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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

iTunes Plugins!

If you're looking for the iTunes plugins I showed you on today's TSS, look no further!

1. G-Force (PC/Mac) - A visualizer like no other

2. iScrobbler (PC/Mac) - Get music recommendations based on your listening habits

3. Now Playing (PC only) - Broadcast what you're listening to in iTunes on your website or blog

I'll continue to post all my tweaks and download goodies here, so keep checking back!

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Sean LaFianza - East End Park

great show... i hope you guys keep the 'set construction cam' up... it was fun to watch the show with it running. i'm excied for this season... good times. (1st post?)


Sarah U rock!!!
I was watchin the show and i honestly fell in love with that song u were playing when showin the stuff on itunes, who was it by? i went to get a pen and write it and it was gone by the time i got back and my memory is shot for a 20 year old ahahahaha


Very similar to the Winamp plugin called CurrentlyHearing http://maniacalrage.net/software/plugin

I'm doing that on my web page now. http://www.fperkins.com/main.aspx?m=articles/myMp3PlayList

Keep up the good work and we'll be watching if you start flirting with Alex ;-)

sarah lane

It's called "Bonita Applebaum" by Tribe Called Quest


I just found this awesome site that totally gives you the low-down on all this Gratis Free Ipod/Flatscreen/PC stuff. They also have a really cool conga line that actually tells you what place you are in. Click below to check it out.

URL deleted by script kitty

sarah lane

anyone else notice how this "rich" guy pimps the same site every time i post something? spammers suck.



thanks sarah :) that song is amazing!
and yea, i am startin to notice that he is on everything u post

kick some ass!!!!


You said in your segment that Craig? did some php tweaking in order to get Now Playing to look like what you had on screen. Any plans on posting the tweaked code?


THe show was great i love the new set and sarah u did good too looked like u had fun in your nook.LOL

Lance D.

Love the new set,


Hey is it just me or is the Now Playing plugin not free?

Lee Bennett

Sarah, if you had simply spent an extra few seconds searching, you'd have found that there's a Now Playing utility for Macintosh as well. http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20040219004058238

But even better is to not even have to load a web page. There are other add-ons to set the currently playing song as your Instant Messenger status quote. Specifically iChat, but I'm sure it can be done for other clients.

As for G-Force, it's a visualizer--not a plug-in. And, IMNSHO, it's just a so-so one. Personally, I like my digital VU Meter visualizer best. Aesthetic and functional.

And iScrobbler? Don't you mean Audioscrobbler? And doesn't the iTMS have this kind of feature built-in? Sure, it's only for music in their store, but there's a lot of stuff in the store that I've ripped my own CDs for. Simple enough to add those songs to my shopping cart temporarily and see the recommendatioins based on those to-be-purchased items.

A good round-up, Sarah, but I don't think any of these are contenders for the best add-ons for iTunes.

Congrats on the new digs. I really like the set, and how awesome to have Stan Lee as your first guest and the Woz coming tomorrow. Wish I could be there.


lol, i saw the cleaning lady on the sarahcam

The Dreamer

AudioScrobbler seems to be having problems right now....I wonder if there's a TSS effect....8-)

Is there an equivalent that is based on what I play on my iPod...or iPods (last month I dropped my Gen3 40GB iPod, so I bought a Gen4 40GB iPod the next day...but I bought a new front off of eBay and fixed the old one today...though I almost hacked off my left index finger...which is what happens when you hold the iPod in your left and try to open it using a knife....)

I used to have a webcam at work....caught the cleaner helping himself to some of my Altoids without taking his dirty dusting gloves off....yum. Of course, I only set up the webcam, because a digital camera disappeared from my cubicle....

The Dreamer


ive been watching the show since i was 9 (dap 1.0) the good old days leo pat windows 98 but i cant wait 2 c my two idols on tv kevin rose and the woz tommorow always love the sho no matter what happens alex is pretty cool im gonna miss leo pat and the old set but ill get used to it i have for 4 years


hey i've just started a blog im hoping to make it alot like kevin rose's so plz check it out i need some viewers. the adress is iMatt711.blogspot.com plz help me get started gmail me for tips and ideas.


I got to sit in the audience today, it was very cool.. the new host is great, I think his improv skills make him a perfect match. The new set is really cool, so is the unscrewed makeover..

Sarah never came by to say hello to us, I think she is very mean. lol.


Great SHOW TONIGHT! A definite ***** stars in my book. Anyways, I started a Movie section version of a blog at http://movies.weblogs.us/archives.html if you folks would like to check it out sometime. Once again, great show & the new set is cool!


Pretty good show! Sarah was as cute as always, Kevin, Yoshi, Dan "whatcha ya talkin bout FOOl", all great. Even the new guy is pretty cool.

Only request... stop the f-ing camera move back and forth for the two shot of the 2 hosts. It's pretty annoying.

Otherwise, keep it up, and, I hope I'll get to check out the show now that's it's jere in LA.

I'm working on the new seasons of Family Guy for fox here on WILSHIRE, where are you guys being taped????


For those who were not quick enough last night.




This isn't really an iTunes plugin Sarah; but it is cool. CodeWeavers is going to be releasing an update to CrossOver office that will allow iTunes to run in linux.
I just tried SUSE; it's faster than Mandrake. Any linux distro is faster than windows through.


gmail invites here:


or email at fanteja2000 AT yahoo[.]com


Free Gmails available on my blog imatt711.blogspot.com



Thanks for the Audio Scrobbler, you always have excellent "download of the day" segments. Like the new set...


