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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Celluloid Lane: Finding Neverland

FindingneverlandI'm a big Johnny Depp fan, so when "Finding Neverland" opened at a theater near my house, I was first in line. Depp plays James Barrie, a playwright who receives the inspiration for "Peter Pan" while spending time with a lovely widow (Kate Winslet) and her four sons.

I liked the movie. A lot. My reasoning is based on the casting of Depp as a grown man who enjoys the company of children and believes in the power of imagination. Why? Because for a man over 40 years old, Depp has a eerie youthful quality that seems only to glow more as he ages. It really works here.

The story itself is a small, sweet tale about growing up (while not growing up) and making the choice to continue to believe in a certain type of magic. Those who know the story of Peter Pan will probably enjoy the depiction of Barrie and his quirks, as one would assume a grown-up who visits "Neverland" is a unique grown-up indeed. No need for any comparisons to Michael Jackson, although the film does touch lightly on the stigma involved with men and boys, and reveals that while Barrie's intentions were purely innocent, those around him didn't always see it that way.

I have a feeling that "Finding Neverland" will seem too slow for some of you, and perhaps it can be argued that nothing really happens, if you're looking for something loud and adventurous. But Peter Pan fans, Depp fans, and cinematic whimsy fans won't be disappointed. Bring your Kleenex.

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first post


Johnny Depp rules!!! Might have to throw this one on the netflix queue under Chocolat


I admit, I also like the depp man.. but this film looks like I will have to tuck my "howdoyoudo" between my legs, "silence of the lambs" style before I watch it..


This movie is amazing! I got to see it at its world primire at the Chicago Film Festivle and I met the director. I have been trying to get the word out about this movie for months now! Go see it!


If anyone wants a different odd movie, with a killer soundtrack...check out the movie "Dream With the Fishes" bravo.. or see Will Smith in a wheelchair with "Where the day takes you"...its rad.


My wife and I went to a sneak preview of this a few weeks ago and it was an amazing movie. Between this, Eternal Sunshine..., and Garden State, its really hard to pick a favorite film this year.

Sarah is right though - bring the tissues. My wife was bawling by the end.

Axl Rose

Guns N' Roses rule


Sarah can you please check the status of tickets for mondays show, is there going to be a live audience?

Sam Krupa

Great closing:
"I have a feeling that "Finding Neverland" will seem too slow for some of you, and perhaps it can be argued that nothing really happens, if you're looking for something adventurous. But Peter Pan fans, Depp fans, and cinematic whimsy fans won't be disappointed. Bring your Kleenex."

Sam Krupa
Tech info Blog! + Gmail!


Copies have been circulating for a few weeks now on the net. Maybe I'll grab it, but I think National Treasure will be more fun.


Whats Eating Gilbert Grape lol anway hey Sarah why no post about TSS and your opinion anyway hope you and Kevin can work something out down the road. Dep is cool hes mostly good in what ever he does like Beny and Joon also as a Pirate well take care.


Sarah wave to the camera.


Sarah why dont you have a link to Alex's blog on you main page??


want a gmail account
complete an offer and then send me an email. primes0@gmail.com


Wow! Sounds like a really good movie.

Josh Bales

"Finding Neverland" looks good, but the movie I can't wait to see is Tim Burton's remake of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," starring Depp.

That man has gotta be one of the most versatile actors out there, what with "Pirates of the Carribbean," "Donnie Brasco," "Secret Window," and now this.



Depp is a sensational talent. He's come a long way since 21 Jump Street. I enjoy him in everything he does. I'm sure I'll like this movie.

Can't wait to see the new show. As long as you are still featured, it can't go wrong.

Have fun.


I have been waiting for this movie for about 2 months, it looks like a movie that i would love. Slow movies dont really bother me.


I smell Academy Awards for Johnny Depp this time it looks to a great movie.

Ok Sarah so Kevin is taking you to Vegas with Him??

later all



Hi, saw your address in techTV channel and decided to visit :) I'll watch it soon. I think Johny depp is hot too.


I love the Deppmaster. I will watch it beacuse of him.


the best band you've probably never heard of.

picked up their cd a few months ago.
loved it.

p.s. Where's ALEX?


Going to Vegas to get MARRIED?! LOL j/k
I love your movie reviews, it's nice to get a girl's take on the latest flicks. Scratch that, make it a SMART girl's take!


i no this has nothing to do with anything i just need traffic http://www.geocities.com/the_roughnecks1/


Sarah, you should do this for a career. I enjoy reading your review of movies. :)


"Well it's official. Kevin and I are now just "friends".

