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Tuesday, December 21, 2004


By the time you wake up tomorrow, Kevin and I will be on our way to Mexico for a much needed, completely unplugged week of paradise (I'm going to try to keep him from finding out about that internet cafe in the next town).

Merry Christmas everyone! See you when I see you!

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Merry Christmas, Sarah! I hope you and Kevin have a safe trip and a wonderful time in Mexico.


I'm sure you manage to keep him away from the Internet.

Well, maybe not.

Bored? http://www.ugoto.com/


Have a great time, Feliz Navidade. me also going to mexico. probably not same place. Have fun dont get introuble with police.


Kevin offline for a week? Do they make internet patches, you know, like nicotine patches?

Anyway, rock on sarah. Have much fun and a good holiday.


Te deseo una Feliz Navidad Sarita! Have fun in my home country!

The Inquisitor

I know I've said before but Merry Christmas! And don't do anything too nasty while you're gone!


Have fun you two and remember, use protection.

michael quinn

see you in cabo wabo !


Woo.. top 10!

Anyway. Have fun in Mexico. Next time you go to like Europe.. itd be great if you took me with you :).

I wish you the merriest of Christmas'. Have a great one.


Bob Saget

Beautiful Sarah,

I hope you enjoy your trip. I hope you go for a little skinny dip or your top falls off and someone catches it on film. That would be a dream come true. Your "body is a wonderland" Sarah, and I will use my eyes.

Have fun on your trip and stay safe.

Your friend,


*kicks bob saget in the head again*

Spencer W.

That was creepy Bob Saget.


Hope you have a fun time in Mexico.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Kevin. Enjoy your trip.



Happy Holidays to the both of you! I'm sure you'll have a great time in Mexico! Take lots of pictures. LOL!


Maybe for Christmas you could help this guy out. It looks like he needs it.


Merry X-Mas to you and Kevin and have a happy New Year.

Root Smart

Merry xmas!!! hope kevin can resist the urge and not go online!!



ai che wah wah

have a good one

The Lizard

Have a good time, Sarah! Merry Christmas!

David Davenport

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Sarah. Have a safe trip and don't drink too much.


WELL That was creppy is right...patrick nice i think...


Hey everyone, if what you want for christmas is to see the last episode of unscrewed, then download this. I’ll leave it seeding for a while cause its awesome. This is the real thing, I had to upload it to my site tho cause I forgot where I got the torrent from.


sign the gbook and let me know how much you appreciate it.


Merry Christmas!!!! Hope you have fun in Mexico!!


If anyone wants a Gmail account or two, just go to www.POMP.us

Jason Dorsey

Have fun & a good time. Keep up the good work on the Screensavers


Adios! Diviertase!


apparently no one wants Gmail anymore. I can't even give my invites away. A few people smart enough to know a good thing will go for it but most people are like "I'm on hotmail, why would I want a new address??" They just don't get it.


You two deserve every bit of time you have off. ;)
Have a wonderful holiday!


lol @ patrick's post December 21, 2004 10:48 PM. whoa i mean yea we would all like to see you naked but damn thats like some stalker talk lol have fun in Mexico, yuh lucky bastads lol


Merry Christmas Sarah. Have a Happy New Year as well... and if your top does fall off I hope nobody is there to see except Kevin.

See you next year

P.S. Be careful with the feats of strength this Festivus.


Have a Merry Christmas.
So, what show or movie are you in now so that your fan base can turn the dial to watch you?


RIGHT ON!! have fun in meh-hico,,





Whitney aka Imcloudstrife

Hope you have a great time, Sarah:) I've never been any further south than Nebraska...how sad is that? Never any further west than Montana, and no further east than Vermont...no further north than Niagra Falls, Canada. yeesh. Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and Kevin and soak up all the rays you can! Oh wait..you live in CA...hmmm...nevermind;)


Hey guys don't blame Patrick for that rude comment. That was Bob Saget (what a gay name). Anyways, hope you had a good trip. Mexico is beautiful this time of year. Merry Christmas to all.


Have a great time Sarah! I have some Gmail invites.. check out my site at http://www.yoda.com/stimpdawg/

 Telford Elliott

Auhnee Sarah Be careful down there n don't drink the water. I hear the taakeelya is good. I've been south 2 Buffalo and north 2 North Bay east 2 Ottawa n west 2 International Falls. God i gotta get outta here and c the world. Take lotsa pics that will have 2 do 4 now till i win a lottery. Take Care Your Ojibway admirer.[not a cyber stalker]lol.



Bad Ass Reviews

Kevin? Who's Kevin?



Hope you and Kev enjoy yourselves! And maybe on the way there or on the way back you'll stop in El Paso and see our recently beautified airport. This will, of course, be mostly meaningless to me since I will be on the other side of town, but still, that'd be neat.


Glad you didn't vacation in Asia. So much devastation...
So very sad to see so much suffering...


I wish I were going to mexico.
//hey guys, please check my site out its something new and fresh


Who doesn't have Gmail invites these days? I can't give mine away either!




A friend of mine forwarded me this: http://forevergeek.com/open_source/make_firefox_faster.php

Can it actually work?

Justin Nguyen

You bozo have nothing to do. Get a life. She is just a beautiful lady on a TV show. You will never even get close to her. Quit having infatuation. Its the new year, so make a new year resolution, and go out and live your life.

Good Luck to all you no life bozo.

Sorry to be cruel on your blog(blog owner.)


Happy New Year Sarah,

Will Santa bring me an improved TSS for Christmas???

I don't need command line prompts in linux, just less (OK, a lot less) spastic behavior from the 2 new hosts.


My new years resolution is to have Sarah Lane, Kevin Rose and X-Play to still be on the air as a symbol of TechTV is still here.



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