First, I am SO glad the TSS drought is over. You positively sparkled on the show last night. My breath was caught as I realized that you had grown more beautiful over the hiatus. Kevin is one lucky guy.
The show was great, The EGG priceless. The new guy seems fun. I love your RegHacks/tips.
A Favor, I was laughing so hard at Dan's web site with the fuzzy creature ( ok tasteless but funny ) that I missed the URL. I looked in the show notes but could not find it. Could you please post that? Thanks.


http://happytreefriends.com Chris.
I agree, tasteless but hilarious.


More free Gmail on my blog at iMatt711.blogspot.com


Even More Gmails on My blog iMatt711.blogspot.com.


Great first show. The plugins/addons look really cool too.

This is completely off topic, but I bought Twin Peaks Season One the day before you put it in your Featured Attractions section. I've been waiting to say anything about it until I could see enough to get an opinion, and I had to track down a copy of the pilot. It's so awesome. Right up there with Alias on my list. Even though I haven't seen it yet, I think it would have been incredibly cool if ABC had picked up Mulholland Dr.

Again, great show, both the most recent episode of The Screen Savers and Twin Peaks.



OH, *yeah*, I'm a - much - more happy camper!



The second show was very good. I was so afraid after watching the first one .... thanks for some SP2 info.


Hey there. Wondering if there is was a rss for this site? Found one for Kevin and I love it. Does anyone have one set up for this one? Any help is appreciated. Thanks ^_^


Here's a plugin that I was delited to find.

Ogg Vorbis for Quicktime/iTunes: http://qtcomponents.sourceforge.net/



Go to my blog iMAtt711.blogspot.com for info on getting gmails.


Glad to see the show is back on. The new set is cool, I just wish Pat and Leo were still with TSS.


I'm giving away gmail invites to people who help me get a free iPod (which gets them started on getting their own free iPod).

register through the link on this post on my blog:


I signed up for my free ipod and its in the mail! Try signing up today. They gave Kevin Rose 250 itunes dollars so I think its worth it. It really works!




Kudos on *not* letting Mike (HELLBOY creator) get 'overlooked', at the end of the show!



I know nobody cares, but.. The cam work in those 2 shots of kevin and the new host (sorry, forgot his name) are soooo annoying. now, maybe someone is going to tell me that it's the same format as before, but either it was NOT done for Kevin and Patrick or it was and the new set design makes it painfully obvious.

The show is great, and yes, I too miss Patrick and Leo,
and No, I'm not over 40.

I don't mind the "stedy cam feel" but I can't stand it when it draws attention to itself.
ex.... pan left as 2 host talk, once at furthest lt mark, cut to close up, cut back to 2 shot, pan rt until it's furthest mark, cut to close up, cut back to 2 shot, pan lt and follow same annoying pattern.

Hey, I know it sounds like nothing, but, I've lost a lot with no Patrick and No Leo. I like everyone else... Really I do, but, I know the show is now trying to be all "hip" and "g4" and S*** but, just try and keep the cam still sometimes.. PLEEZ


Not sure if I am a fan of scrobbler, it seems as if it might collect too much marketable information about you. But then again how am I kidding for as low as $25 anyone can get my SSN.


Trinfinity Software

I just caught this episode on my TiVo and I was wondering if our iTunes Visual Plugin Collage was in the running for your top three free iTunes plugins?




Enjoy :)


Yo, does this "Now Playing" plug in work on blogger.com servers?

I dont understand how to install it on my blog. Anyone with some time on their hands who wants to help a guy out it would be greatly apprecaited. Comment here or email me i'll keep checking. Thanks if anyone helps out.

Dave C

Great Show, We seem to be about a month behind, as I'm in Queensland Australia.
But none the less I've picked up lost's of great tips from your show.
It seems I'm watching it every time it's on now.
It's a really "cool show".



sarah lane is a fox

Chani Meier

hi sarah,

i'm sure there is nothing you can do about it, but omg, the shows have gotten so silly! i guess the boys need to play, but it's way out of hand.

anyway, maybe you can pass this along to the powers that be.

i really loved the show, and i want to keep watching, but it's getting really hard....sorry



Sarah- for the downloads of the day, do you verify that they are virus- and spyware-free? Just checking, Chris


Sarah, you always act very professional and laydlike, but the fact is that the contents of the new show and Alex stinks, i have been watching the new show since the first day, and will give it one more week.

I will miss you Sarah, as I now miss the old TSS.


All the rage lately seems to be about FireFox. I vaguely remember you debuting SlimBrowser. I love SlimBrowser, but like the plugin features of Firefox. Any input on why the switch would be great!


I was browsing Major Geeks & found a great tool for home wireless security. Check it out, it's not free but you can try it out for 2 weeks and I think it's worth the money!
Congratualtions on the Firefox campaign too! Firefox Rocks!

dere rodgers

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UPDATE: Mirrors

Due to popular demand, I have brought back one mirror. The new layout will allow you to choose between a torrent, and an http mirror for every episode.

I great chanks to both Chuncken for providing the mirror, and Larry for providing the torrents every day!


I added a chat room where you can get all your questions answered, as the volume of emails I am reciving is rediculious. I will leave the contact form on just incase you still need to get ahold of me.

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