its name, but not much changed. I am relieved. Still, there should be more technology stuff in there. Thankfully, I live in Canada and watch Call for Help with Leo.


"...eating cheese and crackers for 3 hours."

Wow I didn't know there was someone else out there my size who could eat cheese and crackers for that long. I'm impressed.

On the tech side of things - have you ever done a TSS bit on WinPlosion and other applications like Mac Expose, but for XP? I sure like how that works on a Mac - its much cooler looking than a taskbar. (of course, everything on a Mac looks cooler than Windows)



I'm glad to hear that Dan's not 'lost at sea' ... [:)
Even saw Yosh, as he did a 'show & tell', of his - $3K? - race car rig, on X-Play a bit ago.
Still wishing that *some* well-heeled Major Geek would talk to their accountant(s) to find a way to spend that Must Spend Or Pay Taxes funds to start a 100% Real Tech Show, 'tho!
OK, OK, OK - I'm awake, now ... [;>


Message has been recieved and understood, expect 5lb of see's on or around 3/4

Hyper Smiley

"Do you ever just have one of those weekends where you don't have much to contribute?" Never! You asked. ;) Anyway, I'm glad you're taking quality time. It's perfectly healthy. "All work and no play..." It's even in the good book so you know it must be alright. :D Socialbility is just as important, and it's good to see you have that covered. "I'm not worthy!" As I perform a Patrick bow with fist in hand. :)


Just surfing with Firefox & Stumble.
Found this.
You can guy is pretty funny.


I meant to say that he was really funny.
Up a little to late surfing. :|

S. Chen

Hey, I watched the Academy Awards, too, but no cheese and crackers for me. I was down with a nasty cold. :-(


Damn! Cheese n crackers ... nuts n chews ... ya sure there's no bun? ;)


Ah... I was kinda hoping you'd taken my advice to stop caring about those shows and just skipped it :P Particularly with Chris Rock hosting... ugh. Nothing for Eternal Sunshine (which, trivial sidenote, the El Paso Times theatre listings called "Internal Sunshine of the Spotioss Mind") and not even a nomination for Garden State. Bummers both :(


Loved that download. My favorite part was the tabbed browsing.


Wow, eating cheese and crackers for 3 hours is kinda boring. Good to see that Million $ Baby won.


ExplorerXP is pretty great little tool. Tanks! Who was the new guy doing the DVD reviews?


If I'm not mistaken Eternal Sunshine got an award for best original screenplay


Nuts and chews, those are the best chocolates. Going to have to fire up the old Amazon and order some now.


Garden State is one of my new favorite movies, I am slightly disapointed though. When I saw it in theaters there were all kinds of problems with rain and lighting, the sort of funny behind the sceens stuff that you expect to see in a good movie made on a low budget. Well they fixed most of them :( they even reshot a couple of things, or just had some really REALLY good visual effects folks.

Still a great movie, it made me call my dad an ass then give him a big hug.


Sorry about the potty mouth... There is no edit button!

Daniel Thomas Stack

Dear Sarah Lane

I noticed your comment that you made stating that Disney had no Butts Please watch Fantasia. Disney got allot of heat over all the rosy cheeked cherubs and I am not talking facial cheeks here.

I'm stil working on overcomming my G4 Revulsion and finally managed to sit thru listening to the new "tallent" G4 has saddled TSS with without vomiting. Maybe next week I will manage to do so without my eyes closed again.

Not sure if Kevin passed on my comment about your hyper tan but I am glad you don't look like burnt toast now.

I hope I didn't offend you with any of this and I would have E-Mailed if the G-4 Mail server didn't have me blocked from my early reports on Hyperactive (continued reports with every game as I did for Tech TV) and asking for them to include more Tech in their TV.

Daniel Thomas Stack

P.S. (I talked to you in TTV chats and realy miss the seperate per show chats it felt better.)




I watched your show today, thanks for the ExplorerXP link I like it a lot. I noticed you also were discussing RSS Feeds and that you have one on this site. You mentioned needing a third party program to view RSS. And I also noticed you seem fond of Firefox.

Anyway to combine all of this nicely I thought I'd just mention my favourite browser, Maxthon, which while built on Internet Explorer uses tabbed browsing like Firefox AND supports RSS, no other software needed.

I've been watching the show since the days of Leo and Dan, great work


I have posted 2 of the old school pics from TSS on my site. These are from the good old days we all remember. They are the same ones that Dan Huard posted about a couple months back. Also if anyone wants a free gmail acoount, please email me for one.



I just saw the "mellons" show. (tivo, ya know!) I'd be happy to represent you in your sexual harassment suit to G4TV for creating a hostile work environment. It's an easy win - IT'S ALL ON TAPE! I'm sure I'd also have to represent you in a wrongful termination case too. Sexual harassment is serious stuff and A) the boys should know better. B) It has no place on a real tech show. C) You should not have to put up with that kind of unprofessional behavior. Too bad I've not passed the bar.


I think everyone who wants Gmail probably has it by now...

And sure enough, Sunshine did win one. Thanks Jamdez, I hadn't seen that. There is justice...


You can always enjoy my nuts!
...but no chewing.


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Lots of love karn


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