Posted by: Sarah | November 24, 2004 10:27 PM"

WEll thats Just peachie... and we thought you two would have Leo married you both on air lol...

Oh well


*sarah responds- for the 10th time, I don't make big announcements in my blog comments. :)


Sarah you & Kevin are soul mates. Very happy to see two so much in love. Cheers! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Be sure to Hug whoever does the cooking and if you go out to eat then enjoy.

Matt Wolfe

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give us the goods on the new tss, heck kevin gave his 2 cents.


I thank Kevin and Sarah will be the only Tech in the show sorta like when Leo has his own corner then they faded him out who knows but I hope were all wrong and the show is good but I believe Leo Laport is correct. I have created a Messeage Board for people to chat about TSS and het help with computer questions and those of you who are good with computers maybe you can help give answers on how to solve a problem someone might be having I just ask that you be nice in case children are on the Board. Link to my Board can be found in the uper left of my webpage
Hope everyone returns home safe and had a Happy Thanksgiving.


Does anyone have one of those Motorola RAZR V3 cphones?
I'd like to get a 'real-life' users viewpoint ... [;)


sarah, i cried too... my girlfriend was laughing at me but it was sooooo good! and johnny depp is the sexiest man on earth!


I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Sarah. I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had time for much TV but it sounds like you’ve had your hands full as well. I wonder if you ever got around to making that hybrid purchase that you talked about. I am thinking more and more about getting a new vehicle and I’m going nuts over the choices. I really want the truck of my dreams and its a year wait for the Prius. If I wait for the hybrid version of the truck thats at least a two year wait and I’m not sure I’ll hold out that long. Both lexus and toyota have hybrid suv’s coming out in 2005 with impressive gas mileage. I looked at the toyota and I couldn’t see spending that much for a tiny suv when the "Truck" was right next to it and so much more for the same money. I keep telling myself there is no value in material things. with each breath we take our descendants lives are more and more disinherited. The bankruptcy we hide behind shinny cars and picket fences cannot replace what we all lose in a superficial world. What a depressing line of thought. Anyway keep your head high kiddo. I hope you escape the axes falling all around you. Not sure I'll like the movie but I'll definately rent it when it comes out.

dirk gently

why dont you comment on how you and kevin were taken off the air? or were you taken off and kevin was so whipped he felt like he couldnt be on the air everyday without you?


>why dont you comment on how you and kevin were taken off the air? or were you taken off and kevin was so >whipped he felt like he couldnt be on the air everyday without you?"

Get a life. Work politics suck and discussing them in public forums is career suicide.

Do you really expect people going through difficult times at work to bare their souls to assholes like you who taunt them?

It's bad enough that they saw friends laid off and have to worry about what's next for themselves and to try to move on and keep a positive attitude. Don't rub salt in the wounds and try to turn a simple movie review into a personal judgemental attack about things you are clueless about.


You took 'the words' right out of my mind, max!

Steve Fabarez

Sarah have you heard about partypokercom ? If you open a new account and enter bonus code screensavers you receive a extra 25$ to your account.


Sarah you did great tonight so did Kevin. But the others were awful. Hang in there.


Hiyah Sarah. You and Kevin were pretty good tonight. i holding out hope for Kevin P., but I think we need a replacement for Chu-Lan. I like her, I think she's pretty cute, but I don't thin she has what it takes to be the host of TSS. If they get someone else, I hope he or she is more then window dressing.


Wow max, well said.

Goddammit I missed the show!! I really hope they play it tommorow, I forgot to tivo it and everything and I took my season pass off when the show dropped a couple weeks ago so i wouldn't get repeats all that time.

But I was thinking about it, if they did this, for ratings... of course they did. AND if things really are as bleak as someone said only 50K people watch, and G4 did all this because they think they are gonna bring all kinda ratings. I don't see it happening. it's sad I think but america would rather watch Big Brother part 20 and Who wants to marry my dad's midget.

I doubt no matter what G4 does I don't see a spike in the ratings that they seem to want. It's unrealistic to expect it in the first place and changing a few hosts won't change that either.

I fear sad things when G4 realizes their ratings are their ratings and its already their core audience. I pray they don't do some stupid shit in four months when TSS still performs about the same in the ratings.

Personally I say fuck ratings but maybe after saying that I should drop out of Film and TV school for blapshamey (sp?) against the almighty dollar. Then again look at what gets ratings, I'm glad I have no part of those kinds of viewing audiences. eh.

Side note, I already liked pulse and I liked TSS more, but I liked them both seperately. I have no idea if this new dynamic works but I'm interested to see it. And regardless of what people say about Kevin P. he is witty and some what smart. His Pulse video game editorials are always spot on and he is funny on arena, a show I thought I would never watch untill I heard some of the one liners. Now I've read Will Wheatons article on the Arena producer and I just can't watch anymore, but that goes for G4 in general since the mass lay off...part 2. Here's hoping they can turn it around.

