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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

TSS Premiere!

Well ladies and gents, today's the day! Our brand-new Screen Savers premiere episode airs live in Los Angeles this evening at 7 pm Eastern, 4 pm Pacific on G4TechTV. I sure hope you can all tune in!

Even though all the best of TSS that you know and love is totally intact, you'll see a lot of new elements too. We've got a shiny new set, a thrillingly capable new co-host, an audience twice the size of what we're used to, a LAN party area that must be seen to be believed, and an (almost) completely new crew. It's going to be familiar and comforting, yet refreshingly different and exciting- that's what we're hoping, anyway!

Please make use of the comments area here and tell me your thoughts on our new Screen Savers. We're still learning what works and doesn't work, so now's the time to speak up. I expect there'll be quite a bit of talk around the net about this topic, but at least here I'm guaranteed to read it and take your observations and suggestions into consideration. That is, unless you tell me to wear more bikinis and jump on trampolines. Then I'll just buy more black, shapeless smocks to spite you! Don't think I won't!

Thanks again for everyone's support. Every time I receive a positive email from one of you, I'm reminded of how lucky I am to be part of this machine.

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First Post! w00t w00t. Always wanted to comment this.


Yay! I'm so excited!


Hey Sarah!

I am Definitely going to watch tonight, but I'll be late into watching it... Rrr.. I have Band Practice from 3:30-6:00, and Here, TSS starts at 6...
But anyway... I'll probably get home at 6:15, hopefully enough to watch most of the show...

I'm going to call in one of these days...

I too am excited, but is it only showing at that time 7/4 pm. I remember when I watch it at 12AM/9PM back in the day.


What is this "more" black bikinis? when were the first ones, and where do i get this footage? jk. Looking forward to the show and good luck to all of you.

Can't Wait

Hey ya',

Good luck! I had the DVR set up a long time ago. I'll be watching live too! =80)

Go Geek team!!

Anonymous Visitor

"wear more bikinis and jump on trampolines"

Ah the greatness that was "The Man Show."

Looking forward to the new shows! Although the canned shows before you left San Fran was a great idea. Lesser shows would have just run reruns the entire time.


I wish G4/TechTV would show the repeat of the show at 11 like they used to instead of that darned ol anime' crap they show every single night.

I don't get home from work until after the show is over and I can't always tape it.

I know someone at G4/TechTV is going to see this post and say, "hey, you know that Jim guy has a heck of an idea... let's roll with it".


I'm sad because I have work until 10:30 tonight :( I knew I shouldn't have taken those extra hours.


I just found this awesome site that totally gives you the low-down on all this Gratis Free Ipod/Flatscreen/PC stuff. They also have a really cool conga line that actually tells you what place you are in. Click below to check it out.

URL deleted by script kitty


it airs at 9am the next morning.. and someone will probably make a torrent out it somewhere... hmmm wonder where you could look!?


Good Luck Sarah!!


I think the show will be great as long as you don't focus to much on gaming and keep it real. As long as you and kevin along with yoshi and foo are on the show it will be great


I can't wait for the premiere. I think the new co-host will do awesome! As long as Kevin continues to do more dark tips I'll be one happy geek.


Can't wait for the new show tonight. Best of luck to all of you.


I think you should wear more black, shapeless smocks so my wife would stop accusing me of paying more attention to you then I do her. Although it wouldn't bother me if you wore a bikini on the show just to despite me as long as you keep the material as interesting as you have in the past. Can't wait to see your new set and new show. Good luck!


Can't wait for the new shows. All set to tape, in case I can't watch at 7ET. I think they still have the reruns at 9AM and noon EST, the following day.

Good luck to everyone on the first new live today. Tonight my time :).


Sarah... need more bikinis please. And well we're at it, we definietly need more cow bell. Good luck with the show tonight... we'll be watchin'. :)


You don't have to wear more bikinis... just be like the rest of the girls in Southern California nad get used to wearing bikinis under your tops. It looks good and you're ready for the beach any time.

I'm looking forward to the TSS premiere as I sit on my butt here in Granada Hills. I love getting four-day weekends off of school...


I'll admit that I am looking forward to new episodes of TSS. However, I'm going to miss Patrick(and that is not to say the rest of the crew isn't great). I just felt that he and Kevin played very well off of each other. I will at least give Alex a chance.


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I'm going to miss Patrick, but Alex seems pretty cool. I just hope the G4 touch isn't going to crap anything up.


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Bring back the 12 AM showing for the East Coast people. I got classes on Monday and Wednesday that has me in school till 10:30 PM. I can't be reminded to set the VCR everyday to record and a tvio cost to much for me. I got tution and books to pay for.


