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Friday, October 29, 2004

Skin Gmail!

If you're a Gmail user but you just can't stand the online "stock" interface, then you'll love this. And if you've created an excellent Gmail skin, let me know about it!

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thats awesome sarah, thanks.


that's cool i was getting tire of gmails plain look thank you for the great tip sarah

Kevin A

Ehbb..I tried to get it working, but it didn't. I just get the normal gmail look.



I need your help. I need to get clued into what to get my hubby for x-mas. He is a total computer geek and frequents Kevin's website, so they seem to have a lot in common. What are you going to give to Kevin this holiday season? birthday?....any ideas.

keep up the good work. :-)


Very cool ive been wanting to do this for a while.


Thats cool, now we can skin non skinnable sites!! Does it work in other internet programs though? I use Maxthon (formerly and MYIE2), and i'm not that big a fan of firefox or Mozilla.


tight! Sarah posted something I submitted. will it be on the show tonight too?


apparently not. it's a repeat tonight


if anyone needs a gmail account, I have extra invites.email me at techsplus@gmail.com


"Zen Garden" ... *K* ... I'm intrigued!


Yeah, it's not working for me either.... :(



Blue/Grey Gmail style :).


heres how i made mine


still a work in progress though.


Very Cool, nice find!


For people who might be having problems with this:

When renaming the file to "userContent.css" take off the ".css" and just name it "userContent".

That worked for me. Hope that helps!


also, make sure it doesn't rename the file userContent.css.txt. To make sure this doesn't happen go to Tools > Folder Options > View
then just uncheck "Hide Extensions For Known File Types"


I still can't get it to work! I tried removing the .css extension and it still won't change :(


You have the URIid extension installed in addition to the necessary UserContent.css additions?

The easiest way to do this is basically:

1. Install URIid and ChromEdit.
2. Open ChromEdit, go to the "UserContent" tab, then add the contents of custom Gmail CSS to it (make sure there's a space or two between the first line of that and the last line of whatever items may have been in there already) then click "save."
3. Restart Firefox, go to your Gmail inbox to see if it looks any different.


Bah, sorry, forgot to put links in there:

That should be everything you need.


Great tip! For other great tips check out Geek out @


I like the built in one better.


Cool tip sarah. I don't know why some people are having trouble with this plugin, it work's fine for me and I'm using linux.


Where can we get more premade CSS skins for gmail? Im too lazy to spend the time to create my own.


I didn't have any trouble.


The CSS file is not setup to handle the GMAIL INVITE link. If you have GMAIL invites to give, you will not be able to see the INVITE link if you use the current custom CSS file.


It looks really ugly on the individual email pages. The beveled borders still show.



Lance Jonn Romanoff


Re: your recent review of HTTrack on TSS. I was a HTTrack user for a while - being able to grab an entire web site is a necessity as a web developer. Lately I've been using Black Widow instead. Unlike HTTrack, it doesn't rewrite any of the HTML code, doesn't add useless extra index pages, and appears to be more thorough in finding pages and files.

The URL for Black Widow is:


Check it out. You might prefer it to HTTrack as well.


I read all posts and followed every tip, but to no avail would re-skinning gmail work for me either.

Does anyone have any tips or ideas why it's not working?

CJ Hard

This is cool, I got it to work. I am having a few problems though. There are some parts of gmail that are unskined. The compose a message has some ugly blue, and when I view a message it just looks wrong.

Thanks Sarah


When you say remove the .css extension.. that is for people who have windows set to not display extensions if they (windows) now's.. i hate it when it does that to change that go to under my computer or windows explorer or watever Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> Hide Extensions for Known file types - uncheck that - it is right below the show or hide hidden files...

Good Ol Ed

well, honestly im not even posting about gmail or gmail skins. i just wanted to let you know that you are frekin awesome. and hott too. i watch when i can, though, since college started for me this semester i havent been able to watch that much. im not gonna go on about how much i watched the show before because i didnt watch it that much then either. good luck and all.

ed loves you.

