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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Happy Happy Joy Joy

No, I have nothing new to report about The Screen Savers. Yes, I'm sorry. No, I still can't tell you. Yes, it will be different. No, it's not the end of the world. Yes, I still like chocolate. No, I don't think tapered jeans should make a comeback. Yes, I prefer to keep a sense of humor in times of turmoil. No, I'm not feverish (just plain crazy).

How about a happy picture from an Irish hilltop instead of the usual gossip today? Hooray! Happiness for everyone!


A wise man once said, "Relax. It's just television." Thanks for the advice, Paul!

Update: For those of you expressing displeasure about my SarahCam "hints," you're probably right. It isn't really a time for playfulness or teasing. Back to random quotes!

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i liked your hints


Who is that on the set now with Sarah and all of them prcaticing?

I don't know very many of the G4 staff members, other then Unscrewed and The Screen Savers, so i dont know who the new co-host is by looks.

and "+interesting" Bobby is kevin rose's real first name, kevin is his middle name, so sarah kissing bobby means sarah kissing kevin.


looks like Kevin Peria, for sure what i don't see is K rose...


i might be wrong about that being periia but the co host position is being filled by ??? looks like a short girl.. ohhh i am dying.... Sarah what the live aspect? Is it going to be live with an audience.


I have to admit,
I did think it was kinda strange that you barely referenced your fallen collegues in a "P.S." sidenote.

*Sarah responds- Did it really seem like I barely referenced them? That's what my whole post was about. I use PS all the time.

Sorta thought well, atta Girl....gotta cover your hiney...and say "Yes Sir!" to your bosses at G4. Stangely though Kevin was able to make mention them in his main post. But eh, semantics, gotta do whatcha gotta do.

*Sarah responds- Not sure what you mean by "covering my hiney." I was just being honest.

The dropping hints was ok I guess, kinda showed you wanted to reach out to the masses and send a 'message in a bottle' so to speak. Vibe in the office was probably erriely tense and awkward. Thanks for thinking of us. For some, you guys are our surrogate Brady Bunch. (Sarahget?)

I would have flipped out if you would have posted on the Webcam something like:

" HELP !! The bastages have locked me in and I can't get out!! They are playing the "Mystery Bag" song nonstop! and have taken Kevin's Barbie dolls hostage!"

teehee. (yeah I said it)


how about the audience... am i going to be able to go on monday? is it going to be live?


If you stii have a Job the celebrate all you want and be happy. If you and Kevin stay on the show no one can blame you both because your doing whats called survival and bill collectors dont care about friends who were let go they just wsnt there money and you and Kevin should be happy although hate they let the big Yosh go but anyway stop by my site and vote on the polls about tSS on 29th. On my site I try to tell people about software and help with computer problems but the pic loks cool would love to be where you and Kev are looks nice.


It looks like kevin pereira and chi-lan at the desk. Where the hell is Kev at Sarah?


Looks like Kevin is hangin out at Yoshi's old desk.
What the hell is going on here?


No more secrets Sarah, everyone saw the set cam today.


Well the setcam just makes my decision alot easier nomore tss if that tinkerbell perriera is the new host I'm not watching. To bad nobody had the balls to stand up against this crap well sarah I hope you like not having a job because tss will be cancelled when the ratings drop and they will.


I thought everything looked good. So Kevin is on Yoshi's spot/area? Sarah as always you brighten up the nook.


Periera wouldn't be a bad addition to the cast.. He's better than 3/4 of the G4 cast.. although I rather have Alex at the desk.. I sure hope that wasn't Chi-Lan.. her voice/smile is a little annoying.. but she knows her tech.. Hopefully the new format will bring back the old TSS.. where they get rid of most of the interviews (who cares what the cast of The OC is doing right now and which of them love tech/games), and go back to calls, gadget reviews, and more dark tips.. after the move to LA.. it just seemed like they were cramming too much stuff into the show.. They could've taken more calls instead of forcing Yoshi to a stupid mod everyday

Ben aka aDDiCT

well, im glad to see TSS will be back... though i still wish we had leo and patrick... i havent watched TSS even 25% ever since they got rid of leo...


TSS sucks now since they fired everyone and demoted Kevin. Chi-Lan sucks and Kevin perrrrriera is a fairy that thinks he is funny. I can already predict what the new show will be like, we will learn about a new "smart" vacuum and find out which game drops on that day... the anticipation is killing me!!!!!!! For shame for the old TechTV staff who just stood by and let themselves drop in the ranks and get taken over by those G4 scum that probably can't even format a hard drive...


Everybody is right. G4 ruined what was a good cable channel. I can't bear to watch what it has become. Heck, the TSS website is so G4 FLASH rich, it makes me nauseous. It's like a FLASH vomitus. I don't even know where to navigate. Sarah, your ship(TSS/g4techtv) is sinking. Get a job at a real network. You could outdo that Soledad O'Brien hack anyday.