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Matt C

I wish you guys the best of luck with all the "newness!" Thankfully the second hurricane in 3 weeks did not wipe out my power nor my cable, so I can watch and dvr it at the same time, woo! My parents, on the other hand, haven't had power for a few days now, they live right where Frances came ashore in FL, but they aren't techies anyway, so I doubt they would be watching in the first place. People are always going to compare the new TSS with the old TSS, Alex to Patrick, G4 to G4TTV, and they won't always make favorable comparisons, but all you guys can do is go out everyday and do the best you can, where you can, with those around you - and I know you all have, and will. Again, good luck...do they say "break a leg" for tech related shows? Would break a FSB be more appropriate? Who knows?!

Bunny Emerald

Love you girl. Break a leg! xoxoxo


You guys rock! I will always miss Patrick and Leo, but things always change. Kevin is awesome and we'll see how the new guy is. I can't wait for a tour around the new set tonight! Keep up the good work!


Just wanted to say that I finally got my digital cable so I can watch an actual show and not all the little clips on the TSS website. I did all of this and I am stuck at work now till 6pm CST and have a few things to get done after work. So i know it will be on later in the week, so I'll record it then. Have fun and just remember, without me actually seeing an episode on tv, your show made me want to get digital cable just to watch it for real. =) Keep up the AWESOMELY great work that you and kevin do on the show. Love your XP tips you give.

- BlackStorm

Matt G.

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No one likes change, but since change is inevitable lets hope that this change will be for the best. I just hope that the new TSS isn't like the rest of G4TechTV.


Alex doesn't suck, I'm so happy

Alex N.

Whoooooooooo!!! TSS is back on the air, the new host is named after me, and he seems like a great personality!! :) I couldn't be happier, great to see you and Kevin back on TV again, I missed you guys!!! And definately agree with robert, make sure your site doesn't suck! ;)


Show is good so far... I am just completely upset that Kevin didn't tell us that his Game Boy thing was going to cost me $139!!! What is up with that?!


I think Alex should tone down the pitch of his voice. It's a little bit too high... That's what I would like to see changed.


I wish there were more girls. I wish there was a girl co-host. The testosterone fest that TSS has become is getting a little old. As a gal, it makes me want to tune out. Girls need someone who is smart to look up to, too! Too bad the "prime audience" who games is male and that's all G4 cares about. It's depressing.


Hi, Sarah,

Every time I get a chance, I watch TSS. I love the new set. I have one critisism about TSS. I would like to call in sometime, but everytime you show the number, the crew takes it off the screen too fast for me to write it down. Would you please work on this?



Good luck on the first day back! Anyone going to have a torrent of it? I'm back at school and :( unfortunatly we don't get TechTV, we really should tho. Anyway if anyone will be torrenting it I'd really appreciate it if someone could email me at nytsua(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!





loved it sarah and i think alex is going to fit right in with our little screen saver family


Didn't really like the new guy too much. He was too much of a spaz and did not contribute anything meaningful as well as talked over everything with a joke.

Sarah, fight to get the news back in, it was a great way to start the show.

Overall, I have to say it doesn't seem to have the tech aspect that was there before, more of variety show. Yoshi's area is a kitchen! WTF? Stan Lee's interview had nothing to do with tech.

Just my initial thoughts, I hope it gets better.


Sarah, Congrats on finally getting the show going in the new studio! You might want to check your profile on the g4techtv.com website. It seems to be missing....


bikini's & trampolines arent necessary.your naturalnesswill be fine. as you get comfortable here in LA you'll be wearing more short sleeve's & shorts as we do all year round.anyway welcome to LA sarah lane. F.Y.I sarah is a fox


Pretty good show considering it was the first show back. Just make sure the camera operators don't tilt down so much when you do your segments/throws. I know you're the Petite Tipper and I'm not making a height joke, but seriously make the camera ops come down to you!

Def. bring back the tech news at the top of the show. It gives you and the hosts a good chance to riff and show us your personalities.

Yoshi's bit seemed cool, but unnecessary. If it had been expanded to an entire segment on cooking with computer components and not just "let's screw with eggs on live tv" then it would have been so much more interesting/relevant.

Overall there were a few glitches, some odd cuts, definately seemed like the audio and CG operators were new/not up to speed. But for a first live-to-air show with a new crew and host not bad at all. :-)


Nice first show, a few square corners to round out, but, it's all new for a lot of the people. And think, besides doing wonders for the Egg industry, you had 4000 people with fingers resting on the keyboards just waiting for Kevin. And I was one of the lucky ones!


I have to agree with CanadaGuy. Definitely more cow bell.

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