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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Happy Happy Joy Joy

No, I have nothing new to report about The Screen Savers. Yes, I'm sorry. No, I still can't tell you. Yes, it will be different. No, it's not the end of the world. Yes, I still like chocolate. No, I don't think tapered jeans should make a comeback. Yes, I prefer to keep a sense of humor in times of turmoil. No, I'm not feverish (just plain crazy).

How about a happy picture from an Irish hilltop instead of the usual gossip today? Hooray! Happiness for everyone!


A wise man once said, "Relax. It's just television." Thanks for the advice, Paul!

Update: For those of you expressing displeasure about my SarahCam "hints," you're probably right. It isn't really a time for playfulness or teasing. Back to random quotes!

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is that a ren and stimpy inspired title?


Oh yeah post #2. ANYWAY I hope TSS turns out for the better. I loved the change to La, but if change has to happen then I'll just hope its for the good of the show.


WooHoo Post #3. I want TSS form the old days.


i'm not trying to spam but there is now free photo ipods


So not to pry but when can we expect tss back ?


BTW love Ren & Stimpy


True it is just television, but I remember being 16-17 when my family first got TechTV. Now I'm 21. It's just disappointing that G4 has taken a station people have enjoyed for years and ruined it.

Axl Rose

If you would look at the sarah cam, and actually use your brain, you would see that TSS is back on the 29th.

Axl Rose

Oh, BTW, G4 sucksssssssss.

The Luggage

Nice picture, looks like the west coast. Were you there recently?


Well...good luck to you..hope the show is at least a shimmer of what it once was.

It's sad to see Alex go after just 2 months, he was a funny guy. At least we'll still see your face (hopefully).

kittie m

You're right Sarah....everyone needs to relax. Have a drink and settle down.


i believe thats an irish hill top, as it says above...


Atta Girl Sarah! Life's too short to not be happy. Don't let some of the comments get ya down. ;)

Lots of Luck to you & Kevin.

Just Eric

Sarah we would all like to be happy ..

Just that its hard seeing something you really enjoyed get flushed.. and we are all still in the dark about whats going on.. (this makes it even harder to deal with, just sitting here wondering what horrors are going on .. the imagination does tend to dwell on negative things) , I think the other thing is we were all just **finally** getting used to the L.A. move and then this happens.. It's just too much too soon.. Finally, at least you have the benefit of knowing whats happening while the rest of us sit in the dark.. please be have sympathy for your loyal viewers..

Don't forget this affects us too... !!

I know you guys will do the best you can with the new show.. but its hard to ** keep the faith** just waiting..


just so ya know sarah someone is posting under my name and Im not 21 Im 39 :-)


when was that trip? (as in season the backround is excellent)


Nice picture of Kevin and Sarah. Just need to share pearls of wisdom. 1. People who survive their past often re-write to their benefit. Don't be that type of person. 2. It's not what you say but, your actions dictate who you are. I guess the righty tighty and lefty loosey wrench lessons can wait for now. It's hard to sense what a writer of blog is feeling beyond that single moment of typing a quick sentence or two. Sarah, says she's plain crazy. They're are few people who could be labeled normal (very few). Having a blog is like a window into your life open to unconstructive and contstructive critisism. That's the risk you take when you open a blog up. Part of your personal life is not so personal any more. Between the black and white spaces on this page are many folks with many opinions. And just like arse holes everyone has one. "You are entitled to your opinions but, not to your own facts" - Patrick Monahan. I can only provide a opinion about how I feel about TSS and Sarah's blogs and webcam titles. Most comments I enjoy. Those I don't like, "stay tuned..." I find a might offensive because I am being dragged along in game. Maybe I missed the 'playfullness' but, when PS is used to show the passing of friends then I think, "hey, is she stuckup or her priorities mixed up." My opinion.


that came out of left field


After the firings you did look to turn the page a little too quickly with your blog entries. You were smiling on your cam as the people that were fired are cleaning off their desks in the background.
I’m not saying you were happy but it did look bad that when the 3 times I looked at your cam you were smiling while people are loading boxes and hugging goodbye.
And this teasing the fans about what the show is gonna look like is real cheesy.



We seem to all have our own intelligent sayings on this. Allow me to say mine. Garrisson Keilor said it best (imho).