Here's a quote from Howlin' Pelle, lead vocalist of The Hives:

"I've got two words for you: Shut the fuck up."


the image name is sarahbobbyeurope are you cheating on kevin? I demand answers!



Meant "cover your Hiney" as in being purpsoely reserved so as not to rock the boat on the good ship G4. (eek, good ship? heh)

Don't mind us geeks, you guys are our virtual family and we are just sadden, frustrated, confused, & sickenened by the actions of G4.

The channel (execs in charge?) seem to be lost, current course looks grim. Kinda scared for you and Kevin.

There was a post somewhere of Leo Laporte sharing some insight on his take on the events, from his radio show (MP3). Including some bright outlook on alternatives, IF indeed the channel does go under. I'll find it again & post a link.


Link to Leo's Radio comments:



In Leo's own words "G4 will crumble within a few months"

Thanks for sharing Half-Caf_Mocha_YaYa


Hmmm ... "IP/TV", eh? Sign Me UP! I'll even volunteer to 'pitch in' should the nucleus of the former TechTV folks (on-air/behind-the-scenes & suitable Suits) decide to give such an effort a try ... (sounds fun AND worthwhile).


Hey if you havent heard what Leo Laport had to say about the TSS future check it out it will blow you away. The link is in the uper right of my blog at


IPTV seems to have parallels to the whole open source/Microsoft ( good vs. evil :)) revolution in software. When MS thought they had us all by the short hairs ( nowhere to go but them ) they were positively abusive of their customer base, justifying it with their "they can't go anywhere else" pitch. Now that it's too late, and it's obvious that we CAN go somewhere else, suddenly they are all concerned about the customer.
But of course, people do remember how they are treated, and are fleeing MS in ever increasing numbers.

Which brings me to the absolute genius of Comcast buying TechTV. Lessee, as I understand it the pitch went "Sure we have crappy audience share because our content sucks, but we can buy TechTv because they are losing money, and we'll gain a huge share of the audience. We'll fix the bottom line by substituting their expensive quality programming with our crap, formulaic, shill based oft repeated, CHEAP content, like we already have. Hmm, what's that? Oh NO! you have my PROMISE that the audience won't run away in droves. Honest!"

Pure genius.


"QED" ... [;)


Bobby is Kevin. Kevin is Bobby.
Kevin's Full Name is Robert Kevin Rose.
Girlfriends have the right to call their Loveys anything they want.


hey sarah how ru




I do long for CLASSIC "The Screen Savers". I was just going to comment on the sound always being very low here on Time Warner but that's so unimportant now. When they took Tech Tv off for a while when G4 ate it I almost cancelled cable. Frankly the new TSS is WAY too game oriented for me. That's what every other show is about on this station. How about giving it a break.
Anyway, I did want to say that sarah is a brite spot on TSS and I wish her luck whatever happens.


I love that pic. I was standing almost in that exact place last summer. If anyone wants to see some of my pics you can go to the little site I built for it at http://zaffora.f2o.org/compressed/Ireland.html I first made it to be distributed on CD (with all the uncompressed pics it took up 700MB on the nose) but then desided to compress the images and some of the flashyness of the site so that even those of you with 56K modems can still enjoy the site. I hope you take a look :)


TSS isnt going to be the same. and the 2 they have now, suck eggs!


wise man once said "patience is a virtue... but never pay full price for late pizza"


The original ScreenSavers and TechTV was a class act prior to G4Who?. They figured out that their audience was a variety of people that comprised middle aged people as well as kids in high school. They treated all with respect. I learned a lot from the shows I watched and am thankful for the people who were there, expecially Kevin. Love the dark stuff.

What G4 has is an outright disgust for anyone telling them that what they are trying to do will only draw one kind of audience, gamers. I find that amusing because most gamers I know are busy playing games, they are not watching G4.

Take tonights episode of The ScreenSavers for example. You have two new hosts who talk so fast you can't understand anything coming out of their mouths. Maybe that was a good point. Teeny boppers who do not have a command of the English language may be cheap for the payroll, but it will not increase market share. I like Kevin and Sarah, but these two along with the shows producers are trying to make you guys look like the village idiots. I did enjoy watching Kevin throw coffee in the guys face. GOOD JOB KEVIN.

The producers are marketing G4 for gamers only, those who cannot pronounce words with more than two syllables, and an audience under the age of 18. How about the talent pool for web site design? They still haven't gotten the quaility that TechTV had. Why? They don't have the talent and they know it. They are just like high school kids, who believe they can't possibly be wrong. The problem is that G4 marketing is directed at people they think are like themselves.



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