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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Got Some Time to Kill?

I just wasted an hour watching some deliciously bizarre flicks, courtesy of Diesel Dreams. In my humble opinion, "Dog People Rule My World" gets first prize. Watch them all in the Dream Makers section of the site, then let me know which dream you like best. Oh, and you might run across some mature content, so keep that in mind.

I no longer love Diesel solely for their denim!

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Just playing the first game. Watching movies as we "speak."

Sam R

Whoa girl! Rockin' link! Cooler than all those links over at digg ;)


destroy g4 http://antig4ttv.com


Hey! your super cool on the show great tips! but and you tell me again how to make the name from the aim desktop icon go away or can you link me to screensaver.com cause i can't find the site!


Diesel rocks although they have become a little too mainstream and not just for the fashion savvy and the alternate sexual preference. I blame this solely on their shoe sales but they still make awesome denim


Nice flash site...though I wonder what some of these people were smoking before they went to bed...that "Dog people rule my world" dream is a little too much...though I must admit I've had stranger dreams...

Sam Krupa



Top 10 on the comments! Cool.

That site is weird. I am going to "test" it when I get home.

Check out skyos.org


I like "I must destroy the evil bear" because its kind of cool.


Hi Sarah,

I thought "Flight Over Kitchen City" was really cute. The clip is full of action but with humor. The photography and colors are really great. War against inanimate objects is the way to go. He who rules the blender wins the war!


anybody else have problems viewing these in firefox?


heh, anyone else see Sarah trying not to laugh when Kevin took that crack at g4 when talking about the apple monitor? :) Cool site, btw.


...speaking of time to kill, anyone seen this? The Shining's my fav!


dirty sanchez

Take lots of pics on your trip!

dirty sanchez

Take lots of pics on your trip!


William Gibson was right.
this is like something out of pattern recognition. a brand using culture to insinuate itself into life.


I still can't get over how much hate some people feel for G4, and how much energy they will waste pursuing that hate. I mean, you would think they would have better things to do, and just let it go, but if there's anything I've learned on the internet it is that people on the internet are in general rude, angry, stupid, and have way too much time on their hands.

Eh, anyway, I applied for a job at G4 today. I'm actually more than qualified but I doubt I'll get it. It wouldn't matter anyway because I realized I can't up and move yet and it would be stupid to abandon my degree with less than a year to go on it.

But, I just got wrapped up in the possibilties, like the fantasy of setting at a bar somewhere bullshitting it up with Kevin and Sarah over drinks, or walking down the hall and bumping into adam sessler. Or getting snubbed by Morgan Webb. Ah, the possibilites.

Unfortunately though it would probably be more like working in a lonely dark room somewhere and then going home alone to cry myself to sleep with a bottle of rum in my hand and cursing my bad desicion making skills.

Anyway, I can't wait to see all my family members again over the holiday and sit down to some great games come Christmas morning. I love this time of year.

Sarah, I already said it but have a good trip... and a merry merry iconized type thing.


BTW, I realize I fall into the has to much time on his hands catagory. I swear I'm gonna stop writing all this stupid crap here. I am fully aware no one cares and it is not the place for it. It annoys me so I can only imagine how annoying it is to anyone else.


Ummm ... I just finished watching, The Station Agent, and I'm a new convert to Indie films ... [;)


sarah has nice tips

The Inquisitor

Fear not, noble lady! I will save you... (holds up shield up righteousness to blot out any impure thoughts).

Shame on you jow, you impudent wretch, I shall smite thee with my smelly breath!(Breathes on Jow-)

Jow- Uh oh.. Collapses to the ground in a heap.

Poor Sarah. Now I know why Kevin has registered comments on his blog...


my first post(kinda dorky I know)
what a jack as# jow is.


like I said earlier:

"if there's anything I've learned on the internet it is that people on the internet are in general rude, angry, stupid, and have way too much time on their hands."