Sarah you'll be successful in anything you do if you just be you. I'm almost to the point of agreeing with Leo. I'm not saying quit your job or your some traitor like these assholes but I do think all these 'form your own network or podcast/telecast' have some weight to them. The world is ready for a Tech kinda T.V. channel, more ready than when ZDTV launched... but that doesn't mean G4 now owns the rights to all things tech.


Please sign this petition! It was originally simply against the G4TechTV website, however it has evolved to be a petition against G4TechTV in general... http://thiscause.org/p/menu.php?p=Anonymous33799


Sarah, I'm sorry, but I've had enough. You and Kevin are working for idiots. Tonight was a disaster. I hope that the rest of your career goes well (as well as Kevin's) but I won't be watching anymore.

scott gordon

Sorry, but another viewer is gone from the show. It was just plain bad . You should have made a statement and left with the other members. I guess your pretty smile and a$$ kissing will only take you so far. Good luck , when g4tv cancels screensavers in a few months due to no ratings. I am sure you and Kevin will go elsewhere, but its shows your true character choosing to stay rather even though your friends, etc will let go for no reason. Waste of an hour...


First off Scott the g4 contracts don't allow them to quit if they do they can be sued for breach of contract. But Sarah I have to agree with alot of people the show is awful even in its early days it wasn't that bad and I've watched since the beginning. I due wish you and kevin the best considering the show will most likely be cancelled in the coming months. But I could be wrong they keep arena and filter on the air so they might keep you on.


comment deleted.

*sarah responds- the original poster is posing as me, IP addressses so far: today - today - 11/28 - 11/21

If it needs to be said again, I don't post in comments, ever... unless I'm doing damage control.


Your a sellout just like Kevin Rose. The new show completely BLOWS and your opening comments were lame and stupid.


I gotta say, TSS is now one of the WORST shows on TV. I figure, since Sarah thinks she's a movie critic now, I can be one too. Do us all a favor, take a few days off and quit. And please stop acting like you know something about film. Just because you live in LA doesn't mean you should act like it.


Actually Sarah, Kevin stated some time ago that you guys couldn't quit even if you wanted to, because you were tied to contracts. That blog post was quickly edited though, since I'm assuming it was too expository for it's own good.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the harshness was hardly justified, given the above fact.

As redundant as this is, I miss TSS. I missed Pat and Kevin's chemistry. I missed your cheery recalling of the top news headlines, along with your downloads and tips. I miss that - I miss the intelligence. I miss that the show was sometimes a bit clumsy, but it was HUMAN - fans actually felt like they were a part of some sort of TSS community. That feeling is gone now, at least in my case.

When Alex came, I thought the show changed a bit - but not necessarily for the worst. I hated it at first, but the format became a bit more streamlined and fun as Alex became more comfortable. Then he was pulled, along with YOSHI, of all people. YOSHI?!?! On a network like G4, that man could have had his OWN show, with all kinds of great and inspiring mods for the kids G4 panders to.

I liked Dan, but he was always a lousy on-air personality. He was far more bearable on the TTV TSS, when the "community" aspect was still present.

This isn't stuff you are interested in though, since I'm sure your Comments are saturated with it. I sincerely hope you and Kevin do well in the future. However, like Leo, I don't hold out much hope for the future of TSS, or G4 in general. G4 had a genuine opportunity to reach out to a broader demographic with the purchase of TTV, and they squandered it.

I think all that we all want, is your HONEST thoughts on all of this? I know we likely wont obtain that until AFTER you no longer work for G4 - but its hard to swallow the rather harsh demeanor that all of the disenfranchised TSS fans have received from both Kevin, and you in particular, in response to all of this change.

Perhaps change is good in the end, but you should certainly have a bit more compassion for all of your once loyal fans, who just want an honest account/explanation of what the hell is happening to their once favourite show.

If this seems elitist or snarky, I assure you its not my intent. From what I see and read, I really like both you and Kevin. If I wasn't from Canada, I would surely have gone out to a few TSS tapings, and tried to introduce myself to you guys. I just hate how all of this change seems to be bringout out the worst in everyone - the hosts, the community, and the tv channel that is causing this mess.

- Scott


comment deleted


Gees sarah I was just trying to help no reason to jump in my case. It's not your fault tss offically sucks now it's g4s fault and personally I hope you do find bigger things then g4. Oh preacher you're a complete jackass you need to grow the hell up.

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