David Tan

Gmail is soon offering POP 3 access for Gmails: http://davidsgmail.blogspot.com/2004/11/pop3-coming-to-gmail.html#comments

Andy Henault

Is it just me, or has The Screen Savers shot itself in the foot, just as so many other shows have done after the producers merged with a shitty company. Who the hell likes G4 anyway? Am I the only one who is noticing that tech-tv became a video game whore in the past few months? Few people would even be caught watching a tv show about video games. None the less, tech tv has prepared many. The following is a list of programs aired on g4techtv dedicated to video games:

-10 play
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-Game Gods
-Game On
-Game Sauce
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Keep in mind that these are strictly video game shows. Many other shows such as G4techtv.com also dedicate much of there time to this redundant topic.

For those of us who were counting, thats 17 out of the shceduled 33 programs on Tech TV dedicated to every
person's passtime (note-passtime, not life), video games. Yes, I do like video games. I have nothing against them. But when a once amazing station dedicates 52% of it's programs and over 76% of airtime to video games, there is something to be said about the degeneration of today's society.

Now, maybe I'm generalizing this whole thing. Maybe the video game world is much more diverse than I first imagined. Or maybe, this network sold out the hundreds of thousands of dedicated people to the virus of a corporation known as G4.

At one time this amazing station was one of the few places both nerds and normal folk could drop their quarrels, and watch some good wholesome TV. Not any more. I for one am insulted.

For more informTION visit http://www.g4techtv.com/shows/index.html

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I've been looking ( and hoping there were ) for Gmail skins everywhere. I dont know how i happend across this Blog, either, but i'm glad i did.


Joe S

Damn! What is wrong with G4/Comcast? They had a great group of shows and then proceeded to change/eliminate them.

Really smooth how they moved everyone to L.A. and then fired them.

I wish Sarah the best of luck, but I got a feeling the Screens Savers days are numbered.


REALLY Glad that Alex is gone and I won't miss Foo (l). But REALLY GLAD ALEX is GONE!!!!!!! Alex was a real drag...didn't know tech, played the fool that that he is...I hope they won't mess with Sarah and Kevin but Alex was dragging the show into the toilet. Sorr to hear they couldn't keep Yoshi too. Such is show biz...I guess...

Kittie M

Who are the new hosts????


Was wondering if you guys could invite me to receive a G-mail account. Also on one of your previous shows, Leo mentioned an onlin program to talk to people in different languages, can you tell me which one this was Sarah?? I could'nt find it in any of the archive show material, sorry. It works like this. You can type in English for instance, but the message relays in the language of the person you're speaking with, like Hebrew or Arabic. Thank You.

paul stamatiou

here's my rendition of a gmail skin...


btw that is my Georgia Tech webspace if you're wondering

-paul s
CmpE c/o '08-?


I hate G4....
i used to love techtv with their windows tip and tweak..ever since they merged with G4..i dont get to see my favourite show anymore.
By the way..i live in Malaysia and i get to watch it everyday but now it is all reruns!
The shows suck now...
This show is no more about sharing information but making money.


I made this blue skin in about an hour:

Visit forumaholic.blogspot.com for the CSS file.

Farsi CMS

Ziggurat! The Best Farsi CMS

Gmail Skins

I am opening a new site that allows you guys to submit your gmail skins. SkinGmail.com

Very nice skins here and I'd like to see you guys submit one when you get a chance :)

The Mozillian

Here's one I'm working on:


Paul J


If any of you have Skins you'd like to share, you can post them for all to use here http://www.SkinGMail.com



Here's my skin: gMac

file link -->

GO and click on the gmac link to download the css and readme in a zip file.

screen shot -->>

It's for all those mac wannabees. It's not 1:1, but it's still very macish.

DL and enjoy :)


I installed the URLid and also the css file. Still no luck.

I am positive that I got the css file in the correct folder.

Based on another forum i noticed that I dont have a userChrome.css file

Any suggestions?


i found digg gmail skin, it's very nice ... http://multimed.info/ayeh/v8/?p=92

Three phrases should be among the most common in our daily usage. They are: Thank you, I am grateful and I appreciate.

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