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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Hack Browser Titles in IE and Firefox

This is a perfect tweak for those of us who love to put our own original stamp on things. In this case, it's our Internet Explorer or Firefox browser title. Allow me to clarify: when you open up your browser window, the upper left corner displays the current page, followed by "Microsoft Internet Explorer" or "Mozilla Firefox". Follow my directions to make it say whatever you like. I've tested this tweak successfully on XP and Win98 systems.

Steps for IE

<warning> Before you mess with the registry, please back it up so that if you make a mistake, you don't get screwed. </warning>

1. Open up Regedit (Start>Run>Regedit).

2. Navigate to this string: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

3. Create a new string value (Right-click "Main" key folder, select New>String Value).

4. Rename the value "Window Title" without the quotes (Right-click value, choose Rename).

5. Right-click "Window Title" and choose Modify. In the value data section, type your title of choice. Mine says "Elect Sarah in 2004!"

6. Now, launch a new instance of IE and marvel at your clever changes!

Steps for Firefox 0.9 and up

Wouldn't you know it... there aren't really any complicated steps to do this. Just download an extension called Titlebar Tweaks and you'll be good to go.


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Mike Wills

There is a plug-in that changes the text with every new window. It is called Firesomething, more info can be found here (http://www.cosmicat.com/extensions/firesomething/). There is some configuration that can be done with it. I haven't played with that too much though.


Now my titlebar reads what it should have all along. "MS Internet Exploder"


Thank goodness for you! This site
has maintained its "tech" integrity. I am sorry,the new G4 thing is not cutting it,but I am happy you are still on The Screen Savers,unfortunately the only reason I have digital cable and a DVR is/was for TechTV. I can't justify the extra expense for just one show. I hope you continued success. Sean

David Michaels

Dear Sarah,
Thank you so much for suggesting FireFox, I will never use internet explorer again. The thing about IE is jerks sneek files into your computer that make pop-ups occur nomader what you do and you will probably never find the source of these pop-ups. I have used mozilla and I enjoyed the tabbed windows but the loading time for mozilla to start up was killing me. Thanks for all of your suggestions and XP hacks. I will be visiting your site again in the future to see what more you have in store for us. By the way I saw you on the screen savers and decided to check out your site. I'm glad I did, you got a cool thing going for you. My XP Start Button now says my name and I used an image of the start bar for my icon which makes it look as if there is no icon, except when you click it. I had lots of fun here at your site, spent about two hours here! :D I feel like I've known you my whole life, lol. Have an amazing day!
David Michaels, 15

David Michaels

Sarah, David here, Just wondering if Firefox's browser title is as easily hacked as internet explorers. I went to Firesomething, didn't spend much time there yet. I tried regedit on firefox with no luck....any suggestions for us? I apoligize if there are instructions on Firesomething that I have not noticed yet.

M Rees

Titlebar Tweaks 1.5.1
By Cosmic Cat Creations
Tweak your browser's titlebar text.

David Michaels

Screen name: DangerDav1d

Sarah I am trying to edit Aol Instant Messanger's 200 buddy limit. It's not working? Any advice? BTw I used regedit and went to Max Buddies Type: REG_DWORD Data 0x000000c8 (200)

I tried changing this but nothing happens...


Word of advice: Don't put love notes in the Window Title unless you are sure you're not going to break up!

I bet it still says "Google - I love you, 'Susie'!" every time she loads her home page...


A much easier way to tweak the IE title bar is to install Spyware Blaster (it also prevents spyware being installed). In the Tools section , under the "Misc. IE Settings" tab, you can reset the title bar to say anything you like.
It's even free, get it at http://javacoolsoftware.com/spywareblaster.html

By the way my IE now says Mikro$suks Crippled Browser. Firefox is definitely the way to go.


This is the usual things that i have got from other sites but can u send me the one that can change the initial works of the websites.


Sarah,I'm in Australia and have recently gotten digital tv. One of the channels we have has The Screen Savers program and I love it. There's one down side though....we are losing the whole channel (techtv) at the start of 2005. So I won't be able to watch your tips anymore. Luckily I have bookmarked the shows site and your site. Keep up the great work with your tips and tricks for everyone. I will definately become a regular here to see what new ideas and tricks you have posted.

Thanks heaps


My IE does not show the source and it cannot close normally! i've 2 do a ctrl+Alt+Del to close it.
it is also slow! i suspected adware and spyware . i've used many removers but to no avail.
Any help??


Thanks so much for the cute tips. Now i have MSIE- Feel free to browse! written up top!

Tarvinder Singh

I tried 2 edit the browser title as u said at the hack browser title in IE and Firefox...im running MSIE 5.1 and it title does't change

Help me!!!!!


In IE it works fine thx^^.
But usually I'm using Crazy Browser and I can't find it in the registry.

Help me please...


Sarah, i've managed to change my I.E's titlebar but i have problems with tweaking my firefox. I've tried the latest and previous versions of the tweaks but it says dat it's not compatible.. any other solution? help me out. thx

boogster -x0x0-


How do i hack the title bar in firefox 1.7? none of the above extension are comaptible with it.


There's an (unofficial?) new version of Titlebar Tweaks, which works on Firefox 1.5 - 2.0! You can find it here: http://webdesigns.ms11.net/chromeditp.html


hii sarah.i was wondering if its possible to change teh IE Browser title in a network..you kno rite..rather thn goin to every pc n change it i want to change all teh network users browsers title to my own text. I chkd frm the server bt i cudnt find any way..pls help..please send teh reply to my mail too..thnx


Thank you very much. It's working.It is very easy to understand. Thanks.


Not everyone installing Extensions(or Add-ons... I prefer Extensions) is a programmer, so I had no idea what "changing MaxVersion" meant.
Good thing I'm in the middle of a regular user and a programmer, so I knew that the .xpi files are exactly as .zip files, they only change the extension.
So, for 'regular' Firefox users, here's what you need to do in 7 simple steps:

(Replace the + signs with > and <)

1. Download the Extension.

2. Decompress it (you can use Winzip, Unrar, whatever).

3. Open the file "install.rdf" with Notepad. The file is inside the folder you created to decompress the Extension.

4. Look for this line: "+em:maxVersion+2.0.0.*+/em:maxVersion+*" THAT'S the 'maxVersion' thing these guys are referring to.

5. Change '2.0.0' to the version of Firefox you're using.
For example, I was using 3.0.1 at the moment of writing this, so... yes, you guessed right, change it to: '3.0.1'.
It should look like this now: +em:maxVersion+3.0.1.*+/em:maxVersion+

NOTE: I GUESS if you just change it to '3.*' would be enough to make it work in any Firefox version 3.x, but I'm not sure, didn't try that, I have it working now so I don't plan to try it for now. you can go ahead and give it a shot.

6. Now compress the folder again, if you can add the extension '.xpi' at the moment of compressing, or, just compress it and then via Windows Explorer change the extension from .zip or .rar (or whatever extension your compressor uses) to '.xpi'.

7. In Firerfox 3 go to File + Open File and locate the new Extension, install it, restart, and voilá!

Good luck.

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