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Saturday, January 01, 2005

The Best Week Ever

Some pics from Verana, the closest I've ever been to paradise:

Dscn0032_1Every morning as the sun rose over the jungle, tea and muffins were delivered to our patio. Sometimes Verana's resident feline, Max, would stop by and ask for cream before following us down the hill for breakfast.

Dscn0095On a day trip to the Marietas Islands, we were lucky enough to run across a family of blue-footed boobies, rare birds usually seen only in the Galapagos Islands, and some humpback whales on our way back to the mainland.

Dscn0119Anyone up for a strenuous afternoon of book reading, fishing boat watching, and cerveza sipping? Me too! I read three novels in seven days.

Dscn0168Our dinner chef, Fabian, unveiled a taco feast you'd have to see to believe. All meals were included in our stay at Verana, and every single dish was outstanding. I can't say enough about how well we ate, though I'm not sure I should have polished off all those desserts (14, to be exact).

Dscn0194_1Ok, just tell me this doesn't look romantic! Actually, all the houses were pretty open to the elements, so a hanging net kept the mosquitoes, scorpions and bats from sharing our nightly abode. We never really had a problem, but better safe than sorry in the jungle.

Dscn0221See our Stone House? We blended right in with nature. All the houses at Verana are very, very unique and have their own special perks, but I loved ours the best. We even named our bat.

Dscn0143A little vino at dusk, overlooking the pool, overlooking the Pacific. Not too shabby, my friends. Remind me again why I need a computer?

Now we're officially into 2005 and it's back to work in a couple days. As you can imagine, I'm dragging my feet juuuuust a tad. Hope this marks the beginning of a wonderful new year for all of us, and here's to sticking to our resolutions.

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14 desserts? That *does* sound like paradise! Happy New Year to you :)


2nd post

Lee Bennett

Hi Sarah. Glad you had fun. I envy you.

Someone needs to check your tech. This first entry for 2005 didn't show up on your RSS feed.


What I wouldn't give for a vacation! Yours truly doesn't get the luxury of escaping away to relaxation. I'm glad you two had a great time. The Net just hasn't been the same with both of you gone!

We need to put a rule in the books. You both can't be away from a terminal at the same time EVER AGAIN!

Take care darlin!
Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man


Ahh.. great to hear of the fun you two had. :D Happy new year!!


Glad you had a good vacation, from the pics it looked beautiful. I was on vacation also but too broke to go anywhere :/ Oh well, welcome back and happy new year!


wow. as beth says, 14 desserts is paradise. looks like you had a fun, relaxing, and romantic (albeit unpaid) vacation. Happy New Year. To keeping resolutions *clinks glass of wine/cerveza*


I guess you had the time of your life. Being on a better vacation spot. You were all free of being sick and other stuff. Back here in America, a lot of people got the flu or the "bug". Yeah, like you need a one night....whatever.


The photos looks great!I so do envy both of you.Have a great year this year,you two.

big joe

you have some nice ears they are perfect i think you could earn some money with thoes twins


Wow! The trip that you took looked so amazing! I bet it was so nice to get way from things,and to have some time to your self must of been pretty nice.

Great photos!


sarah, did you get sunburn?


woke up this morning....first think I did was check both your blogs......It put a big smile on my face......Im sooooooo glad the both of you were able to get away to that beyond fantastic place.....Happy New Year.....


woke up this morning....first think I did was check both your blogs......It put a big smile on my face......Im sooooooo glad the both of you were able to get away to that beyond fantastic place.....Happy New Year.....


Next time try Capri!




I thought I was lucky for getting a 40 Gigger iPod, Norton System Works 3 and a mac panter bible over the holiday, as well as getting on World of Warcraft too. And the assorted X-box games like KOTOR 2..

The iPod is AWESOME. I see why everyone loves them so much. I keep thinking of spinal tap but instead it's like the iPod "goes to eleven" I keep hearing stuff I've never heard in my music.

Sarah if those are from your new camera I have to say it takes amazing shots. But I guess the senery helps too. Really good color seperation and detail. Looks like ya'll had an amazing time and kevin looked occupied without the net it looks like.

I make no resolutions, instead a constant push throughout the year to get better. That way you can try but you have nothing to let down or any set rules. Regardless Happy New year everybody.

Danny Tanner

Sarah -

I'm happy that you have returned.

Here's to 2005! Love you babe!

Your friend,


Wow, the resort looks good. How much did it cost you an Kevin?

Dave M.

After reading:

I can understand why you are "dragging my feet juuuuust a tad". :)

I hope you and Kevin can make it through you contract with G4, then find a show that better appreciates the talent they have.


