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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Tales from Olympic Boulevard

Those of you who watch me on G4TechTV will notice some TSS reruns for the next few days. We're busy regrouping, reorganizing, and relaunching, folks. Today we lost some great, great people in the latest phase of our ongoing evolution. This is the reality of the biz, and it never gets any easier.

TSS has not been canceled, but we need a little time before moving forward. A million thanks to all of you for your constant support and encouragment. I'll see you all again soon.

PS- I want to add just one more (important) thought here. Alex, Dan, Yoshi, Martin, Laura, and the producers we lost today from TSS and Unscrewed are all amazing, talented, funny, and incredibly bright people. I have no doubt that they are all headed for bigger and better things. Class acts, all y'all.

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Nooo, I love TSS, i dont think i will keep digital cable anymore if its gonna be revamped and if we are gonna loose those people




We will miss Alex,Dan & Yoshi. This is a sad day.


Thanks Sarah good to hear you and Kevin are staying atleast. Send my Love to Dan,Yosih,Martin,Sweish and most of all Alex.


How could they get rid of Alex, he only just begun, poor guy, they didn't even give him a real chance. I loved him, I thought he was so funny, he would say the most random things!
What a bummer, the reality of the biz should pay a little more attention to what the viewers actually want. And from what I have seen, NO fan of TSS is happy about this.
At least your still here Sarah.

Randy Spriggs


No offence , but do you really think it's fair that you and Kevin stick around , even considering Dan is really good friends?

I really hoped all you guys would stick together , I guess I was wrong :(


Hey Sarah, So sorry to hear the news!!! Wow, that sucks, but at least we get to keep you and Kevin! After you all moved to LA aswell, I sure hope the other guys are able to get jobs quickly! Do they each have their own websites? I thought that Alex had one posted as a link from Kevins website but I couldn't find it earlier.
Well, we shall miss you, but look forward to seeing you again as soon as you come back on air.


Well I guess you guys better move to Canada like Call For Help. At least we apprieciate a great show when we have one. G4techtv is just not any good at all. Sorry I will miss the best show on TV.


Sorry to see those guys go, esp. Yoshi! Hang in there Sarah.


Insert shocking yet stunning comment here. I am happy Alex, Dan, and the rest of TSS Part Duex crew had an opprotunity to be part of my viewing enterainment and education. I understanding change isn't easy but, the enterainment industry is the only industry when the consumer is left out of the decision process. Demographics, statistcal analysis and witch craft guide the executes in making changes. As a consumer I seem to be left out. I will watch the next incarnation of TSS (Part Trois) and hope that someone, somehow listens to the consumers and stop the madness that is G4TV.

Ya Me

I was wondering how long it would be before Dan was gone.. I have never seen him say his lines straight once.. ever. In 2 years.

Alex is surprising considering he just started and actually had PERSONALITY!

But Yoshi? Hmmm.. there goes some niche that the show had. But then again, his average case mod cost a few thousand bucks :)

Dave B

Unbelievable! We'll miss everyone from the show. Though it's glad to see you and k.rose are still around. Tell the network 'heads' they are making a big mistake letting some of the best talents at TSS go. Still looking forward to the next incarnation of TSS.
P.S. Keep the sarahcam up in the interim!

Max Ernst

Mergers are never easy to navigate and it's never fun seeing friends head out the door. I've been through that at a few companies on the leaving and staying side of it. At least the times I got laid off I always ended up all the better for it in the long run.

For what it's worth Screen Savers is the only show I watch anymore aside from Martin once in a while and I guess taht's history... gaming doesn't interest me much at all and all the other shows. TSS already has taken a turn for the worse post-merger but is anyone really surprised? It's hard to imagine G4 being profitable in it's current form.

Hang in there and weigh your options - you've got talent and charisma and I'm sure you can Kevin will have plenty of opportunities open up to you in the future.

You've got a rabid and loyal fan base, that should be enough to leverage something better if G4 craps out. And maybe you should follow up on that Playboy thing to bank a little spare cash, it's flattering that they asked and you'd probably more than double your fan base overnight. ;^0


How do you know that they are getting rid of Dan, Alex, and Yoshi ? and where did you people hear that from ?


Thanks for keeping us updated Sarah.

Good luck to those who have been let go as well as to those who continue on.


Everyone, we need to do something, we cannot let this happen to our friends over at TSS. We need to organize something, we've got to.

Ya You

Well, this confirms Alex..



IF that is who they are letting go G4 are a bunch of assholes. They have all of them move down to LA leaving Sanfran which was not cool then they firethem like a month later absolute bullshit. What is the number for comcast I want to call.


Stupidest. Thing. Ever.

