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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Download of the Day: Movie Organizer

If you've got a hefty film library of DVDs, VHS tapes, or maybe even a few LaserDiscs, I hope you've got a good system for keeping track of it all! If not, try Movie Organizer by OXD Software, a free program designed to help keep your collection perfectly arranged...especially you closet burners who have 100 DVD-Rs without proper cover art that all look the same. Do a Google search for this kind of program, and you'll come up with a handful of similar options. But I like Movie Organizer's look the best.  It's designed to be used with OXD Software's Movie Organizer Online Database, a ever-growing collective database of film facts, but IMDB is also integrated for more thorough results. Movie Organizer works with Windows 9x/NT/2000/Me/XP systems. Have you used it? Do you like it? Got another freebie that you like better? Post a comment!

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Huh, it seems that you guys are straying away from putting this stuff up on the new suck ass website. Thats perfectly fine with me though, as I hate the new site.

I don't keep track of my VHS stuff {Why would you :P}

I do use dvdaficionado.com to keep track of my dvds.


I don't like the new website at all either. But this program works great. Nice find, Sarah.


Thank you Sarah.

It's too bad that you have to use your personal website to host the show notes, but it is sincerely appreciated.

Next we have to figure a way to get Sarah's cube cam accessable again. :)

John B

Thanks for putting them on here Sara. The new website is such a mess. Looking forward to the news on who is staying and going.


Like the download, sarah. What's up with the G4 thing? It would be odd to watch the screen savers on G4 with nonne of the cast you recognize. G4 isn't getting rid of everyone. They can't be.


Being an OSX user, i use DVDCache (can be found on versiontracker.com)


Miss the sarah lane comments though :(.

Need like a seperate tech tv blog or message boards! Two of em. One for current, one for ex. That way the current can post the normal day in the life stuff..and also post show notes and stuff. The ex so those folks can cut loose and let us know what going on in their world.


Since I use a Mac on OS X, I like Chronopath's shareware called Library. It will keep track of books, CDs, DVDs, and games, and it works beautifully. You just type in the ISBN or the ASIN, and Library will search several online sources (like Amazon.com) to auto-fill the rest of the info for you. Pretty sweet. It's only about $10 to register, too. I've been using it for about a year and haven't had a single problem.



Great find Sarah!
Another great DVD/VHS organizer is DVDTOWN! With DVDTown, you can add your DVDs and EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about a dvd is presented there including any easter eggs that may be hiding there... Here's my collection -


They also have a wishlist that others can view. No more lame birthday presents!!

Robert Cristian

I've been using the CD Organizer from KDS. It's not too expensive and I love it for it's ability to sort and track a bunch of my most commonly used CD's and CD-ROMs. Works with VCD's and DVD's as well, hooked up to a computer or even as a standalone piece.


My favorite is DVD Profiler... from intervocative.com This one is so cool, because it has barcode access built in with image viewing. Plus they will host a list of your DVD movies on their site... so if you want to see if you own something when shopping, all you need to do is hit that website. As for the barcoding, it works great with the old CueCat barcode reader that was given away free at Radioshack a few years ago. If you want a CueCat, ebay is a really cheap way to go, and then you can scan all of your movies in. I entered 400 movies into mine, in about 3 hours. No typing required!


Hi Sarah,
This program looks promising. I have a lot of DVDs that needs a lot of attention. I'm watching the current episode about this software as I'm typing. Great Show! I have the screen savers tivoed everyday! Keep up the great work!


I've been using Movie Organizer for over a year now! Great program for being FREE!!!! I like the fact that I can catalog my DIVX movies along with VHS or other formats like LaserDisc (yes I still have those....).


Thanks Sarah!! Just what I've been looking for!
I miss your download & tips a lot. Not able to see TSS anymore. :( But afraid it's not what it use to be.
Thanks for posting your Tip Info here..... really appreciate it.


Yes great download of the day. I have mainy DVD's and videos and it sometimes gets hard to keep track of all of them. Thanks.