Thank you for the beautiful pics. Sure it was hard coming back. drrraaaag those feet for sure!


That is so cool


I'll tell you why you need a computer, to post things on this site. glad you had fun :)

wendy starr

wow that looks fantastic sarah. i love the last picture of you and kevin, so cute! happy new year and i hope this year brings good things for you :)


Well, it's a New year. Let's start it off right! Love those photos and the show!
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Knokout Ned

Sounds like a fun trip!

Check out my blog (free gmail invites)



Hey, who took that picture of you guys making out? Sarah..you're lucky! He's too cute


Glad to see you back! The pics are great. You and Kevin are so meant for each other, just don't have kids for a while they change the whole dynamic of things. ;o)

Peter Barbosa

Ah Mexico! I just went to Cozmel a few weeks ago. What a place!

- Peter

Plastic Man

I really can't imagine how you and Kevin can return to the now worthless Screensavers program! The merger and the elimination of Yoshi, Kevin as co-host, you doing all the things you did on the "old" program, and basically all the changes in L.A. have really ruined the program. Both Chi-Lan Lieu and Kevin Pereia admit they know nothing about computers and their use, and I guess the new G4Tech deal really wants just another game/movie/rock musician/no good guests/teen-aged promoted/no tech/no interest show. I think you and Kevin Rose might do better to marry and then head for Canada to see if old Leo and his pals could re-create a good Call For Help/Screensavers type show once again....

Happy New Year to you and Kevin---- I don't watch the program any more but our group assigns one person to tape it and tell us if either you or Kevin Rose have been allowed to contribute anything--- in which case we might check out that little bit. The rest of the program is generally pathetic.

Peace, Plastic Man


Those pictures are beautiful. That looks like it was an amazing place to be! I'm glad you had a great vacation.

And the bed looks totally romantic. =)


Wow, I showed my girlfriend these pictures you took, and she has been bugging me about going to a place like that sometime.... I guess that was my own fault. Hope this new year bring joy and success to you, Kevin and to everyone else that reads this comment.


nice to see u two had a nice time.


Hmm.. and he didn't have a ring to give you? Hmm... If Kevin didn't propose to you then my wife owes me a million dollars! (I'm sure she'll write a cheque)


Nice Pics

Looks like you had a great time

That's awesome... now get back to work

Just kidding... take your time

Good to have you back

We missed you


That bug net reminds me of that Expedia comercial


I completely understand about the needing a computer comment. I got to go to Wakiki Beach for the Sheraton Hawai'i Bowl and it was totally amazing. I'll have pics up in the morning (danielwalters.net). For now, I've got to get in bed (6AM cheer practices SUCK!!!)



Yay, blue-footed boobies are my FAVORITE!!! I never knew you could find them in Mexico? I'm in Minnesota, but I'd love to see some in real life some day (a Galapagos adventure would be superb).

Looking forward to seeing new episodes of TSS with you and Kevin (and those other two whoevers, what're their names, ha).


I made a desktop Bkgrd from your Pic with Max in it for myself only. Love it! What a beautiful setting. Thanks again for posting good story with pics. ;)

[Dang, I posted this in the wrong comment section! Sorry for 2 posts :( ]


I have an idea why don't you two hookup with Leo and get on the CallforHelp show in Canada.

 Telford Elliott

Kevin n Sarah 4 now, but after the wedding that will change 2 Sarah n Kevin. Im glad u guys had such a great time. When you decide a break is needed agin u can always come 2 Canada. After u co-host with Leo then u can come n visit Cape Croker.


Wow so nice a place, I can't even afford to dream of a vacation like that.


Welcome back, Sarah!

Thanks for posting the pics - it looks like you and Kevin had a wonderful holiday, and I'm glad to see it.

Hope 2005 brings you both health and happiness. You deserve it.


i suck and my IP address is


Nice, thanks for proving you're an idiot. Anyway, looks like you had fun, Sarah! I envy you also:) Hot much? hehe probably pretty humid. And sorry about the idiotic troll. Just be glad you don't get as many as Morgan...still sucks, either way, but best thing to do is ignore them.

David Davenport

Good to see you and Kevin had a good time. Hope you remembered to use sunscreen.


Looks like a beautiful place, I would love to take some time off to relax there with my g/f! Anyone interested in buying some parts off my old computer on ebay should check out my blog, I have a link from there....


:: jozjozjoz ::

Your vacation looks absolutely exquisite!


Awwww, that last picture is so cute!! :)

Glad you both had a good time.

rockin roll dude

Merry Christmas every one, and Happy New year! rock on! yeah! Pray for peace this year and the tsunami victims and are wonderful country the USA . keep up the good work!, more power to you Sarah

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