"Who needs dignity when you can be in the entertainment business?"


Hey, TV is my only reason for living. My life sux right now and I have no desire to change it.


Is it my imagination, or is Sarah's hair realy short and brown?

Sam Krupa

Yea, it is about time some one is relaxing!

Sam Krupa


Oh god Sarah's gone into denial and trying to cover it up with happy...just like Christmas...


snowdog: just so ya know sarah someone is posting under my name and Im not 21 Im 39 :-)

No one is posting as you. You posted the comment about Ren and Stimply and then under it I posted the comment mentioning that I was 21.


Love the pic, you guys are so happy.


(copied from "Happy Happy Joy Joy")
A wise man once said, "Relax. It's just television." Thanks for the advice, Paul!

Is that Paul Allen who said that...It all started with him...When he put the network up for sale...What's ole Paul got to say now about all this...


Dave I.

I "too" thought Sarah just got a big hair-cut (or was it just my imagination ?) :S


That might be Sarah, but that's not Kevin. Check the filename. sarahbobbyeurope...something or other. I'm guessing it's a pic from a while ago. Before the long hair, and before Kevin. Looks like a great place!


The title of the pic says sarrahbobbyEurope So my guess is thats not Kev. Look like a great place though.


Actually I think Bobby was a nickname for Kevin wasn't it back in the SF days of Screensavers


Sarah, you rock. Good luck on the new show!


Loved Ireland - beautiful country drinking out in the beer garden (COLD Guiness) until dusk (about 10:00pm at night) then off to find some fish and chips for tea.

David Hughes

Hey Ireland, nice pic. The Motherland...so I'm told.
Did you pick that spot because of your last name, Lane? The supposed Gaelic meaning of Lane: a plain; barren, sandy, level lands. I suppose where you were was barren, maybe a plain and slightly sandy too, it's was near the ocean.

guh-riv-maha-gut (thank you)


Just to clear up confusion, Sarah used to call Kevin Bobby often on air. Either a nickname or part of his real name he doesn't generally use, I assume.


I am sorry to see our new friends go, but like Shara says, sit back relax and don't worry! It is TV you know, the family is still getting over Patrick and Leo being gone from the show. Just keep in touch with everyones sites, maybe one day we will see all the old gang back on TV, SOMEWHERE? Best of luck to THE SCREEN SAVERS


Sarah can sugar coat all this crap any way she likes, after all she is kissing their ass. But the bottom line is we all know TSS has been dead since TechTV was sold and this crap they are putting on G4 now is not even worth going down my toilet... the ratings must be so bad they are just trying anything at this point. Perhaps firing Kevin for insulting the audience ever 5 minutes would be a great start...


I thought the cam hints were cool. Shows that its not the end of the world. Also shows you that people get worked up over anything.

Honestly people, if you cant keep your humor about you in hard times then what is there? Some should lighten up I think.


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mike troiano


Like we told you in San Francisco, I just wish that my wife Jean and I could have met you and Kevin while we were in London (Just remember Iceland rocks). We really do miss ya both!

A long time TSS audience member,



Geeez..lighten up people! It's a Television Show. I love it too(which is why I go on SarahLane and Kevin(Bobby)websites..but calling them names??
That's SO grade school!!
Doh! Wait!
I guess with the merger we did "adopt" some of you kiddies didn't we ;)
BTW, that picture is of Kevin and Sarah. They took a trip to Europe a while back.I'm sure the old TechTV people remember.

homer simpson

Well I hope its for the better. Atleast both kevin and sarha are still around. I hope its a good show as good as it was. I mean kevin is cool as is sara.
Well thatts all I have to say about that

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I remember when they went to Europe, but its pretty easy to tell that it's sarah and kevin if you right click and say "save image as" in the file name it says something allready and that something is "sarahbobbyeurope1_151_1"


I wonder what kind of message Sarah is trying to send when she puts up an image of her kissing someone named Bobby on top of an Irish Hill. Unless she has a brother named Bobby, I would think KRose would be a little suspect of her choice in images.


If Yoshi was let go, why is he doing a segment on the 11/30/04 show?





I started watching Call for Help with Leo, and it is a really good show. Lots of tech :o)

Hope Patrick gets his own show.


Alex sucked!

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