But even with Kevin making people register he still gets retarded comments.

The Inquisitor

Not to mention lots of spam.(Free PS2 or X-BOX)But Sarah is also a woman, and no one ever tells Kevin how great his "t***" are! Oh well, I guess you can't win for losing.


Well, you gotta admit he has quite a nice rack lol.

But yea, I forgot the spam, definately lots of spam.

The Inquisitor

Heh, heh, heh...


Even if jow is a total idiot for spaming, he's not exactly wrong with his statment.


Well, it's exactly the kind of stuff that cause morgan to a. stop blogging and b. think all her fans are complete horney immature 12 year olds.

Then again, I hate to say it but morgan kind of acts like a stoned flighty 12 year old on X-play. I didn't used to notice it but she acts borderline retarded sometime. Wierd since she's supposed to be really intellegent.


i dont know if anyone on here cares but suprnova.org is dead RIP yeaht hat was awsome sarah

The Inquisitor

At the risk of sounding ignorant, what on earth is Suprnova.org?




Suprnova is THE BEST TORRENT site ever and now there down for ever..im still crying..Where will I steal my apps and get lunix isos..(Am i on the wrong site)lol


Sarah, sweet camera.

I take it back about morgan, since they have been showing X-play all day I've more than seen my share of her. She doesn't act that way a lot of the time but there are definately moments. Then again I would guess she's acting like that because of X-play's main audience, cause she wasn't like that on TSS back in the day.

The Inquistor

Of course! Its a role they play for the cameras. Morgan acts like the starry-eyed, love struck teen-ager, and Adam Sessler... is well... Adam Sessler. I haven't seen too much of the old TSS, so I'll take your word for it.

On an ironic note, they used to show some of the episodes of TSS, up here, with Leo as host, in the days before our cable company had digital cable. I never used to watch it because I thought it was, well Canadian. And now Leo's in Canada, and I watch his show almost every day. Irony of Ironies! LOL!


Here's a Gmail invite, sorry I only have one to give after supplying all my friends.


Have fun. Sarah I hope this isn't considered spam.

The Inquisitor

Hypocrite!;) LOL. My my, it looks like we've all strayed far afield from the original topic, now haven't we?


Na, I'm just, I, um, it's just...

Okay, but I think of that as more of a Christmas gift to a random stranger than posting here wanting something from someone else (like spam)

Anyway, I just hope someone who doesn't have one yet gets it. I know it seems late but for some reason they finally just gave me invites.


hey every one check out my new blog, feel free to leave comments, Sorry for spamming Sarah


okay, actually I took that one, but I had a reason.

If anyone wants some I'll post a couple more tommorow sometime because they gave me more invites for making a new address lol.

but at this point I'm not sure anyone even wants any, even my friends haven't taken theirs and one of them in particular would RATHER stay with hotmail...of all things. the one person who did take it loves it though.

This is a far cry from when kevin posted 1000 and they were gone in minutes... what did everyone just decide screw gmail or something?

The Inquisitor

Nah- Its just Christmas. Besides, Sarah's in Mexico, and with her not around, well... things are pretty dead.


Ya. Okay, well instead of posting the three or four I have to give out now here, I'll just say, if you want a Gmail address then hit me up with an email and I'll send you one untill I'm out. That way if no one wants one they won't go wasted.

Hmm, got my grades back, an A in video editing, an A in narrative production and a .....D in motion picture history. God I hate history classes.

The Inquisitor

by the way, Sarah, if you think those videos are trippy,wait until you see this. I'll be darned if this isn't the weirdest thing I've ever seen:

Jeyson Beasley

Um Morgan I was wondering do you guys have anything on Prince of Persia Warrior Within? I am 14 years old and i wanna Marry you Morgan So hit me back kay?

Kelly Sakai

We used to play when we were little, my mom Ansilla and your mom are friends. Look me up when you make it out to the Big Island.


do amione knows what xioner means?

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