Please tell G4 that they are the biggest bunch of moronic assholes.

I looked up to you all, especially Sarah. I'm glad you're still around.

I loved Alex. GAH! I even had tickets to your show!


nevermind, I saw the post up on Alex's site. How could the network get rid of the best most rated show on the entire G4techtv network. TSS is the only show I watch on G4techTv. The network made a terribly bad decision....

No More Digital Cable

Just today I cancelled digital cable. Why? Because TSS morphed into a show that I could no longer enjoy, much less tolerate. The execs saw the complaints on the boards about Alex and the new vibe and took action. It may not seem fair, but the demographics dictate a more nuanced approach to hosting, something that seemed lost on the current hosts. People complained heartily about Leo and Patrick but I, for one, found them and that particular formula to be the optimal one. The only saving grace for the show would be for Sarah and Kevin to co-host or to have a surprise reappearance from Leo...


I have no use for television now. Plz get P.NORTON back on the show



i'll say the same thing i said on alex's site:

this is bullshit. the bottom line is that you are the man alex. you are funny as shit. if you aren't going to be on tv anymore, i'd love for you to update this site a lot more and make sure you keep us up to date with your career. G4TECHTV has officially been revamped to serve fags, cause the new staff is probably going to be a bunch of salad tossers who do way too much gaming. fuck them. i'm pissed.

James Orlowski

I can see the logic behind getting rid of Yoshi and Dan, they weren't the greatest on-camera; but Alex? He was comfortable on-camera, and added much-needed humor to the show.

Too bad.


Loved the show... talked about the show... anxiously awaited my chance to sit and watch the show. You guys were great together... It's a sad day for all your fans, and I know it's an even harder day for all of you. We LOVE TSS, we love all the members of the TSS family. Tis truly sad. I'm transfering all my old TSS episodes to DVD as we speak!!


Didn't these idiots learn anything from when they let Leo and the amount of backlash and everything that they got? I remember Leo saying on his radio show that one of the bi g people at G4 told him to call the dogs off. This is the biggest bunch of bullshit ever. G4 can goto hell.


Well, this sucks. I loved Alex! Him and Kevil were hilarous together, and they had a great chemistry together.

Perhaps they'll revamp the show into something completely stupid! I'll support the show providing it's just as informative as before, and to support Sarah and Kevin.

It sucks.


Dorian Innes

I made up a form letter to send into G4techtv.com

Just input a small amount of info and send it off.

To: info@g4techtv.com



To Charles Hirschhorn,

My name is NAME, and I have been a loyal fan of The Screensavers for NUMBER years now, and to hear that you have revamped the show AGAIN in so little time is not only an atrocity, but an insult to the cast, crew and audience. You gave them no chance at improving ratings before you let the ax fall. Shame on you. Your network has taken a very useful, well-liked channel, Tech TV, and turned it into a video game 24/7, teenage free-for-all. I never watch any other shows on your channel because I can only take so much of video games, and it only adds to their uselessness and trivial nature. You have taken many good shows: The ScreenSavers, Unscrewed, Call For Help and so many more and flushed them down the toilet in leu of video games and their fleeting ratings. The ScreenSavers and the old TechTV shows were the only things keeping me coming back to your channel, but now you have lost me, and I'm sure many more loyal fans for good. I will wait to laugh when I see your ratings drop, the shows slowly be canceled and the eventual fold of the channel.

A former die-hard, everyday watching fan,



G4TechTV just sucks crap!!! How stupid are they to get rid of the only good show on that channel. I heard Alex was let go. I thought he was pretty good, but not as good as the great Leo. I hope some executives at G4TechTV are reading this, because I have officially stopped watching that channel because of their decision...


Stupid executives! I realize that this is the showbiz but I have always had the impression that you keep the people that are actually, you know, GOOD, in this case Alex. I liked Dan but his onair personality was lacking. The same was true of Yoshi, but he had his mods to fall back on.

What can they do to further "revamp" the show anymore? They have already made it too unfocused on tech; I don't see how they can further alter it without losing the tech all together.

I'll just have to wait and see what mistakes the executives do next.


Who is responsible, and how do they keep their jobs? Honestly. I've never seen so many instances of people trying to fix something that isn't broken.


call g4 media 310-979-5000 sarah ask them they're saying it's cancelled. you should all go and start filming the broken


Omg hope for the best for kevin and you. Alex hae to see you go you were funny lol :(! Well ill keep my direct tv service still to see how g4 will turn the network into all gaming shit. Who wants Halo day i mean the whole shows a gaming network. Now go play games instead of watching tv beacause watching tv on g4 is like playing games now!


