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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

My New Job

No, I'm not leaving The Screen Savers. However, I've decided my other calling in life is to be a movie critic. Why? Because I love film, and I'm very critical. It's really very simple. 

But seriously, I'll soon be adding a new feature here at sarah.word. where I'll do my best to review the flicks I've seen lately. It might not bring in the dough, but it's fun. And chances are you'll disagree with me wholeheartedly, which is even more fun. Fair warning- I'm really stubborn, and I'll bring out the "I went to college and spent 4 years critiquing media and you didn't" card wherever necessary. Good times!

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Steve Hartman

say what you want, just don't bash any tarentino films...


Good for you. There's nothing I enjoy more than someone going off on a really lousy movie, unless it's someone rhapsodizing on a really great movie. (The highlight of any visit from my sister and her family is listening to my brother-in-law, the one human being on Earth with higher standards than me, whale on the worst movie he's seen lately. You should hear what he has to say about the Matrix sequels...)


Sweet!! But why stop at the movies, maybe you can toss some glass at some of these alleged actors & actresses!!!


Sounds Fun Sara! When going to movies to watch are ya taking Kevin too?? Besides movies critic have to give movie theater marks as well. Like, was the seating comfortable, was the guy in front or behind a pain. I love movies, thought of going to Film school. Sad thing, i'd get A's for trivia questions(ok, i have to much time on my hands). Anyway if ya need a co-host look me up! Sorry Kevin. Not lookin to hook-up with your gal! I'm a lover not a fighter:-)


wow. good for you. that is one of the things i have thought about. good luck with that.

ps. where did you get your "script kittie" pullover?? i like it. i would liuke ot buy one for my girlfriend. ...maybe get one for myself.


Long time TSS watcher, short time sl.com goer, first time commenter! Yay! Well, this is a great move. I love movies, but I love people taking them apart and pointing out all the faults. This just keeps getting better and better here!


That's cool. I critique/review comic books, so hey, whatever wets your whistle! :)

Start Shameless plug

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In a few weeks I'm supposed to get a new Op/Ed section and you'll soon see a Q&A with Star Wars artist extraordinare Jan Duursema! Cool, huh?

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Someone asked earlier if you took Kevin to movies with you. I absolutely love film and music, but more often than not, I've found that bringing a significant other to the show usually serves more as a distraction than an enhancement. It sounds like you hold critiquing to a high-standard, so I figure you've already learned this lesson, or you're about to. ;)


I was just wondering where you got your Script Kitty shirt at. I tried looking all over the web for it and no luck. If anyone knows where she got it just e-mail me.


OK... if you are going to be a critic, You need to be tested. Go review the old movie "Santa Clause VS the Martians ". :0)


If Leo and Michaela are the "anchors of the station", how do the rest survive? I wonder if most are on retainer from wealthy families. Comments like, "the ten thousand dollar printer that I bought years ago", from someone in their twenties probably had something to do with it. Not that I fault anyone for being rich. We’d all probably take different roles if we had the choice. You seem like a good bunch, I just wonder how you scrape by and then I realize that money isn’t a big deal for a lot of people. It’s like that commercial from Microsoft, "What should I do today", for more than a few I’m sure. for those who are struggling I feel for you and wonder how you do it. It must be great to be at a job you love, for one thing. For the others I wonder if it’s an endeavor to show the world they have depth. good luck with your new job, although from the sound of your previous picks we have very different tastes.

Packet Dav

So how would you rate "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World"?


Wow. Thats great. You do whatever you want to do.
Just don't spend all of your money on the movies, or the candy at the movies.


Soooo Sarah that Butterfly movie with Ashton....do you think that will be good? Being a Mom and a wife I NEVER get to a movie! SO I look forward to living movie experiences through you :)
If you see that movie post your thoughts!

Peace Out


So, what kind of films will you be analyzing? Indie? Sundance? Mainstream? All of the movie genres?


Actually, you need to leave the Screen Savers. Rather than doing movie reviews, you could star in a show called "Who wants to Marry Sarah Lane?" Even though it would be fabricated and untrue you'd still make 20 times what anyone on "The ScreenSavers" makes. What a great idea huh? Anyway, seriously......movie reviews is a cool thing.....a good idea.....and hopefully you're allowed to implement it into a couple of Tech TV's shows.




"Fair warning- I'm really stubborn, and I'll bring out the "I went to college and spent 4 years critiquing media and you didn't" card wherever necessary."

I can find the area underneath the curve, I dont think that applies here... D'oh!


I've spent twenty years teaching undergrads to think they can critique media. Bring it on!

Max Wilder

"...and I'll bring out the 'I went to college and spent 4 years critiquing media and you didn't' card wherever necessary."

Well, I went to college and spent 8 years critiquing media! So there.

I've always thought about reviewing films too. But there are just so many critics on the web. Do you plan on doing anything different to distinguish yourself, or are you just doing it for we who are already your fans?


this could be fun.


your stylesheet is messed. The margin-top or padding-top on the collumns need to be made larger, i suggest the height of the title plus 50px.


Good for you Sarah. I'm hoping to get a new job this summer though. I can't wait for summer to come. I live in North Dakota and tonight we're supposed to get to -40. Right now our city is at -38 and our all time record is just a few degrees away. I was shocked when I heard a bunch of eastern cities closed schools a little while back, just because temps got down to 0. Tell you all what, if you think your weather can get bad, come to North Dakota. For about 4 1/2 months a year, we have winter-like conditions. We have had 70 degree days in December and January, and 30 degree days in August. But other than that, life is good...............Metal Rules!

Austin and Nick

Sarah for the last few months wehave been madly in love with you and disgruntled by the fact that you are dating Kevin Rose. We think he is very lucky and... Sarah we love you and are very passionate about you and would like to go on The Screen Savers and announce our love to you publicly. We have been trying to call in but constantly get a busy signal.


j'adore le screensavers. j'ai 13 ans.
Bonne Chance avec le films!


now they are spamming here... IS THERE NO ESCAPE???

oh and movie critic thingy cool (I think); also, isn't being stubborn a virtue?

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