And yes sadly I miss TSS alot now since it no longer is repeated at night :(


Dear Sarah,
OK, We veiwers of Screen Savers see a cast of four holding down the fort. What's up with G4TechTV content? First the local Cable monopoly in this area (Olympia, WA) blacked-out the Screen on Monday for the Screen Savers at the AM Repeat time, now Friday the 4th June Primetime is a rerun of ModWeek?
I hope you can get back on-the-screen with a reputable Tech an'news feature again.


Dear Sarah,

I'm watching the screensavers and xplay (and turning the TV off for all the other junk). You are all doing a great job, and it is so sad to see your ownership totally destroying everything TechTV did. All the websites link to G4 (thank heavens for cached pages though). I looked at the show notes on the G4 site tonight and saw tiny text with no links... horrible that you can't even click to what was discussed, even more repulsive since you can't read whats on the page anyway due to all the flashing advertisements.

Hope you don't get swallowed up and lost in the debacle that G4 has become. I can't find any excuse for such a horrible first week at G4 and at G4.com..... You all are better than what you have been handed.


Thanks for posting the shownotes on your site. I've downloaded DVD Organizer and installed it twice. Both times I start to enter data and the program crashes on me before I can save my data. I've used the most current version each time. It looks exactly like the program I have been looking for to catalog my vast DVD collection, but I can't make it work. Help!


Hello Sarah,

I would like to suggest the below organizer. I like it alot.

PS: The Screen Savers is the only thing left on G4TechTV that is worth watching.


Jim bean

Cool, now I can Put my porn together!


DVDCache Rocks - Thanks for the Mac info!



I like DVD Profiler (http://www.dvdprofiler.com). DVD Profiler does everything this program does and a lot more. It doesn't make you enter all that infomation (it does it for you), is skinable, well organized, has printable reports (even lets you create your own), includes images of your movies and has an online site to host your collection. I don't think anything else out there paid or free has as many feature as DVD Profiler does for free.


Hey S,

I love Movie Organizer. It was a great download of the day but I've found a even better one. Go check out www.collectorz.com. You can keep track your music, movies, books, comics, games, and mp3s. The downloads are free but you have to pay money for the pro version. Hope you like it.



Thanks sarah, for putting back some of the tech tips you do on your personal site. The new G4TechTV website is COMPLETELY AWFUL.

Sammy Brence

Agreed. I Have never seen Such Unorganization of a Website. G4/Comcast Knew back in March Possibly even before that that TechTv Was Merge With G4. You would Think Being a Computer/Technical Tv Station that they would have there Website together before the merge. the way i see it they should of left Techtv.com Alone and kept all the shows seperate. Sarah thanks for using your site for the show. I rely on the Screen Savers Everyday for my Job I get my tips i didn't know and my daily dose of news. If it wasn't for you all my job could be alot harder than it is. Once again Thanks



I use www.dvdtracker.com and it's awesome! ;)


Thanx Sarah, that program is exactly what I need!!! I too made the mistake of looking for show notes on the G4TechTV shite, er, site, and was incredibly disappointed with what has happened to what was once an amazing reference site. G4 should bow their heads in shame (blink two times if you agree...I know you can't comment out loud), as what they have done is not far off from someone buying the Wall Street Journal and publishing it in CRAYON!!!


I personally use MovieTrack. It's also free, available at www.movietrack.net. It allows you to import all movies from a simple text file. It also has IMDB database support. But I'll try Sarah's pick, cause she's so cute and all with her new bangs. ;-)


I have a friend who says that when he tries to go to the "tools" menu in Internet explore igets a messege that says " you do not have permission to use this option. You need to contact your system admin". This is his personnal laptop . He is the only user of this laptop. His account is a ADMIN account. why might this happen. (HELP)



Watuzi sounds like someone has hacked his laptop..... the same thing happened to me, one of my friends did it as a joke. Tell your friend to do a system restore to the most recent restore point before they started to have trouble. That fixed mine :-)
Also great program Sarah


the movieorganizer site don't work???

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