"Today we lost some great, great people in the latest phase of our ongoing evolution"? Sarah, TSS didn't need to evolve. You and Kevin should jsut walk off the set on teh next live show.


that is rough, hope everything goes well.


Omg so sad for me to see alex yoshi and dan to go. Hope you keep your sites updated. Alex goodbye you were always the funny guy. Kevin hope you and sarah try to keep the show running good without to much hastle from g4-comcast.
This whole network is all gaming!:(


I can't believe Alex and some of the others, if not all, only received about four hours notice. That should be illegal. They didn't even have the opportunity to say goodbye!


Well this is sad news, both for those let go, those left behind, and for show "consumers".

I really question what G4 expects out of a newly formated show in such a short time....especially when one looks at the production "values" contained in some of their other shows......TSS looks miles better from that stand point alone, never mind better (usable) content.

I have to wonder if it was not about the show itself, but about personnel cost- I know from my time in the business world, that when the bosses want to save $$, the first thing they look at is "P" Cost.....easiest to cut with the quickest results. Of course the long term impact is always very quietly ignored.....

I feel for those let go and for those left behind...hard times for all. Hang in there....


At 5:54pm G4TechTV cam feeds shut down and g4tv web servers aren't responding to html requests. Those who survive the past often re-write it to their bennefit. Elvis has left the building.


I am sorry to say Sarah, that considering the circumstances, I will not give G4 nor the show my support any longer.


They should rename G4, to "sinking ship" or the other four letter word that starts with "shi." Watching the slow murder of the channel and more specifically TSS has been difficult. I understand the people remaining are binded by their contract to stay, but IMHO, if the people who were fired meant anything to you at all, you should leave as well. It is only a matter of time before they cut this off completely.

We want a channel for technology!



G4TECHTV IS ABSOLUTELY RETARDED! Kevin said that they had two year contracts so they can't leave unless they're fired. I agree that they should all just go start producing Broken videos. You could work on a deal with your watchers to click your Google Ads before they downloaded a video. That would bring you some major $$$!!!


Actually for how long Alex was on there, I think they have to give him more notice than 4 hours.

G4 is really stupid: A show about game cheats? If I want game cheats I'll go to www.gamewinners.com
Cinematech? Its just game trailers!

They need to actually put GOOD shows on and keep the shows are are already good liek TSS.


Aah. Wonder which asshat decided TSS wasn't worth it, at least not the way it was. If G4TechTV turns out as a just gaming station, than I'm sorry Sarah, but I'm boycotting G4Techtv. The show was great, at least until someone (probably one of the network execs) stuck their nose where it didn't belong. Guess they wanted to end it with a bang, having the Halo2 show and all. Oh well. I can gurantee G4Techtv just lost over 3/4ths of their viewing audience.

Good luck in anything that you do Sarah.


They're just shooting themselves in the head. Stupid, stupid, stupid...


How dare G4 do this!? I mean DAN, ALEX, AND YOSHI! NO! I LOVED THEM ALL! This has to be a dream! I love TSS so much! *cries*

If they would have gotten rid of you and Kevin they would have gone way to far! TSS will never be the same...


I wouldn't worry about Dan. He'll be back on The Broken...


First off, I love Sarah, Kevin, and the folks from the good ol' TSS (pre-G4TV). I love what TSS was ... a source of news, knowledge, and entertainment about all things Tech.

Along comes G4TV/Comcast, which promptly neutered the show and watered it down to try making it more like the pubescent, cookie-cutter formula of so many other G4TV programs. But still, a spark of integrity and the original drive of TSS flickered (thanks in no small part to you, Sarah).

With this new revamp of TSS, I hope The Powers That Be at G4TV/Comcast realize the folly of their ways and bring back the maturity, professionalism, and entertainment of the earlier incarnation of TSS.

I'm sorry to see that Yoshi, Dan, Alex and the others have been victimized by G4TV's incessant need to "tinker". I only hope that something positive for TSS, Sarah, Kevin, and the fans come of it.

I'm sending good vibes to you, Sarah. Hang in there, kiddo.


so g4 goes from a game chan to a game chan with a little tech and slowly back to a game chan?

and its going to be sad to see alex, dan, and yoshi gone....but i think all tss's fanare going overboard with their anger...but then again i was never really able to become a tech tv fan until a couple months before the merger so i dont really have that much loyalty to its shows...but seriously do you think that g4 would cut one of their own shows over a tech tv show....i must be the only one here that actually watches the gaming shows....well, except for cinematech and xplay (thoses should've gotten the ax). and just because kevin and sarah's friends got fired, you think they should leave? yes, i know that sucks, but thats life...


This is great!!!!


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